Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 755

Chapter 755: Hidden Sects Catastrophe

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"In that cold cave, there was also a skeleton missing an arm. I found answers on a manual of animal skin left behind. He was an ancient martial arts cultivator. He said he had found a certain type of people in this world called the truth cultivators. They could apparently ascend into the immortal realm if they cultivated to the extreme. He spent the following decades searching for them ever since until he got heavily injured and died."

Li Cheng continued, "After knowing this, I got very excited. When my time here ended, I left Taiyi in the search of truth cultivators. I was no longer interested in ancient martial arts. When I was 50, I automatically broke through to great heaven. I also found a truth cultivation ruin and got a cultivation method. When Taiyi knew that I had reached great heaven, they invited me back. I wanted a quiet place to cultivate, so I came back to Taiyi and focused on cultivation."

Ye Mo felt something was odd. How come Li Cheng hadn't progressed at all?

Li Cheng poured another cup for himself and said, "I cultivated for a 20 whole years and got nothing, I didn't even reach stage 1 chi gathering in there. In my despair, I left Tai Yi and searched for herbs as my life span was about to end. I wanted to break through in ancient martial arts to increase my life. My truth cultivation had no progress, but my ancient martial arts' talent was absurd. Not only had I reached great heaven peak, but I had even reached the state people think is above great heaven, which is turning inner qi into liquid.

After that, I gained mental power and through that I saw what was inside a jade slip. I realized I had no spirit root, so I couldn't cultivate it. In my disappointment, I destroyed everything I had related to truth cultivation, filled up the cave and settled here. In my decades of peaceful meditation, I understood something. If something isn't in your life, don't forcefully try to take it."

Ye Mo finally understood why things were as they were. He knew that the stalagmite could be made into the five essence pill to create spirit root, but he didn't say it because he couldn't make it with his current power. He would probably have to wait until foundation establishment state.

Instead of giving Li Cheng false hopes, he might as well not saying anything. If he reached foundation establishment state and Li Cheng wasn't dead yet, he would give him a five essence pill.

However, Ye Mo suddenly thought of something. If Li Cheng had cultivate ancient martial arts that rapidly, he should have had spirit root. How could he not have it?

Ye Mo poured a cup of wine for LI Cheng and asked, "Li-Qianbei, I have two questions I want to ask. First, since you're from Taiyi Sect, why didn't you stop me from annihilating Taiyi? Second, I want to know why there is such a huge difference in between great heaven martial artists."

Li Cheng smiled, "I didn't like what Tai Yi did to me in the beginning. Also, in my journey, I met master Tian Ze. He had an unparalleled fortune telling power. He told me that Taiyi would only have 100 years of fortune. 100 years later, Taiyi would cease to exist. So I knew when you came that Taiyi's time was up."

Ye Mo was shook. Was there really such person in the world? Xiaoyun also had a fortune teller who told her grandpa that her husband's surname would be Ye. It was too accurate.

There were fortune tellers in the cultivation realm too, but no one who could be this specific.

Li Cheng continued, "As for the great heaven issue, there are many ancient martial artists, but there can't be more than 10 that truly understand great heaven."

"To be precise, I've only barely reached great heaven. A long time ago, the hidden sects ancient martial arts were divided into four levels, yellow, black, earth, heaven. Only those who surpassed heaven state were great heaven. But these few hundred years, there was barely anyone who could reach great heaven. Not one in 100 years.

The faith in ancient martial arts started to decline, so people started to remove the level heaven and just called it great heaven. Hence, after you break through earth level peak, it's not heaven level, but great heaven."

Ye Mo finally understood. It seemed his conjectures before were right.

Li Cheng continued, "I also found some similar records when searching for truth cultivation ruins. I realized that I was heaven level, not great heaven. So I came back and tried to reach great heaven. Due to each sect having different ways of reaching heaven level, this created some differences in power. Some think great heaven is unblocking the ren and du meridians, some think the formation of qi sea is great heaven.

But only when one attains both, it is truly heaven level. Turning inner qi into liquid and gaining mental powers is a true great heaven ability. However, there are rarely such heaven levels among the hidden sects, most of them only can form a qi sea."

Ye Mo nodded. It seemed Ren Pingchuan's understanding of the system was right, but he had neglected heaven level.

Ye Mo talked with Li Cheng for the whole night before leaving the next morning. He wanted to teach Mo Youshen a lesson, but didn't find him.

Then, Ye Mo went to Gemini Sword Sect.

Three days later, news spread out. Because some big sects had ganged up on the mysterious powerhouse Ye Mo, he had said he would visit them one by one later on. And he did so indeed. It was considered the biggest hidden sects disaster of the century.

On May 13th, Taiyi was annihilated and it became a part of history.

On May 14th, first grade sects Gemini Sword Sect, Four Wind Valley and Crystal Sect were annihilated. The second grade sects Alliance Fist Hall, Extreme Weapons Sect and another eight sects were annihilated.

On May 15th, the first grade sects Forgery Hall and Rainbow Sect were annihilated. Moreover, the second grade sects Fusion Fist Sect, Tong Sword Mountain and four others were also annihilated. Seven more third grade sects were annihilated too.


On May 17th, Kun Qian Sect had all their sect members go out to greet Ye Mo and give him countless gold coins and herbs. They expelled the missing Ling Wushui. Ye Mo accepted these gifts and let Kun Qian Sect go.

Taking Kun Qian as an example, other sects who participated in the attack also did this. Ye Mo for some reason accepted it all and didn't keep annihilating sects.

A catastrophe that had swept through the entire hidden sects had been calmed just like that. Those fearful hidden sects disciples became very careful with their actions and all the sect leaders breathed at ease.

However, the surviving sects made new rules. One of them was that those who offended Ye Mo would be killed.

But that rule was unnecessary. Who would go look for trouble with the number one master of the hidden sects? You should be praying that he didn't come look for trouble with you.

At this moment, Ye Mo was under the mountain of Ci Hang Jing Moque. He hadn't stopped because of the gifts, he was just sick of the slaughter. Xiaoyun was missing, so what if he annihilated the entire hidden sects? He had come there today to kill Jie Xun, not to annihilate the entire sect. He was sure that those nuns couldn't kill a great heaven master, so he had to kill her.

"Is it Young Hero Ye?" an old voice sounded and a nun quickly came up to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was dazed. This title was a first! He didn't mind the nuns there due to the Luo Xuan Sisters.

"I'm Jie Xian. Young Hero Ye, are you here for Jie Xun?" the nun asked amicably.

Ye Mo knew that the reason this sect had left the attack was due to Jie Xian, so he was grateful to her.

"Yes, I came to kill Jie Xun." Ye Mo didn't hide his killing intent.

Jie Xian was dazed. However, she quickly reacted and said apologetically to Ye Mo, "We weren't able to capture her that day, she ran away. I need to thank you Young Hero Ye."

Ye Mo was dazed, "I came here to kill people, but you're thanking me?"
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