Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 764

Chapter 764: Maid Ji Mei

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
That blue-shirted man walked up to Ye Mo and saluted him with his fist. "Friend, you are talented. I'm Fu Wu, if you don't mind, let's go have a drink."

Just then, Ye Mo had moved his leg really quickly and smoothly. With the blue-shirted man's quick eyes, he could tell Ye Mo was no ordinary man. As for why Ye Mo had taken a step back, he believed that Ye Mo was a gentleman and didn't want to take advantage of a weak woman.

Ye Mo was planning to go have a look around Huang Ping Village, but Fu Wu reminded him of Liu Lei.

"Okay, I'm Ye Mo. Since Brother Fu has the time, let's go get a drink then." Ye Mo nodded casually.

When Ye Mo and Fu Wu walked out of the hotel, that woman who had gotten saved also followed them. Fu Wu turned around and looked at her strangely, "Girl, you can go wherever you want now. I've already given that guy money, I don't think he will dare do anything to you again."

Ji Mei's eyes turned red and she said weakly, "Ji Mei has no home to go to. Even if I leave Brother Fu, I will still end up getting caught and sold again. If you don't mind me, I'm willing to be your maid."

"This-" Fu Wu looked at her with a troubled face. His goal was to travel across the entire Magical Continent. However, when travelling while cultivating, it wasn't convenient to bring a woman.

Seeing Fu Wu's expression, Ye Mo approved him. No matter what, Ji Mei was an extremely beautiful woman, there was no way a man wouldn't be interested in her. He had Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and Mu Xiaoyun, so he didn't have any intentions with Ji Wei - but Fu Wu wasn't enticed at all either. From this, one could tell that Fu Wu was a strong-minded person.

"Brother Fu," Ji Mei saw Fu Wu's hesitation and immediately looked worried. She also stared at Ye Mo, as if hoping Ye Mo could help her say something or he could take her with him.

Ye Mo didn't say anything. Fu Wu would have to make his own decision on that matter for sure.

Fu Wu thought for a while and said, "How about this? Ji Mei, come and eat with us first and then we'll talk about other things."

"Yes, Brother Fu, Brother Ye." Ji Mei followed them obediently.

The three of them went into a nearby restaurant. Although Fu Wu had ordered a dishes that covered the whole table, no matter what Fu Wu said, Ji Mei just stood on the side feebly. She didn't dare to sit down, instead she was helping them pour wine.

Fu Wu sighed. He thought that Ji Mei had probably grown up serving people, that's why she behaved like this.

Due to Ji Mei, the two men didn't have the best time. About Fu Wu, Ye Mo found out that he had been travelling around everywhere. Fu Wu was a very upright and honest person. He didn't hide anything since it was the first time he saw Ye Mo. He said that the reason he could reach earth level tertiary stage before the age of 40 was completely due to discovering some valuable herbs among his journey.

Quite obviously, he didn't know about what Ye Mo has done at the inner hidden sects.

After the meal, Ye Mo was planning to leave but Fu Wu pulled his arm, "Brother Ye, you know I'm someone who travels around everywhere. I might have a meal this time, but not a meal the next time. Ji Mei would suffer a lot if she follows me. How about letting Ji Mei follow you? Although she didn't come from a good family, I can tell she's a good girl."

Then, Fu Wu turned around to Ji Mei and asked, "Ji Mei, would you be willing to follow Brother Ye Mo?"

Ye Mo smiled. He wanted to reject it but Ji Mei replied before him, "Brother Fu, you saved my life. I will follow whoever you tell me to follow."

Then, Ji Mei walked up to Ye Mo and bowed, "Brother Ye, you will be Ji Mei's master from now on. Ji Mei will do anything you ask."

Fu Wu laughed at this. He was very happy with the outcome.

Ye Mo felt something was wrong. Ji Mei had agreed to follow him too quickly.

But before Ye Mo could say anything, Fu Wu said, "Brother Ye, Ji Mei looks like a very gentle and placid girl, don't reject her anymore. Ji Mei is right. In our current society, it will be very hard for her to survive without someone looking after her. She would eventually become someone's toy."

"Brother Ye, I will be very obedient. Please, don't leave me behind." Ji Mei's tone was melancholic.

Ye Mo sighed. He knew Fu Wu was right.

However, it was indeed not convenient to take her with him. Ye Mo subconsciously looked at Ji Mei and scanned her with his spirit sense.

Suddenly, Ye Mo noticed something was wrong. When he had first seen her, her face and hair were covered with dust. But when he scanned her with his spirit sense, he noticed that the dust was only on the surface. Her hair was very clean on the inside. There wasn't even a speck of dandruff, much less dust.

Considering how she had happened to fall on him at the hotel, Ye Mo was suspicious. Ye Mo didn't restrain himself anymore and scanned his spirit sense inside her body.

Her skin was snow-white and clean. Ye Mo was suddenly shook and immediately took back his spirit sense. He was astonished.

Ji Mei was a cultivator and someone much more powerful than him. She was at least at chi gathering peak. He didn't know if Ji Mei had noticed his spirit sense, but he was sure that she was scheming something. Ye Mo could also tell that she was injured and had lost all her power. That was probably why she couldn't let out her spirit sense, but Ye Mo didn't dare to scan her anymore. That woman was scary.

Ye Mo realized that if he hadn't been cultivating the Three Birth Chant and his spirit sense didn't exceeded chi gathering peak's, he might have not been able to notice all this.

"Brother Ye, what do you think?" Fu Wu asked.

Hearing this, Ye Mo wondered if Fu Wu was also a part of her plan. However, Ye Mo quickly denied that thought. Fu Wu seemed very genuine and probably he had just happened to get caught up to this.

Ye Mo wasn't scared of her. Even if she recovered her power and was at chi gathering peak, he could still subjugate her. What worried Ye Mo was who had taught her all this.

Ye Mo had to find out was who this master was and why he had used a woman without any power left to get close to him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo laughed, "Since Brother Fu doesn't want such a pretty woman, then I won't hold back. Ji Mei, you can follow me from now on."

"Yes, thank you, Master. Thank you, Brother Fu." Ji Mei's eyes were full of joy.

Ye Mo noticed that as soon as Ji Mei looked down, there was contempt and jeer in her eyes too.

After bidding Fu Wu farewell, Ye Mo rented a cart with Ji Mei. Ye Mo decided to go to Gan Tong City first.

Ji Mei had explained that she was the young miss of a big family, but her family had gotten killed by enemies. Hence, she fled, but she had gotten caught by that man. She didn't want to stay with him, so she ran away.

Ye Mo didn't believe a word she said.
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