Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 768

Chapter 768: Kill

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo smiled at this man and then flicked the sword in his hand, "I didn't think I would be seeing the second true great heaven master. This must mean that Kun Qian and Ci Hang Jing Mosque also have great heaven masters."

This man was very contemptuous of Ye Mo before, but when he heard this, his hands shook, and he looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. After a long while, he asked, "You're this young, yet you know the secret about great heaven?"

This was a secret kept from most of the ancient martial artists. He himself had only found out about it after he broke through the peak of the heaven stage. This Ye Mo had mentioned it so casually, was he also a real great heaven master?

Ye Mo ignored the question and asked, "Do you know Li Cheng?"

"Li Cheng? I have some impression of him." The man thought for a moment and said. But he soon remembered his purpose of finding Ye Mo, "Even if you know the secret of great heaven, you won't escape death today!"

Then, his longsword turned into a flurry of sword shadows as it struck towards Ye Mo. Ye Mo knew this was the man not considering him as an opponent, so without thinking, Ye Mo raised his fist and hit the sword shadows.

Thud- The man and Ye Mo took a step back each. Ye Mo was sure that the man was stronger than Li Cheng, but he wasn't as strong as him.

"You were able to find my sword within the sword flurry and hit it precisely? Very well, you're worthy of witnessing 80% of my full power."

The man struck with his sword again, but this time it wasn't just sword shadows he displayed. His longsword produced an inch-long sword ray. Ye Mo nodded, this guy's inner qi was really strong. He could form such a long sword ray out of nothing.

But Ye Mo wouldn't let his opponent act cocky without rebuttal, and he laughed contemptuously, "Old fart, keep bluffing like that and I won't even need to fight you. You will just blow yourself into the air if you keep elevating yourself like that."

The sword ray left the sword and pierced at Ye Mo.

But then immediately, more sword rays formed, and they all shot at Ye Mo, each of them with the same frigid killing intent.

Ye Mo knew that if he let this man keep shooting his sword rays, he would eventually be surrounded by them. One wrong step then, and he would be shot.

This guy was really strong, and this sword technique was also very powerful.

If he could get it and comprehend it through the Three Birth Chant, he could change it and then improve his fighting power. Ye Mo knew that his cultivation essence and spirit sense were strong, but his relative battle power wasn't strong. His fighting method was simplistic and could only allow him to reign dominant in this realm.

There was a great disadvantage about his flying sword. It was very easy to kill opponents weaker than him with it, but for people on his level or higher, the flying sword could easily be controlled by them.

Thinking about this man's sword technique, Ye Mo's heart burned with fire.

He had to get it, which meant he had to kill this man. Ye Mo was sure that this fellow hadn't created it himself. He probably got it from some cultivation cave.

More sword rays shot at Ye Mo as he was thinking.

Ye Mo sneered, and his flying sword became the size of a door under the stimulation of his cultivation essence. This door-sized sword formed a cultivation essence whirlpool as it dragged in all the sword rays.

A terribly unpleasant sound of explosions and metal clashing ensued as the remnant cultivation essence and sword rays splashed to the sides, shattering nearby rocks and leaves.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He knew he could do this only because the man wasn't proficient in this sword technique. If he could control it freely like Ye Mo could his flying sword, then this method of counterattack wouldn't work.

The man didn't expect Ye Mo to be able to break his ultimate move and was visibly shook.

The man's battle experience clearly wasn't much to speak of. His sword rays had been annihilated, sure, but he wasn't on the lower hand at all yet, but he didn't make the next attack and instead chose to retreat and protect himself.

Ye Mo, however, was very experienced in battle and saw through the man's lack of experience. He wasn't going to let this opportunity go. He didn't take back his flying sword, and instead let it fly towards the man while he punched out at the same time.

But the man was still very strong and reacted rapidly. He understood he had lost the opportunity to stay ahead of his opponent, so he immediately put up an inner qi wall.

This wasn't the first time Ye Mo encountered such an inner qi wall, and he wasn't going to let it stop his flying sword.

Just when Ye Mo's flying sword was about to fly into the inner qi wall, it suddenly changed directions and shot into the air. Just when the man felt curious about how the sword could have changed direction in mid-air, Ye Mo's punch was already approaching him. He couldn't mind the flying sword anymore and also punched from inside the inner qi wall, while his other hand prepared another sword technique move.

Ye Mo's punch broke the man's inner qi wall and clashed with his opponent's fist head-on.

Before the man could feel happy about Ye Mo fighting him head on, he felt a sudden freezing killing intent. He immediately thought of the flying sword that had flown into the air.

His heart went cold, and he had a bad feeling. He subconsciously moved to the side while blocking his back with his sword.

Clank- The man felt his sword break as his shoulders felt pain right after. Ye Mo's flying sword then pierced his shoulders.

Not good, his long sword was broken. Ye Mo seemed to be controlling his sword telepathically! Thinking this was too absurd, the man finally started to feel fear towards Ye Mo.

He now knew he definitely was no match for Ye Mo.

As soon as his sword broke, the man shook his wrist.

His longsword turned into countless shards, which all flew towards Ye Mo. When he saw this move succeed, he knew his life was saved. All he needed to do next was to go onto the Blue Condor.

Without checking the result of his attack, he dashed onto the Blue Condor, and the next moment, he flew into the air.

"Ye Mo, I'll leave this enmity here for now, but if I don't pulverize your bones and annihilate your family in the future, I swear I'm not human!" the man cursed in the air.

Meanwhile Ye Mo's flying sword had formed a cultivation essence whirlpool again and stopped all the shards.

The next moment, Ye Mo flew into the air with his flying sword. Run away from his flying sword on a bird? Keep dreaming!

The man never expected that Ye Mo would be able to chase up in the air, so he just sat on the bird patching himself up.

But when an approaching killing intent etched itself into his heart again, he shivered and subconsciously looked up. He horrifyingly saw Ye Mo standing in front of him as a white ray fell on top of his head.

"No!" he howled, before two parts of a body then fell down in a rain of blood.

Meanwhile, the Blue Condor screeched and flew off.
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