Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Three Birth Sword Ray

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo didn't mind the Blue Condor and landed next to the man. Soon, he found a broken booklet in one of his pockets.

It was broken, but for some reason, the remaining parts were very sturdy. Ye Mo tried ripping it and couldn't.

Ye Mo opened the booklet immediately and found it to be a sword technique indeed. However, it had no name and only the first half was left.

Ye Mo flipped through it casually and found it to be a very powerful sword technique. Although only half of the sword technique remained, that was no problem for him. He cultivated the Three Birth Chant, so as long as he had the former part, he could form the latter parts himself, and it might even become stronger than the original.

The sword technique only had three levels. The first level was forming a sword ray, the length of which was based on a person's characteristics and power. There were many types of sword rays; they could be formed from inner qi, killing chi, and sword chi. The sword ray leaving the sword to attack was only the first level of the sword technique.

Ye Mo found that when you cultivated the latter stages, the sword ray could be boundless in size or extremely small to go through any hole. It wouldn't even need a sword to shoot it out from anymore.

Ye Mo sighed. If this man had reached stage two, then he might have been in danger.

Ye Mo closed the small booklet and didn't keep looking in case it affected him in creating his own version. He believed he could create a better one through the Three Birth Chant.

This sword technique had no name, so Ye Mo decided to call it the Three Birth Sword Ray after thinking for a bit.

Ye Mo dumped the sword technique into his storage ring and then burned the man to a crisp before heading back to Shi Feng Village.

Ji Mei had kept running. Luckily, she had eaten the Purple Snow Seed and the potency was still there. So even though she was injured, she was recovering rapidly.

She knew she had to leave as far as possible. If that man killed Ye Mo, it would soon be her turn. She rejoiced at her luck that Ye Mo came up like an idiot. Luckily she didn't kill him at the town or she would be the dead one now.

Suddenly, Ji Mei was shook and stopped. Even if Ye Mo was going to Gan Tong City, how could he suddenly appear in Shi Feng Village? Even if he left at daybreak and rode the fastest horse, he couldn't arrive that fast.

Ji Mei shook her head. She didn't want to investigate him anymore anyways. He would be dead for sure after today.

Just when she wanted to keep running, the Blue Condor's call made her shiver. She cursed - that guy had already killed Ye Mo and caught up with her.

Ji Mei subconsciously looked up and saw that there was no one on the Blue Condor. She rejoiced immediately and whistled.

Blue Condor had been forcibly controlled by the man, while she actually knew how to communicate with it.

The Blue Condor cried again as it flew around Ji Mei's head and landed next to her.

She immediately got on the Blue Condo and left rapidly.

When she was sure she was safe, she thought, 'The Blue Condor couldn't have come for no reason. Since it's here, where is that terrifyingly strong man? He should be on the Blue Condor.' There was no way he would let it escape.

Suddenly, she had this thought that even she didn't believe. Did Ye Mo kill that Taiyi master? How could that be? No matter how great his fighting prowess was, he was only great heaven. At that age, it was already absurd that he was great heaven, how could he have killed that Taiyi master?

But there was no other plausible explanation except for this.

She wanted to make the Blue Condor to fly back and check, but she then remembered that her life was more important, so she eventually flew towards Xin Jia Mountain.

When Ye Mo came back to Luo Yin's home, he found that Shi Tie wasn't there. He scanned his spirit sense around and found that he was with that Sister Li, and they seemed to be talking about something at the exit of the village.

Ye Mo shook his head. He didn't really need to call him back anyway. Luo Yin didn't tell him to look after Shi Tie.

Ye Mo took out her jade coffin and put it at her door and said, "You told me to bring you back to your home. I've gotten half your revenge, but there's still Jie Xun. If I see her, I will kill her too."

After he said that, he noticed that Luo Yin's face seemed a little more natural in the coffin. Did he see wrong? Ye Mo wanted to look more carefully, but he then saw Shi Tie coming back.

He put the jade coffin back into his gold page world.

"Did you really know my sister?" Shi Tie walked up to Ye Mo and asked calmly.

Ye Mo nodded but didn't take Luo Yin's coffin out.

Ye Mo said, "I never heard Shi Jingqin mention you, so-"

However, Shi Tie's eyes went red instead, and he said, "But it seems like you really know my sister. Then why didn't she come back, is she okay?"

Ye Mo muttered, "She's in a very good place now, so you don't need to worry about her. I would like to know though, why did your sister not mention you?"

Shi Tie took Ye Mo into a room before saying, "When I was 2, my dad passed away. Mother took care of me and my sister. Life was very hard and when I was three, we didn't have enough food due to a mass starvation. My mom took me and left Shi Feng Village while leaving my sister behind. She was only 14 at the time.

Before mother died, she said she owed sister the most. When she left sister behind, she knew that sister wouldn't be able to survive. Each time my mother mentioned it, she cried. I later realized that mother had chosen me between me and my sister. I felt sorry for sister, so a few years after mother passed away, I came back to this village to see if my sister was still here."

Ye Mo couldn't help but sigh at Luo Yin's tragic childhood.

Shi Tie said, "After I came back here, I found out that on the fourth day after we left, a good-hearted nun had come by here. She brought a lot of money and food and saved the people in the village. She lived at my house and took care of my sister. She stayed here for four years and in those four years, my sister was very healthy. Then, she took my sister and left the village and disappeared. Two years ago, I came back to this village and have been waiting for my sister here. I trust she'll come back one day."

"Then why did everyone avoid me after I asked about your sister?" Ye Mo asked.

Shi Tie clenched his fists and said, "A year ago, someone came to this village and asked about my sister. Someone said my sister never came back, and he immediately killed that person calling him a liar. I understand that he was looking for trouble with my sister, but I happened to be out picking herbs, so I avoided that disaster. For some reason, he left the village suddenly."

Ye Mo was almost certain that Jie Xun must have sent that person to look for Luo Yin.

"What do you plan on doing?" Ye Mo knew Luo Yin wasn't coming back, so it was pointless for Shi Tie to keep staying here.

Shi Tie bit his lips and said, "I will stay here to wait for my sister. I'm going to train in ancient martial arts and help her. I know someone is trying to harm her, so I must help her."
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