Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 761

Chapter 761: Have Some Sense

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
"What's wrong?" Feng Neng's expression sunk. He extremely disliked being interrupted.

The man said shakily, "Leader, Elder Wu Bai brought back the Young Master and Elder Wu Chang."

The moment Feng Neng heard that his son was back, he knew that the deal at Chan City had been sealed. He was quite happy that his son had got it done so quickly. He just nodded and pulled the maid aside, "In that case, let the three of them come inside."

Suddenly, Feng Neng thought of something and immediately slammed the table, "Next time you say something wrong, you'll get beaten to death."

He remembered the words, "Wu Bai brought back the Young Master and Wu Chang", not "The Young Master brought back Wu Chang and Wu Bai."

"Huh- No, I didn't say it wrong. It's Elder Wu Bai who brought-" the man was dumb and still hadn't understood why the leader was angry.

Feng Neng sneered and got unhappier. He couldn't be bothered to keep listening, so he grabbed a cup and threw it at the man's forehead. The cup didn't shatter, but instead it embedded this man's head.

The man looked at Feng Neng in shock. Even at death's door he couldn't understand why the leader killed him. Was it because he had bothered him in his good moment? But he had been reporting something important.

Before Feng Neng could be dragged out, another horse-faced man walked in desperately.

Feng Neng frowned. That man was his right hand and secretary, Fang Kuan. His status was above the Wu Brothers' and he was also at great heaven.

Fang Kuan was Feng Neng's closest man and had followed him for the longest. When Fang Kuan was just at earth level, he was so bold that he dared rape the daughter of a city lord. He was hunted by this city lord, but Feng Neng saved him. Fang Kuan followed him and when he reached great heaven, he killed that city lord's entire family.

So, although Fang Kuan had come in at this time and Feng Neng was unhappy, he didn't say anything.

Fang Kuan didn't even look at the dead man on the ground. Instead he said worriedly, "Big Brother, Young Master La Ping was killed in Chan City. We Chang died from losing too much blood after his ligaments were cut off. Only Wu Bai came back, but his powers have been destroyed."

"What?" Feng Neng heard this and his face changed drastically. He got up immediately, as veins popped out on his forehead.

He only had one son and he really was his jewel. Even though La Ping had secretly saved his concubine, he could pretend nothing happened. However now, his son had been killed and his powerful underlings, the Wu Brothers, had also been destroyed.

"Who did this!!?? Who!!?? Arghhhh!!!" Feng Neng was about to go crazy. He smashed the table in front of him into pieces. The two maids next to him shivered and hid on the side, fearing that their terrible master would kill them.

"Leader, Wu Bai was useless. Please punish me!" Wu Bai had just walked inside and seen the furious leader. He knelt down immediately.

The bodies of Feng Laping and Wu Chang were carried inside by four men behind him.

Feng Neng's face turned pale grey. He walked to his son's body and saw a terrified face.

Feng Neng clenched his fists. He was thinking about how to torture his enemy then.

No one in the room dared to breathe loudly or talk. Feng Neng could kill anyone when he raged.

After a long while, Feng Neng calmed down slowly and sat back on the seat. He then said coldly, "Wu Bai, tell me what happened."

"Yes, Leader!" Wu Bai took a deep breath. He realized that the young master had died under his care, so no matter what, the consequences wouldn't be good. Yet, he still needed to report what had happened.

"After we got to Chan city, we contacted the elders who had joined us-"

Wu Bai was interrupted by Feng Neng. He looked coldly at Wu Bai, "Get to the point, save the useless b*llshit."

"Yes." Wu Bai felt defeated. Even though he was at great heaven, he was at most a dog to Feng Neng. Now that he had lost all of his powers, he was probably worse than a dog. Before this, Feng Neng had always been very polite to him and his brother.

Also, Wu Bai was feeling dejected, because Feng Neng hadn't told him to stand up, but he didn't want to keep kneeling. He got up and said in a calm tone, "It was an elder from the Magical Merchant Association who killed the Young Master. His name is Chu Yizhu, a half step great heaven martial artist-"

Feng Neng cursed coldly, "Chu Yizhu, a mere half step great heaven man, dared to kill the Young Master of the Sea Merchant Clan! How dare he! I won't stop until I slice off his flesh and feed it to the dogs.

Wu Bai sneered to himself but said calmly, "At the time, Chu Yizhu kicked the Young Master. He didn't have any killing intent, but the young master died. I suspect that the real killer is not Chu Yizhu, but Ye Mo."

"Ye Mo. Who's Ye Mo?" Feng Neng couldn't react yet.

Wu Bai said calmly, "Ye Mo is the person who is helping the Magical Merchant Association. He killed my brother as soon as he came in and then Young Master knelt down for mercy. Chu Yizhu was a spy of ours, but when he saw Ye Mo enter, he kicked the Young Master to suck up to Ye Mo."

"Ye Mo! No matter who he is, I will let him have a taste of a pleasurable death!" Feng Neng couldn't control his rage.

"That Ye Mo told me to tell you to have some sense, Leader, because he might accidentally pass by here," Wu Bai added.

"Hahaha! Have some sense!" Feng Neng laughed.

Fang Kuan looked strangely at Wu Bai. He knew Wu Bai wasn't the talkative type, but he seemed to be talking too much today.

Ye Mo? Fang Kuan suddenly thought of someone. A few days ago, a man had killed countless masters at the Magical Continent Mountain - great heaven martial artists were like little chickens to him. Then, he had continued and annihilated many hidden sects, including Taiyi.

What made people fear him the most was that he had annihilated more than ten sects in one day. These sects were very far apart from each other. It would take days by cart, but Ye Mo had done it all in one day. No one knew how Ye Mo had gone to this many places in such a short time.

Everyone knew this, but no one dared to talk about it.

Thinking about this, Fang Kuan shivered. He was sure that the Ye Mo Wu Bai was talking about was this person. Who else could it be?

"Fang Kuan, prepare the things and come with me to Chan City. I really want to see who this cocky bastard is. That I should have some sense? He better have the balls not to leave Chan City. And about that Goddess Zi Hua, if I don't f*ck her to death, I don't deserve to be the leader of the Sea Merchant Clan." Feng Neng's face was hideous.

After having understood who Ye Mo was, Fang Kuan wasn't going to let Feng Neng kill himself. He quickly said, "Big Brother, that Ye Mo is probably the person who slaughtered the great heaven masters at the Magical Continent Mountain, and the one who annihilated Taiyi and many other sects so rapidly."

Feng Neng was like an angry chicken who suddenly got choked, as he stopped showing his anger unexpectedly.

Wu Bai looked at his reaction with satisfaction.
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