Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 753

Chapter 753: Taiyi Sect Annihilated

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Taiyi Sect was a special grade sect, just like Kun Qian and Ci Hang Jing Mosque. However, Taiyi's power was much higher than Kun Qian Sect's. Although their foundation wasn't as strong as Ci Hang Jing Mosque's, they weren't missing out too much.

Taiyi Sect's mountain was grandiose. It looked powerful and all-encompassing. Yet, the words on the door seemed shabby. Although the words "Taiyi Sect" were also large and looked powerful, Ye Mo could tell that these words didn't have the right to be on the door of such a mighty mountain.

Ye Mo sent out his flying sword and sliced the words. The words were immediately pulverized, but the door wasn't affected at all. Ye Mo sent out his flying sword again and hacked at the door many times, but it had no effect.

Ye Mo stopped trying. He realized that the door and the sign hadn't been made at the same time. Taiyi Sect's people had just taken that place as their home.

Just like the air restrictions on the Magical Continent Mountain, they had also been left there a long time ago.

"Who dares come to disturb and ruin our Taiyi Sect's-" Two black level disciples with Taiyi Sect's dao uniform dashed outside when Ye Mo hacked down the words "Taiyi Sect".

But immediately, they were torn into half by Ye Mo's wind blades. Their blood stained the stairs and the people behind them subconsciously stopped.

Ye Mo sneered. He had gone there to annihilate the sect. If it hadn't been for Taiyi Sect, would any of this have happened to Mu Xiaoyun? If it hadn't been for Tai Yi Sect, would Qingxue have almost died?

And now, because of Taiyi Sect, Ye Mo still hadn't found Xiaoyun. He was venting all his anger on Taiyi. He wouldn't listen to any explanation they had unless Xiaoyun suddenly appeared.

Since the hidden sects' people liked to talk with their fists, he would do that today.

"He's Ye Mo, the Ye Mo who killed all the earth level and above masters on the Magical Continent Mountain, as well as our Grand Elder Len and Kun Qian's Elder Ling!" a terrified voice sounded, as more people realized that that crazy young man was the Ye Mo who had slaughtered everyone on the Magical Continent Mountain.

There were that many great heaven masters, plenty of great heaven peak masters and halfway great heavens, and countless earth level masters. Yet, even with that many people fighting Ye Mo, none of them were able to escape.

This had never happened in the history of the Magical Continent. However, Ye Mo knew that at least Ling Wushui had escaped.

"I, Ye Mo, will annihilate the Taiyi Sect. All of those who stay in Taiyi will be killed. If you want to live, take off your Taiyi dao uniform, spit on the ground and trample on it. Only then can you leave," Ye Mo's voice sounded through the entire Taiyi Sect.

Ye Mo was adamant on annihilating Taiyi Sect, but there were about 1000 sect members. He didn't want to kill them all, so he gave them a chance to run away.

"Run!!" However, these six Taiyi Sect members could only take a few steps before being sliced on the neck by a sword ray. Their heads were rolling on the ground.

The remaining people who wanted to run took a breath in and stopped. A few smart ones remembered Ye Mo's words. They immediately took off their clothes, spat and trampled on them a few times before running away from the mountain.

These people didn't get killed, so they were able to escape.

Following these disciples' actions, the rest of the Taiyi Sect members reacted even faster. Some tried to suck up to Ye Mo and yelled "Taiyi is trash!", and some even peed on their clothes.

Those few disciples who tried to run away without doing so were immediately decapitated.

Ye Mo moved forward as he killed the resistance. His flying sword flew around, breaking buildings and causing a huge chaos.

A few earth level and half step great heaven masters tried to come down and stop Ye Mo, but they didn't even last a round before they were killed.

Ye Mo kept shooting fireballs and the buildings started to burn. Most of Taiyi's power had been annihilated at the mountain, so there were only a few great heaven masters left. The remaining ones were all below earth level. Those who didn't want to run away were all killed.

"Stop! Dao friend, you're crossing the line! People need to know when to stop. You've already killed so many Taiyi Sect disciples, as well as Len Quan and Qi Kai disciples. Taiyi has been pretty much annihilated now. I think you should stop. The main palace does not belong to Taiyi. It has been passed down for generations since ancient times, are you really going to destroy everything?" An old man with a rough face appeared before Ye Mo like a ghost.

After seeing this old man, Ye Mo's pupils dilated. Perhaps that guy was Taiyi's strongest! Ye Mo felt the power of foundation establishment state on him, but Ye Mo knew that old man wasn't a dao cultivator. His chi surpassed Len Quan and Ling Wushui's, was he above great heaven?

It was the first time that Ye Mo saw an ancient martial artist above great heaven. That old man had the chi of foundation establishment state and gave Ye Mo a strong oppressive feeling. However, Ye Mo wasn't afraid of the old man. He had cultivated the Three Birth Chant, so his spirit sense was very powerful, and he had a large and strong cultivation essence.

What made Ye Mo confused was that that old man clearly didn't fear him. Then why did he wait to come out until almost all of Taiyi had been annihilated? If he hadn't been going to burn the main palace, that old man wouldn't have even come out.

Uhmmmm- Ye Mo flicked his flying sword and his strong battle intent appeared.

Feeling this, the old man sneered as though his authority was being challenged. He said coldly, "Are you going to fight me?"

"Hahaha!" Ye Mo laughed, "Old man, I came here to slaughter and burn this place down. What are you going to do about it? Since you're standing in front of me, I will kill you."

"Okay, okay, I wasn't planning on fighting, but since you're so confident, I'll see if you have real power or if you're just capable of killing chockens!" The old man was angry.

"Cocky sh*t!" Ye Mo spat as his flying sword turned into a white ray and he shoot it over.

"Hmm?" the old man raised his palm in mid-air.

After throwing the strike, Ye Mo immediately saw with his spirit sense that there was an invisible ripple in front of his flying sword. It was like an impassable barrier.

Such powerful inner qi! Ye Mo was amazed. For the first time, he met someone who had more strength on his inner qi cultivation than his cultivation essence.

No, this wasn't inner qi! This was something as strong as cultivation essence. Ye Mo threw a punch.

He was only at stage seven of chi gathering, he didn't have any special weapons, killing means or cultivation techniques. He only had a flying sword.

Ye Mo chose to fight the old man hand against hand, because after cultivating the Three Birth Chant, his cultivation chi that could only be transformed into cultivation essence at foundation establishment state had been transformed early.

However, Ye Mo knew he had too little means of fighting enemies. It wasn't enough if he was in the cultivation realm.

Ye Mo's fist hit the air wall, making a huge deep explosion.

The wall behaved like paper mesh, it was broken by Ye Mo. The flying sword was freed - it spun a circle and stood in the air.

"Such strong qi!" the old man applauded and took a step forward. His palm clenched into a fist and he punched.

Instantly, Ye Mo felt like he was trapped in a cage. He sometimes seemed to see one or tens of fists coming to his way from all directions.

"Very well." Ye Mo punched too.
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