Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 760

Chapter 760: Sea Merchant Clan Leader

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When Yun Ziyi woke up from her shock, her hands were still shaking. This was great heaven, the goal that countless earth level peak cultivators could never reach in their lifetime, and it was in her hands. That face preserving pill too, she almost couldn't believe it.

If it was someone else other than Ye Mo, she would laugh at them, but this was Ye Mo. He was a powerful master who surpassed all great heavens and a high level herbal doctor too.

If Ye Mo's pills weren't that strong, how could he beat all the great heaven peak masters?

Ye Mo knew Yun Ziyi was a bit excited. Before she could reply, he took a few more bottles of pills and gave them to her, "There's a few more pills here, please sell them for me."

Yun Ziyi took the pills and said shakily, "Of course, you wanted me to help with that?"

Ye Mo smiled. Of course not. He took out a booklet from his ring and gave it to her, "Help me collect the things in here. There are some herbs and ores there, gather whatever you can. I will buy it all. If I don't have enough, pay for me and then I'll pay it back when I return."

Yun Ziyi took the booklet and had a flick through it. It was all precious herbs inside, there were many that she hadn't even heard of.

Yun Ziyi was still in a daze even after Ye Mo left.

Magical Continent Mountain - it was the second time Ye Mo came here. He had come to check the peak that led to the outside world.

It had been many days since the battle and the bodies left behind were all cleaned up with nothing but blood marks to still prove there was once a great battle there.

Ye Mo easily found the middle peak, and it was just like Yun Ziyi said. It had a huge platform indeed.

This was a Seven Star Formation, meaning that the formation here was related to seven of the nine peaks, and it resonated with the Seven Star Formation outside. However, there was no chi coming out of the formation at all. With Ye Mo's current power, he wasn't able to activate the formation and leave.

If it were the one on the outside, he could try to use the method with seven spirit stones, because the formation outside was loosened greatly, but the formation here was so complicated that he couldn't even find the eye of the formation.

Even if he found it and put down spirit stones, Ye Mo knew that it wouldn't run on low grade spirit stones. It would need at least top grade spirit stones. He didn't even have any middle grade spirit stones, much less top grade spirit stones.

The reason why the people from the continent could go outside every 50 years was because that was when the formation loosened and all the masters used their qi to open one spot of the seven stars.

Ye Mo checked the place out for a long time but had to leave in disappointment. He couldn't use his power to open the formation, and he was sure that the Bitter Ten Years wasn't there. It was pointless to stay there. Perhaps he could try if he found top grade spirit stones one day.

But no matter what, Ye Mo had decided to also study formations henceforth. If he understood all of it, he could come in and out whenever he wanted. Luckily, the Three Birth Chant was very helpful to him for learning new things. Perhaps he might be able to form his own style just like with pill making.

Ye Mo also needed to look at that exploded formation and find Mu Xiaoyun. He also wanted to go to Shi Feng Village to fulfill Luo Yin's wish. Of course if he could find Jie Xun, he wouldn't mind killing her.

The Magical Continent was a place ruled by the hidden sects. The strong ruled it, and the weak had to rely on the strong to live. There were many cities, and each city had a hidden sect controlling it from behind the scenes. The city lords were had responsibility only towards the hidden sects.

The main way for the cities to communicate was through merchant associations and merchants.

The best career paths were to go to the hidden sects and then slightly below that to do business. Although hidden sects controlled the cities, in order to get more support, they would also have their own merchant associations.

These associations would bring them large sums of money and cultivation resources as well as intel.

Ever since the Magical Merchant Association declined, the Sea Merchant Clan took over, quickly invading the Magical Merchant Association's land and most of their business.

This time, Feng Zhuping had gone to Chan City to take over the Magical Merchant Association.

The reason why Feng Neng dared to do this was because he was at the great heaven tertiary stage now. He believed that after he devoured the Magical Merchant Association, he would be able to reach great heaven peak within two years.

If he did, then everything would be fine.

His clan had three great heaven masters, the Wu Brothers and a manager called Fang Kuan. There was also a guy called Li Pei who had secretly joined him.

Although there were a few half step great heaven cultivators too, Feng Neng knew that out of 100 half step great heaven cultivators, maybe only five could reach great heaven, and at most one could reach great heaven tertiary stage. One in ten great heaven tertiary stages could reach great heaven peak.

So he felt very safe with his son going there with the Wu Brothers.

Feng Neng thought about the bright future he had and couldn't help but be excited. He grabbed a maid next to him and was about to tear open her clothes.

But sometimes, things can't keep going as planned all the time. He was interrupted by his men's report.
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