Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 765

Chapter 765: Fearsome Master

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
As though knowing that Ye Mo didn't like to talk much, Ji mei didn't say much either and just served Ye Mo obediently. What made her feel strange was that someone as lustful as Ye Mo didn't ask her to sleep with him.

Shi Lin Town was a small town near Gan Tong City. Ye Mo arrived there after riding a cart for a week. It was just noon now.

What made Ji Mei feel strange again was that Ye Mo for the first time wasn't in a rush to continue travelling, and instead he stopped at the town and asked for two rooms at a hotel.

No matter what Ye Mo did, Ji Mei wouldn't ask questions. It was as though she really was a maid.

"Ji Mei, I need to cultivate 'till night, so don't disturb me and don't let anyone disturb me," Ye Mo closed the door and said. He noticed that wherever he stopped, there always seemed to be someone watching their cart. Ye Mo could tell that it wasn't Ji Mei wanting to look for trouble with him, but the person behind her.

Ji Mei's powers were all lost, so perhaps she was being controlled by the people behind her. Someone who could abolish the power of a peak stage chi gathering cultivator must be at least at the foundation establishment state.

"Yes, maste," Ji Mei agreed.

Ye Mo nodded and went into the room closing the door. He was sure that Ji Mei had lost her powers and couldn't use any spirit sense but just in case, he still set up a spirit sense blocking formation.

Ye Mo watched Ji Mei with his spirit sense and noticed her just dazing in her room, so he didn't bother with her any longer. He took a great chi increasing pill and started digesting the pill. He knew she was at least a chi gathering peak cultivator, so he was all the more urgently trying to increase his cultivation.

When Ye Mo opened his eyes again, he noticed it was dark. He scanned his spirit sense into the room next door and found Ji Mei cooking something. Ye Mo looked at the herbs and noticed that what she was cooking could make people lose their inner qi for some time when inhaled.

Was she planning to use that against him? Ye Mo sneered. That would only make his chi a little weaker even if he ate it.

At midnight when Ye Mo digested the second great chi increasing pill, two people appeared in her room.

He had never seen the two before, but Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and knew that one was at the great heaven tertiary stage and another at the great heaven primary stage.

Ye Mo noticed that the things Ji Mei had been cooked had been made into incense, and it was burning.

Ye Mo stood up in shock. He didn't expect that Ji Mei would have made that to deal with the two great heaven fellows. Ye Mo also noticed a big blue condor by the room - did those two ride that here?

Ye Mo took away the formation and neared the wall. He wanted to hear what the relationship between these three was.

"Ji Mei, what incense is this?" as Feng Neng smelled it, he asked.

Ji Mei blushed and bowed to the two saying quietly, "It's an aphrodisiac incense. I bought it in the town. This Ye Mo only walks by my room each time, and he has never shown any intent on staying with me at all, so I bought this, but he still hasn't come. I, I-"

Ji Mei suddenly thought of something and said desperately, "Brother Feng, Brother Fang, I'll quickly get rid of it."

"I see, you still haven't done it, but how could Ye Mo resist it?" Feng Neng looked at Ji Mei's rudy face as he voiced his surprise.

He suddenly stopped Ji mei from talking, "Ji Mei since you lit it up, there's no need to put it off. Brother Fang, how about you go out for a bit, I need to talk to Ji Mei."

Fang Kuan's face changed, he knew what Feng Neng meant. He sighed. He felt that this leader of his couldn't control himself sometimes and wasn't someone who could achieve big things. Since he gave Ji Mei to Ye Mo, don't take her body all of a sudden.

But Fang Kuan knew it wasn't good to stop Feng Neng now. He turned to leave but suddenly, Ji Mei called out, "Brother Fang!"

Fang Kuan turned around and looked at her in confusion, "What is it?"

Ji Mei bit her lips as though there was something she couldn't say. It was as though she liked Fang Kuan and not Feng Neng.

The scene fell silent. After a long while, Feng Neng's face looked unhappy, "Ji Mei, what do you have to say?"

Suddenly, Fang Kuan's face changed, and he said desperately "Wait, this isn't aphrodisiac incense!"

Why was Ji Mei tricking them? Fang Kuan wanted to disintegrate it immediately, but when he palmed towards it, he found that he already couldn't use any inner qi.

Fang Kuan's face changed immediately. This was an incense that made people lose their inner qi! Just when Fang Kuan was about to flee the room, a dagger flew from Ji Mei's hand into his chest.

Feng Neng immediately knew what was going on too, and his face went pale.

"Ji Mei, you wanted to use this incense against Ye Mo, right? You're really smart, this is much better than some poison. Now give me the antidote quickly." Feng Neng's face was pale, but he knew that since Ji Mei had killed Fang Kuan, he wouldn't be able to survive either.

Ji Mei smiled suddenly, "Oh no, I lit up the wrong incense, but I don't have the antidote! Brother Feng, what do you think I should do?"

Then, Ji Mei walked up to Fang Kuan and pulled out the dagger before slowly walking to Feng Neng.

"Ji Mei, what are you doing? I brought you back from Xin Jia Mountain, and I truly loved you!" Feng Neng uttered.

Ye Mo heard this and thought, 'Xin Jia Mountain?'

Ji Mei cursed, "You really love me? You shameless old geezer, you kept trying to take advantage of me and wanted me to give up my body for the survival of your Sea Merchant Clan! You brought me back from Xin Jia Mountain? Feng Neng, I'll be honest with you, that thing from Xin Jia Mountain belonged to me, yet you took it and wanted to rape me. Finally I get to kill you today!"

"Ji Mei, you were injured, didn't I really save you?" Feng Neng's tone was shaky.

Ji Mei sneered, "I was injured? Feng Neng, you almost made me die! If I don't repay you, I don't deserve to be a human. I was going to use that thing to reach the golden core state, but you made me almost die!"

Ye Mo's heart sunk - golden core? Was this woman a peak foundation establishment state master? If she really was, then he had to kill her before she recovered her power.

But before he could do anything, Ji Mei took out a box from Feng Neng's pocket and rapidly tipped it over into her mouth.

Purple Snow Seed? Ye Mo's heart went cold. He knew he had missed his chance. Purple Snow Seed was a top grade healing spirit herb. It had a very rapid effect. It would be too late to go kill her now that she had eaten it.

Ye Mo reigned his spirit sense back in and knew that if he kept watching her with his spirit sense, she might notice it.

But Ye Mo felt something was wrong. Although he was stage seven, his spirit sense was very strong, and he was cultivating the Three Birth Chant. He shouldn't have seen wrong. How could Ji Mei go from chi gathering peak to foundation establishment state peak? This was too strange.
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