Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 756

Chapter 756: Magical Merchant Associations Danger

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Jie Xian smiled, "Young Hero Ye went to search for our sect member Luo Xuan to the Shuang Shi Cliff. I'm thanking you for this."

Ye Mo realized that their sect's people also had gone to search for Luo Xuan.

"Luo Xuan is my friend. Of course, I need to go look for her when she is missing," Ye Mo said despondently.

Jie Xian nodded, "Jie Xun crossed the line. She attacked a core disciple! Sigh-"

Ye Mo sneered, "This witch not only killed many of my friends in the outside, but she also killed Luo Yin and forced Luo Xuan to jump off a cliff. I must kill her personally."

Jie Xian sighed and said, "Luo Xuan's master is still searching around the Shuang Shi Cliff."

"Master Jie Xian, I'll be leaving now. I will come back after a while." Ye Mo wanted to give Luo Yin's body to Jie Xian, but he had already agreed to take her to Shi Feng Village. He would go there first and then see.

As for Luo Fei, she had gotten used to living in Luo Yue so he didn't tell Jie Xian. He didn't even mention the Ni Luo Sutra either. Regardless of whether it is useful or not, without Luo Xuan there, he didn't want share everything.

Ye Mo didn't know where Yun Ziyi was in Chan City, but he knew that with her abilities she would be the first to know when he arrived. Hence, she would come find him.

Ye Mo walked into a restaurant without even scanning his spirit sense in. He waited for Yun Ziyi there and ate some food in the meantime.

Although the hidden sects had been reprimanded by Ye Mo to keep a low profile, Chan City was still very prosperous. Some small sellers dared to have stalls in the city streets now. The people who charged expensive stall prices had left too because they had heard that Ye Mo had gone to annihilate Taiyi because a Taiyi disciple had taken his stall.

Of course, some people didn't believe so. However, the one who was talked most about was that Ye Mo-Qianbei.

"You guys don't know! My cousin was also at the Magical Continent Mountain. That Ye-Qianbei was really powerful. He killed more than ten great heaven masters with one hand, then he blew and shot a 100-meter-long flame."

"Pffft! That's wrong. Ye-Qianbei used frost blades. He sliced them using freezing ice. The great heaven masters were immediately frozen to death."

"What do you mean with Ye-Qianbei? Ye Mo is very young, he just looks scary."

"Yes, yes I heard he's almost 3 meters tall. He can crush ordinary people with one hand. It's also said that he has something with a small nun from Ci Hang Jing Mosque. That's also why they didn't join the fight!"

Ye Mo sat in the restaurant listening to these rumours. He eventually even heard the rumour that he had killed all of Taiyi Sect's people with a slap.

Ye Mo was speechless. He thought that technological development was really important after all. If there were TVs, there wouldn't be that much misinformation. Spewing out 100-meter-long flame? Was he a level 7 monster?

But those who had really seen Ye Mo or knew of his means wouldn't come out to explain either. They were scared they would offend Ye Mo and that was lethal.

Yu Yuyan knew about it. Although Shang Qing Mountain had also given Ye Mo a lot of wealth and herbs, many disciples requested to leave and experience the world fearing that Ye Mo would attack the sect. The big sects also feared that Ye Mo's word wasn't trustworthy, so they allowed this. Yu Yuyan was a disciple who had left to experience the world.

Yu Yuyan had heard these rumors and got contemptuous. Yet, at the same time she thought that if Ye Mo really had taken her that night, maybe the Yu Family could have been the number one family then.

Every time she thought about this, she regretted it. If she had known that Ye Mo was that strong, why would she even have tried to suck up to that dog shit Martial Brother Guan?

However, just when she was thinking about this, she saw Ye Mo also walk into a restaurant. She was shook and immediately looked down. There was enmity between her and Ye Mo. Would he kill her immediately if he knew she was there?

Yu Yuyan didn't dare to look up and tried desperately to find a way out of there.

Ye Mo saw her as soon as he walked inside, but he despised that woman a lot. It affected his appetite to eat in the same restaurant as her.

Due to this, Ye Mo didn't bother waiting for Yun Ziyi. He scanned his spirit sense out and immediately found her in a big meeting room in the Magical Merchant Association's building. He immediately knew why she wanted him to help her. Ye Mo left the restaurant.

Yu Yuyan considered her options for a long while and decided to go find Ye Mo. Ye Mo could kill her easily if he wanted to. Instead of hiding, she might as well face up to him. She looked good and was a virgin. Perhaps if he was interested and she slept with him for a night, all would be different.

Yu Yuyan got excited and looked up. However, she was dazed - Ye Mo was gone.

In the most grandiose room of the HQ of the Magical Merchant Association, there were many masters. Yun Ziyi and her maid Xiao Ling were also there, but their faces looked really bad. There were also six men and three women. The strongest was already at great heaven but of course, not the same great heaven that Li Cheng had mentioned.

"Elder Li Pei, you're our Magical Merchant Association's great heaven elder. My father was also generous to you, why did you betray the Magical Merchant Association and coerce me like this?" Yun Ziyi's expression looked bad, but her tone was calm.

Elder Li Pei looked past his 50s, but he was very handsome. He also had a good body and in fact, he was in his 60s. He frowned after he heard Yun Ziyi's words.

A seductive hot woman next to him said in contempt, "Ziyi, can you blame Big Brother Li Pei for this? Your father offended the Sea Merchant Clan, why drag us in it? Also, even if the Magical Merchant Association doesn't join the Sea Merchant Clan, it will still get devoured. It's best for you to join forces with the Sea Merchant Clan now."

As soon as she said this, someone agreed, "Yes, although your father created Magical Merchant Association from scratch, it has reached today's power due to everyone's hard work. The Sea Merchant Clan is stronger than the Magical Merchant Association. It's a good opportunity to join them now. Otherwise, in two years perhaps the Magical Merchant Association won't exist."

The old man next to Yun Ziyi suddenly sneered and got up, "Everyone knows what you guys are thinking. When the Magical Merchant Association was acclaimed all over the Magical Continent and the old president was still here, why didn't you say that? Because at that time, you were all earning money and had a high status. Now that something has happened to the Magical Merchant Association, you just want to sell it to our opponent. If you join them, you can remain as elders and keep earning money. But what about the Magical Merchant Associ-"

Yun Ziyi sighed and stopped the old man from continuing. She also knew what these people were thinking.

"Yun Tong, stop pretending to be the good guy. I won't believe that you've earned less than us these years at Magical Merchant Association. Moreover, we earned the money through our hard work. We're helping the Magical Merchant Association now, what are you doing?" another monkey-faced man got up and said.

Yun Ziyi couldn't hold it anymore and yelled in anger, "Chu Yizhu, shut up! Don't think I don't know what you're plotting! How did my father get injured? Who sent people to assassinate me? Shameless! How can you dare say you haven't conspired with the Sea Merchant Clan?"

"Hahaha! You make it sound really bad. It's not conspiring, it's called cooperating." The meeting room's door got opened and a man in his 30s walked in. He had two middle-aged men behind him who were clearly great heaven masters.
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