Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 766

Chapter 766: Luo Yins Old Home

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Moreover, the Purple Snow Seed wasn't something necessary for reaching golden core state. The Purple Snow Seed was a top-grade healing herb. It was better than the Thousand Year Snow Lotus seed and it could be eaten straight away. It could also be made into a purple snow pill.

The purple snow pill was a pill that increased the chances of reaching foundation establishment state, but its potency was far weaker than the foundation establishment pill. However, it was as hard to make as the foundation establishment pill, so rarely anyone used it to reach foundation establishment state.

Ji Mei had said that Feng Neng had stopped her from reaching golden core stage. Yet, Feng Neng had taken the Purple Snow Seed, so something wasn't right.

No matter what, Ye Mo knew that it was the Sea Merchant Clan looking for trouble with him. Feng Neng had happened to be able to control Ji Mei, but now that Ji Mei had recovered her power, the first person she would kill would be Feng Neng. He didn't need to do anything anymore.

He didn't dare scan his spirit sense in the room next door either. No matter how overpowered his Three Birth Chant was, it was nothing against a foundation establishment state peak martial artist.

Ye Mo poured himself a cup of tea and sat down. He realized that if Ji Mei really was at foundation establishment state peak, then he would get caught. Ji Mei would kill him for sure. In that case, he might as well sit down. Furthermore, there was no conflict between them.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo hid all his cultivation essence. If someone searched him with their spirit sense, they would find that he was an ordinary great heaven tertiary stage martial artist.

Indeed, Ye Mo didn't have to sit for long until he noticed a spirit sense scanning in there. It was clearing looking at his situation.

Ye Mo was suspicious. That spirit sense was at most at chi gathering peak. Had she said that she was at almost golden core to make him feel scared?

The next moment, someone knocked on Ye Mo's room.

Ye Mo sighed. What had to come, had to come. He got up and opened the door, letting Ji Mei walk in. He could tell she had recovered her powers.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Ji Mei smiled, "Thank you for these past few days, Master. I shouldn't have come to disturb you this late, but I'm leaving. I won't be able to serve Master in the future, so I came to tell you."

Ye Mo breathed at ease. It seemed that she didn't intend to kill him.

After a while, since Ye Mo wasn't telling her to wait until daylight to leave and Ye Mo didn't comment anything about her sudden strange behaviour, Ji Mei suddenly asked, "Master, what do you think of my looks?"

Ye Mo was dazed. He didn't know why Ji Mei was asking this but he still said, "You're very pretty."

"Oh." Ji Mei smiled and said enticingly, "But I heard you're very lustful. Since you think I'm pretty, why didn't you let me stay with you for the night?"

Ye Mo sneered. He knew that Ji Mei wanted a reason to kill him, so he said, "No wonder Brother Fu didn't want you to follow him. It's only been a few days and you already showed your true self. I think it was probably an act that day you were beaten. But even if I'm lustful, I'm not interested in a bitch like you."

Ye Mo couldn't help to think of Mu Xiaoyun - her feelings were true love. Ji Mei wouldn't be able to pretend that no matter what.

After hearing this, Ji Mei was dazed. She immediately looked angry but soon, it disappeared.

Ji Mei sighed, "I heard you killed countless masters for your girl and that you were very lustful, but now it seems rumours really can't be trusted. Indeed, I was coerced a few days ago, but I actually was getting beaten. You and Fu Wu are both nice people. You're at great heaven tertiary stage, yet you could kill that many great heaven peak masters. You're really talented in ancient martial arts."

Ji Mei suddenly shot out a fireball and said plainly, "Although you're not bad, if I wanted to kill you, I could with just simply raising my hand. But seeing that you're an honest person, I'll let you go."

Then, Ji Mei threw her fireball to the tea table in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo saw the fireball and immediately realized that he had overestimated this woman. The fireball was far weaker than his. That woman was only at chi gathering peak, not at foundation establishment state peak.

Ye Mo looked at the fireball and sneered, "I have never needed people to have mercy on me. I control my own life."

A chi gathering peak woman, that was no threat to Ye Mo at all. If that woman dared to attack, he wouldn't mind killing her.

Ji Mei suddenly burst into laughter, "They say all men with some capabilities are prideful. It seems to be really so. But I said I'll have mercy on you, so I will. One word of advice, it's better to be humble. Otherwise, you might not even know how you die. You're lucky that I'm in a good mood today."

Then, Ji Mei blinked out of the room and disappeared.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew that Ji Mei didn't have a systematic knowledge. Although she was at chi gathering peak, there were a lot of things she didn't understand.

He thought of the cultivator he met in the South Pole. He had said that he also came from Xin Jia Mountain, and that woman also came from there. Were they together? Wait. That man had said that he had found the cultivation ruin with his martial brother, not a woman.

Ye Mo didn't keep thinking about this. It had nothing to do with him and he didn't need to stay in that town. He got on the flying sword and dashed out of the window into the night sky.

Ji Mei had gone to the roof, but she suddenly seemed to have thought of something. She went back to Ye Mo's room and as soon as she did, she was dazed. Ye Mo had just been here a moment ago. How had he disappeared already?

Ji Mei sneered, "You're trying to run away? Since I want to find you, you will come back obediently. I was planning to let it go like this, but since you're trying to run away, you can serve me for a few days."

While saying this, she scanned her spirit sense out. Her spirit sense could reach 8 to 9 km.

But soon, her face changed drastically. There was no sign of Ye Mo in her spirit sense range. It had only been half a minute since she had left Ye Mo's room, how could he be more than 9 km away in such a short time?

She decided to go to Gan Tong City, Ji Mei didn't want to return to Xin Jia Mountain immediately. She knew Ye Mo was going to Gan Tong City and she had to understand this.

Ye Mo didn't go to Gan Tong City. He went to Shi Feng Village under Gan Tong City's reign. Luo Yin had been called Shi Jingqin before she had gone to the hidden sects.

Luo Yin was in a jade coffin now, Yun Ziyi had supplied him with jade. He had made a jade confin and put it in his golden script world.

Ye Mo still didn't know what sort of world it was, but he knew that it didn't follow world laws. Hence, nothing could deteriorate inside.

Shi Feng Village was much larger than Huang Ping Village. There were about 100 families there. Most of the houses were quite tattered.

Ye Mo looked at the serene scene and took a deep breath before walking into the village.
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