Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 758

Chapter 758: Magical Merchant Associations Secret

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Feng Zhuping could no longer control his horror when he understood who Ye Mo was. He knelt down in a thud and couldn't speak at all.

At this moment, he understood it was completely different seeing people get killed and getting killed yourself.

Wu Bai was also shook. Although he was great heaven, Wu Chang was a bit stronger than him. Yet even Wu Chang couldn't last one move with Ye Mo, so he would definitely lose too.

But if he didn't go up, he wouldn't be able to escape from Feng Neng either. When he saw Ye Mo turn back without looking at him and Feng Zhuping, he thought, 'I'm going to die either way, I might as well use this opportunity to sneak attack Ye Mo.'

Wu Bai pulled out his curved sword and almost hacked the sword on Ye Mo's back. Just when Wu Bai thought he was going to succeed, Ye Mo punched out without even turning back.

The fist wind happened to land right on Wu Bai's dantian. It destroyed his dantian and Qi Sea immediately.

Wu Bai fell down on the ground like a leaking balloon. At the same time, his heart went cold. He knew he was over. Although he hadn't died, he was an ordinary person now.

"I won't kill you, you can bring this young master's head back for me." Ye Mo's words made Wu Bai shiver. He knew that this was the same as being killed.

"Ye-Qianbei, I didn't think your glorious presence was here. This wanbei is Magical Merchant Association's Elder Chu Yizhu. The Sea Merchant Clan has been oppressing us Magical Merchant Association, and I've long since wanted to resist. Since Qianbei is here to uphold justice, wanbei-" A monkey-cheeked man walked out and bowed to Ye Mo.

But he was stopped by the other female leader, "Chu Yizhu, how are you so shameless! Who just said that the Magical Merchant Association was about to be annihilated, who just said that the Magical Merchant Association might as well join the Sea Merchant Clan?"

"Elder Mang, how could I be someone like that? I've long since disliked this Feng Zhuping." Chu Yizhu argued without even blushing. Then, he went up and kicked Feng Zhuping.

Feng Zhuping didn't dare to move.

Ye Mo sneered - he wasn't dumb. When Chu Yizhu walked up to kick Feng Zhuping, he didn't really dare do anything to him. He was just declaring his loyalty to Ye Mo, yet at that moment, Ye Mo shot a beam of chi onto Feng Chuping's vital points nonetheless. As soon as Chu Yizhu kicked Young Master Feng Zhuping, the young master fell dead to the ground.

This not only shocked Chu Yizhu, but also the rest. They could tell he wasn't trying to kill Feng Zhuping, yet Feng Zhuping had died. This was very strange.

"No, I didn't want to kill him!" Chu Yizhu was shocked and screamed.

Ye Mo was fine if he killed this young master, but Chu Yizhu was done for. The Sea Merchant Clan's leader, Feng Neng, was at the great heaven tertiary stage. It would be all too easy for him to kill an earth level peak like him.

"Oh, I thought you couldn't stand the Magical Merchant Association being oppressed, and that that's why you did what you did. So that wasn't the case, was it? No matter what, since you were willing to kill this guy, it means you're still siding with the Magical Merchant Association at least," Ye Mo said.

"No, no, I am- No-" Chu Yizhu didn't know what to do anymore.

Ye Mo ignored Chu Yizhu and looked at Wu Bai, "Take these two away, perhaps I might accidentally go for a spin at the Sea Merchant Clan later."

Wu Bai didn't dare argue at all.

Ye Mo slowly sat down into a chair. He knew Yun Ziyi would deal with the remaining things.

As expected, Yun Ziyi immediately said, " The elders can go deal with some of the work in the association, it's been piling up recently. I need to discuss some things with brother Ye. Uncle Tong and Xiao Ling, take Elder Feng to a doctor, and use the best herbs to treat him."

No one could tell Ye Mo had assassinated Feng Zhuping, but Yun Ziyi was suspicious. However, she wouldn't care either way.

Although she knew there were a lot of elders on the Sea Merchant Clan's side, she couldn't use Ye Mo to get rid of all of them, because they still managed a lot of matters.

"Goddess Zi Hua, you were probably asking for help with this right? I've already helped you now, and I believe no one would dare to plot against your Magical Merchant Association anymore, but there's something I need to ask you too," Ye Mo said.

Yun Ziyi quickly said, "Brother Ye, to be honest, I had been planning on giving up on the Magical Merchant Association. I didn't ask you here for this."

Ye Mo was dazed - so he was wrong? But he didn't care, it was just the lift of a finger after all. He came here because he promised to help her, but more importantly, he came to find out how to get out of here.

Mu Xiaoyun was gone, and he had to find her, but he had left Luo Yue for four years already. Ye Mo wanted to know how Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were doing. So as soon as he knew how to leave this continent, he would get the Bitter Ten Years and leave. Even if he came back again, he would bring Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue with him.

"Oh, what is it then? Tell me," Ye Mo said.

Yun Ziyi fell silent for a while and then made up her mind, "The reason why our Magical Merchant Association was able to become the number one merchant association in the magical continent is not only due to my father's cultivation level, but also due to a reason no one knows."

Ye Mo knew her father Yun Dongxia was great heaven peak, but he really didn't know what this other reason for their success could be.

Yun Ziyi sighed, "A slightly bigger sect in the Magical Continent would have their own merchant association. Even though my father's power is strong, it would at most make people think twice if they wanted to take us on. Our foundation is far weaker than Tai Yi's and Kun Qian's. The reason why our business has done well is because we can go to the outside world."

"What?!" Ye Mo got up abruptly. He wanted to ask her precisely about this, and here she spoke about it herself.

Soon, Ye Mo calmed down and asked, "I thought there was only a chance to go out every 50 years. Even if you forcibly go out, it's every 20 years, right?"

Yun Ziyi looked at Ye Mo in surprise and quickly explained, "What you mentioned is a secret kept by the big hidden sects. But our Yun family knows a place that allows you to go out once every year."

Seeing Ye Mo's strong interest, Yun Ziyi spoke more carefully, "My grandfather discovered the place accidentally, but you need chi stones to go out. And those who go out have to wait a month before coming back using the same way."

Ye Mo thought it might be a teleportation formation.

Yun Ziyi continued, "After my grandfather found that place, he didn't find out why it could let us go out. Later on however, my father researched large amounts of ancient texts before realizing that it might be a teleportation formation. But he wasn't sure either, and it was a too complicated matter, so he stopped his research.

Nonetheless, he used that secret to bring in lots of products from the outside, and that's how our Yun family's merchant association got so big.
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