Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 748

Chapter 748: Kill Them All

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"Everyone, he's injured now! Don't forget he's a high level herbal doctor, and he clearly also has a secret method that allows him to make things appear out of thin air and even knows how to form inner qi fire. If we kill him, that will all become ours. I, Len Quan, swear that everyone will get a copy of his cultivation method and everyone will get an equal share of his pills," Len Quan said.

His words made those few great heaven masters who wanted to retreat reaffirm their desire to kill Ye Mo.

Ling Wushui didn't join in on the speech, because he feared Ye Mo more than Len Quan. He was the only one who realized how cunning Ye Mo really was.

Ye Mo had set up everything right from the start. He was very calculating.

His series of actions meant that he had accurately predicted what his opponents reactions would be, which not only required an astute mind, but also a great deal of fighting experience.

If they kept fighting him, they would lose for sure. Ye Mo might have a lot of secrets, but his injuries were far less than what the rest thought.

Ye Mo looked coldly at the remaining great heaven masters but didn't fear them at all. He was actually very curious. The news he'd gotten before was that there weren't too many great heaven masters in the hidden sects, yet there were so many here.

What confused Ye Mo the most was that the difference in power between these different great heaven masters was so huge. A few great heaven masters' power was merely the same as Tan Jiao's whom he had faced in Beijing.

He remembered that Ren Pingchuan told him that a real great heaven cultivation meant the formation of a Qi Sea and not just the breaking through of the Ren and Du meridians. Those who couldn't form a Qi Sea were fake great heavens.

This method could only improve their power but not their longevity. Those who truly reached great heaven would get a 60 year increase in longevity.

If what Ren Pingchuan said was true then there were at most only a few true great heaven masters here. Luo Xuan had said that Ci Hang Jing Mosque only had a mere few great heaven masters. Ye Mo doubted that, but if only great heaven peak cultivators were considered great heaven, then Ci Hang Jing Mosque really only had a couple.

Ye Mo didn't think Luo Xuan would trick him, so there had to be a proper reason for her evaluation.

No matter what, the remaining 10 people present were masters amongst masters. Even the worst was stronger than Ren Pingchuan.

After this time, though, Ye Mo had recovered some of his cultivation essence. Thankfully they didn't know he had such powerful pills, and they were also scared after that last fight.

"In a moment, I will start the first wave of attack. Elder Hu and Sect Leader Liu, attack with me. Brother Ling, Sect Leader Wan and Elder Zhang, please be the second wave of attack. The remaining people can be the third wave of attack with Elder Jin. Remember, our attacks must follow in rapid succession, there must not be any pauses in between," Len Chan was moving his lips and communicating telepathically.

Ye Mo sneered. He had already caught the content with his spirit sense. Hence before they could start their attack, he sent out his flying sword.

At the same time, Ye Mo gifted Len Quan and Ling Wushui each with a few fireballs. His main target was Elder Jin, though. Since he was supposed to be the third wave, he wouldn't attack before Len Quan and Ling Wushui.

They wouldn't expect him to attack first, so it was best to sneak attack now.

Ye Mo's flying sword formed thousands of afterimages and flew towards Elder Jin and the remaining three masters, and he shot out two fireballs at Elder Jin too.

"You're asking to die!" Len Quan realized that Ye Mo seemed to know his plan, since he was attacking Elder Jin first, and was furious. While he chopped away the fireballs with his axe, he charged at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo moved aside and dodged the axe, while he sent a punch towards the empty ground 3 meters to the left of Elder Jin.

Ling Wushui's eyes narrowed. Why would Ye Mo be willing to get injured instead of retreating just to send out this punch? He had a bad feeling, but he couldn't figure out why immediately.

Slice- Len Quan rejoiced at the sound of his axe breaking through Ye Mo's clothes, but at the same time, he saw that his axe only managed to scratch Ye Mo's skin before he moved to the side. Blood spewed out nonetheless, but it was quickly stopped by Ye Mo's cultivation essence.

At the same time, a shabby figured appeared in front of Ye Mo.

Elder Jin had dodged the two fireballs but hadn't expected an inner qi fist to be waiting for him.

The fist force passed through Elder Jin's chest. Elder Jin looked at his chest, and there he saw a big hole.

At this moment, Ye Mo's flying sword spun around and happened to block Ling Wushui's sword. Ling Wushui didn't understand how Ye Mo was always able to predict where his sword would land.

Ling Wushui felt more and more fear. He got the feeling that no matter what sword move he used or how fast he was, this young man would always be able to immediately figure out where his sword was.

Clank- Ling Wushui's hand suddenly felt lighter, so he immediately retreated in shock. His sword had been sliced into pieces! Only Ling Wushui knew how hard his sword was, yet it was still shattered.

Ye Mo went on to ignore Ling Wushui and waved his hand in the air. Invisible wind blades then surrounded the three warriors who had gotten injured by the flying sword.


The sound of a sword cutting into flesh appeared. No one saw where the sword was, but the three great heaven masters who were to attack together with Elder Jin were all gutted.

"Invisible sword chi!" Ling Wushui and Len Quan shivered. Just how many more cards did this fellow have?

After another round of attacks had passed, they had lost four people again. Only six people remained, while all Ye Mo had paid for it was a faint wound on his chest.

Len Quan's face looked bad, and he finally understood why Ye Mo had been willing to take his axe.

Ling Wushui's face was also pale. This was the second time he had been thoroughly seen outcalculated by this young man. Just how many fights had he been through to have such experience and calculations? Although everyone here was older than Ye Mo, Ling Wushui felt that their combined experience didn't match Ye Mo's.

Ye Mo ate a few more pills. He looked very calm, but he knew that although they had less and less people, victory would not necessarily be his. His cultivation essence was depleting rapidly, so in the next wave of attacks, he had to kill either Ling Wushui or Len Quan or he wouldn't be able to last long enough to see this through.

His wounds weren't serious, but he wouldn't have enough cultivation essence.

"Ye Mo, I know you're strong, but even if you kill all of us here, you're no match for the three big sects. My power is at most second best in the Kun Qian Sect. Therefore, I would like all of us to stop here and pretend like nothing ever happened." Ling Wushui thought that if they continued fighting, they might really all die.

Len Quan looked at Ling Wushui in shock.

The other two great heaven masters saw this and couldn't hold on anymore, so they retreated quickly.

The earth levels saw that even the great heaven masters were retreating and so they ran away too.

Ye Mo sneered and jumped up. He ignored Len Quan and co. and shot tens of fireballs and wind blades at the men who were trying to run away. Since they came, they wouldn't get to leave.

Two more great heaven masters and more than ten earth levels were killed just like that, leaving behind nothing but mutilated and burned corpses.

Len Quan and co. all took a cold breath - this young man was too cruel! They weren't even allowed to run away, he wanted to massacre them completely.
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