Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 752

Chapter 752: Xiaoyun Gone Missing

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By the time Ye Mo woke up again, all his cultivation essence had recovered. His spirit sense had also recovered completely and even improved a little bit.

With a few cleansing spells, all the blood from Ye Mo disappeared.

"Brother Ye, we have arrived at Ice Lake," Yun Ziyi's voice sounded. After Ye Mo had entered the cart, he hadn't made a sound for a whole day and night, but Yun Ziyi didn't dare wake him up before they arrived at Ice Lake.

"Okay," Ye Mo answered and dashed through the Ice Lake Sect's entrance like the wind and disappeared.

"Who goes there, stop!" Someone immediately stopped Ye Mo at the door to the core hall of Ice Lake.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and his face changed - Mu Xiaoyun wasn't there. He didn't see Elder Feng either.

Three figures quickly appeared before Ye Mo. Ye Mo knew two of them, while the other one seemed to be an elder.

"Mo- Mr Ye!" Miao Lian's expression was complicated.

Ye Mo nodded and asked, "Where's Xiaoyun? She came back with Elder Feng, where is she?"

Miao Lian quickly said, "Grandma hasn't returned. The four disciples who went with her haven't returned either."

Ye Mo frowned, and his tone turned cold, "I left later than them yet have arrived already. She left before me, how could she not be back?"

Before Miao Lian could reply, the elder behind her sneered, "Who do you think you are? Does Elder Feng need to report to you when she comes back?"

Ye Mo replied plainly, "I just want to ask where my wife Xiaoyun is. I don't care about other people."

"Mu Xiaoyun? She's just a mere disciple of Ice Lake, even if you are someone important to her, what right do you have to be asking questions here? P*ss off, this isn't a place you can come as you please!" This elder didn't seem to like Ye Mo and was even about to attack him.

Miao Lian was worried. This elder had only just come and didn't know about the events of Magical Continent Mountain yet. Since Ye Mo was here, it meant that he had won the battle. She quickly stopped the elder and said, "Elder Hu, we can talk it out-"

Ye Mo's tone went cold, "I'll ask one more time, where is Mu Xiaoyun? Where is Elder Feng?"

This Elder Hu woman sneered again, "In what way do you have the right to ask where Elder Feng is? You're just an insect! I've always despised that Mu Xiaoyun - she receives such large amounts of our sect's resources, and all she does is stand on that Ice Lake gazing into nothingness. Are you the little bastard that made her so horny? Since you're so cocky, I'll-"

She suddenly stopped talking as Ye Mo waved his hand and a line of blood appeared on her neck.

"You!" The elder pointed at Ye Mo in horror. This young man was so terrifyingly powerful? She didn't even know how he had attacked her.

Miao Lian was dazed at the scene for a long while. An earth level elder was killed just like that without being able to put up any resistance.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo's heart was burning with worry. How could he hold back his temper when this woman kept insulting Mu Xiaoyun? He now knew that his prediction had been right. That Elder Feng had been planning something, but he could only give Mu Xiaoyun to her then, because she would have been dead if she had stayed with him.

He had made some preparations for Mu Xiaoyun, however.

If Mu Xiaoyun's bracelet was broken, a mist would come out. Ordinary people would be fine smelling it, but those who had eaten the knowing will pill would have one ingredient in the pill neutralized, and the whole pill would become huge poison that corrodes the meridians.

Ye Mo believed that if Elder Feng dared do something to Mu Xiaoyun, she would take his blow. If she did, the others wouldn't dare touch Mu Xiaoyun, because only he could remedy the poison. If Mu Xiaoyun died, Elder Feng would die too.

But when Ye Mo came to Ice Lake, he couldn't pick up on Mu Xiaoyun with his spirit sense or sense the spirit sense mark he had left on the bracelet. That was why he was so worried.

"Mr Ye, Elder Feng truly never came back. Our cart was behind her cart, and we've been back for many days, yet she still isn't back. We don't know where she went," another sect member said. He knew from Ye Mo's killing intent that it would be all too easy for him to slaughter all of Ice Lake.

Ye Mo's heart sunk. He was scared of hearing this the most. Elder Feng not having come back to Ice Lake meant he had lost all leads.

No - he had to find her! Ye Mo didn't want to waste his time at Ice Lake anymore, so he turned around to leave. But after a few steps, he turned back and said with a cold voice, "I want everyone presently in Ice Lake to leave right now. Before I find Xiaoyun, you must not get near Ice Lake at all. Or else, death."

Miao Lian and the other sect member shivered at the killing intent behind Ye Mo's words.

The man shook his head and said to Miao Lian, "Our Ice Lake disciples should leave and go experience the world then."

"Secretary, you-" Miao Lian looked at the second-in-command in confusion.

The secretary sighed. He vaguely knew why Elder Feng had disappeared, but if he told Ye Mo, this slaughter god, about it, he might kill everyone on the spot.

The secretary believed that since Elder Feng had done this, that meant that she had abandoned everyone else at Ice Lake. She probably only took those 4 disciples so they could help Ji Yilan.

But even he would be surprised to find out Elder Feng had abandoned even Ji Yilan.

Ye Mo came back to the cart like a shooting star. Seeing that Yun Ziyi was still there, he immediately nodded to her and said, "Tell me the path from Ice Lake to Magical Mountain. I have to go find Xiaoyun. Oh, and if you know where Taiyi and Kun Qian are, tell me too."

Yun Ziyi could tell Ye Mo hadn't found Mu Xiaoyun. Who knew what would happen if he didn't find her? But she didn't ask much and simply gave Ye Mo a map.

Ye Mo took the map and saw that the precise locations of all the big sects were marked on it. The route from Ice Lake to Magical Continent Mountain was also very clear.

"Thank you, I'm going. Wait for me at Chan City. I will help you do one thing after I'm done." Then, Ye Mo was about to leave.

"Wait, Brother Ye!" Yun Ziyi suddenly called out.

Ye Mo turned back and looked at her, and Yun Ziyi quickly said, "In the years you weren't here, Sister Xiaoyun would stand on this big rock waiting for you everyday."

As soon as she said this, Ye Mo instantly appeared on that big rock, and indeed, there were two faint foot prints on it.

Ye Mo felt the footprints and felt an endless longing for Mu Xiaoyun. No matter what, he would find her! He had the subtle feeling of certainty that Mu Xiaoyun was still alive.

The next moment, Ye Mo got off the huge rock and soared into the sky on his flying sword.

It was very far for ordinary people from Ice Lake to Magical Continent Mountain, but it took Ye Mo just ten minutes to travel that distance. While he did, he searched around countless times but didn't find any spirit sense marks anywhere.

Ye Mo gradually became more and more disappointed, and he found nothing in a whole day.

"Taiyi Sect, Kun Qian Sect," Ye Mo murmured their names word by word and flew towards the Taiyi Sect first.
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