Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Master

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn
Oh? Its you... Ye Mo! The man called Brother Hu immediately recognized Ye Mo since he had seen his photo countless times. He didnt even bother to think before turning around and throwing a punch. The wind force of the punch was mainly focused in the direction of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that this Brother Hu was just as he had thought, a Master, and he wanted to test how strong his power was, so he only threw a punch in response.

Crack, the sound of bones breaking resounded in the room, Ye Mo took two steps back and reached the door. Meanwhile, Brother Hu fell two steps back too and rammed onto the Young Master Tan.

With the clash of the fists, both of their fists had bones fractured. Ye Mos eyes grew cold as he realized that his power actually didnt mean much in this place. Although he had only recovered 70% of his power, there definitely was plenty of people much stronger than him.

Yellow Level Tertiary Stage Brother Hus eyes were filled with shock as he spat out the four words. However, since the bones of his hand had broke, he didnt dare to keep fighting with Ye Mo. He didnt have the ability to recover bones like Ye Mo and, although he was able to cultivate inner qi, broken bone injuries required about a month to heal for him.

Seeing that Ye Mo and Brother Hu were even, Young Master Tan showed a sliver of worry in his eyes as he didnt expect Ye Mo to be this strong. Actually, he had never seen anyone more powerful than Brother Hu, and he had even heard that Brother Hu was a disciple of the Ancient Martial Arts. Since Ye Mo was able to block one of Brother Hus fist, there was no way that he wouldnt be shocked over this.

Although he didnt know what Yellow Level Tertiary Stage meant, Ye Mo thought it was probably how the levels of martial arts were called here.

Young Master Tan saw Ye Mos power and was about to take his phone out to make a call, but since Ye Mo already knew that he was from the Song Family and came here to capture him, he didnt have any thought of being lenient and threw out a metal nail casually.

Before he even finished dialing the number on this phone, the metal nail had struck Young Master Tan in the forehead.

You actually killed Young Master Tan!? Brother Hu had shock and anger in his expression.

Ye Mo smiled faintly: I also killed Song Shaowen... What? Do you have a problem with that?

Brother Hus eyes immediately went back to normal as he thought, Yeah, he had even killed Song Shaowen so he would have no more pressure in eliminating Song Shaotan.

If you can answer a few questions for me, perhaps I can let you go today... Ye Mo stared coldly at this Brother Hu.

Haha, let me, Hu Qiu, go? You didnt even have the upper hand before! Since you came today, dont leave. Hu Qius healthy hand took out a whip from somewhere and immediately jumped up. The whip in his hand turned into a flurry of images and rushed towards Ye Mo.

It was so fast that, looking at the countless whips images, Ye Mo didnt dare to go in. If it had been before he had treated Ning Qingxue, he would be able to take on the whip forcefully. But now, although he had recovered 70% of his strength, his Chi was still a bit unstable. Ye Mo understood his situation right now and immediately dodged.

However, the room was too small, and his back was whipped. A burning sensation came, and Ye Mo knew that he had shed at least a layer of skin with that blow. It definitely brought out a gash that wasnt shallow.

Seeing that his whip attack had succeeded, Hu Qiu pressed on. He almost turned his body immediately as the hand swirled towards Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo had to admit that this Brother Hus whip technique was really good. He was forced to recognize that he could only dodge in this small room which would put him in a disadvantaged position, so in that case, he might as well charge straight in. Ye Mo gathered some Chi again and, at the same time, he threw out three nails while preparing to grab the popper of the whip.

Hu Qiu was shocked. He didnt think that someone would dare to even try grabbing the popper of his whip in his flurry of attacks.

Youre asking to die, Hu Qiu sneered as the whip in his hand attacked faster. The countless shadows of the whip made it impossible for people to see clearly.

Three nails had shot over, but Hu Qiu had already felt it. He also understood that Ye Mo wanted to trade damage for damage, and unless he retreated with his whip, the nails would hit his body.

Hu Qiu sneered, Trade damage for damage? He actually didnt take back the whip in his hand, and just side stepped his body. One of the three nails was dodged while the other two hit accurately on the side of his left chest.

Hu Qiu took two nails and still didnt take the whip back. He knew that Ye Mo was powerful, so he took two nails just to be able to land a whip attack on him. The power of his whip was tremendous and very fast too. Not only was he absolutely confident that Ye Mo couldnt grab it, but he also felt that Ye Mo would definitely be seriously injured after that. That damage wasnt something that two mere nails could compare to.

However, Hu Qiu wasnt a cultivator, so he didnt know something like spirit sense existed. By the time he reacted, Ye Mo had already accurately grabbed the popper of his whip.

A strong power passed over, Ye Mo felt his chest pulsed and immediately knew that it wasnt good. Although he grabbed the whip, the side effects of treating Ning Qingxue had come. He even felt a fit of nausea.

Ye Mo knew that he couldnt hold on for long and didnt dare to drag it out. While Hu Qiu was startled, he focused the last bit of his Chi and kicked Hu Qius chest.

At this moment, Hu Qiu finally realized that Ye Mo could find the real whip amongst all those shadows and grabbed it which made him wondering if he was he a Dark Level Master.

Youre a Dark Level Hu Qiu pointed at Ye Mo and spoke these few words before spewing out blood from his mouth like crazy, then he collapsed and was dead before he had even reached the ground.

Ye Mo gave out a long sigh of relief, thinking that today was too dangerous as he had almost lost his life here. He still wanted to capture this Brother Hu and ask him about some things, but it was already the second time that he had overestimated himself that night. There really were powerful people everywhere in this world; it was just that he hadnt met them yet. According to Hu Qius words before his death, there might even be a level higher than his so-called Dark Level.

Ye Mo could feel a fit of dizziness coming and walked out holding on the wall. In the room not far away, there should be the son of Qian Longtou, Qian Shiping, who was assaulting those two young girls. Ye Mo kicked open the room and pulled out this Qian Shiping.

Who are you? How dare you? Qian Shiping was pulled out in his dreams, he was startled for a moment and looked at the weak-looking Ye Mo. He thought of his situation and was immediately about to rage.

The person who kills you! Ye Mo gasped for breath, kicking open the door was quite burdensome.

Kill me? Hahaha, do you know who I am? Kill me, and you will have nowhere to hide even if you flee throughout the entire country. You think Qian Shiping was still being arrogant until a metal nail pierced his forehead. He still didnt believe as he died that the person in front of him would dare to kill him since his dad was Qian Longtou. However, his consciousness had already begun to be obscured.

Ye Mo didnt dare to waste any more time. He felt that he was becoming weaker and weaker, so he walked into the underground floor and, as he saw three people still kneeling down, he shot out three more nails without hesitation. The three didnt even have time to react before they were dead. There was still another room with two people, but Ye Mo didnt bother with it, it was probably Qian Shipings underlings.

Leave quickly! that was the only thing in Ye Mos mind. He took too much risk for one day. He hadnt expected Hu Qiu to be that strong, even stronger than he had thought. If that Hu Qiu wasnt too confident in his whip, it was questionable if Ye Mo would even be able to walk out today.
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