Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 770

Chapter 770: First Disciple

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo could only say helplessly, "Your sister is in solitary cultivation, the sect doesn't allow her to come out easily. Sometimes, people have to stay inside for a few decades, so stop waiting for your sister. And, if you really want to help your sister, do you think you can achieve reaching an astounding martial arts' level in this village?"

"I'm Ye Mo, your sister's friend. If you want to learn martial arts, I can teach you." Ye Mo thought that he had a whole stack of ancient martial arts cultivation methods - he could easily give him a few.

Shi Tie heard this and was dazed. However, he reacted quickly and knelt down on the ground, "Master, I'm willing to learn. I want to learn. I know martial arts are very hard to learn, but I'm not afraid to work hard."

Ye Mo shook his head and said, "Get up first and put your hand on this machine."

Ye Mo took out the testing device that Yun Ziyi gave him.

"A wind spirit root?" Ye Mo saw the talent that showed up and jumped in shock. He hadn't expected Shi Tie's spirit root to be so absurdly special.

It was such a pity to learn ancient martial arts with such spirit root. Ye Mo fell silent. Should he teach him truth cultivation?

Shi Tie looked anxiously at Ye Mo, wondering if he would be taken in as a disciple.

After a long pause, Ye Mo sighed and looked at Shi Tie, "I have two types of cultivation methods. One is the ancient martial arts cultivation method. If you want it, you can have the most powerful heaven level cultivation method, you could even become the strongest master in the magical continent. There's another type which is the cultivation method I'm learning now. It's not ancient martial arts. Which one do you want to learn?"

If Shi Tie chose to study ancient martial arts, he wouldn't take him in as a disciple and would give him some resources at most. But if Shi Tie chose truth cultivation, then he would take Shi Tie in as his disciple.

Shi Tie knelt down without hesitation and said, "Master, I want to learn what you cultivate."

Ye Mo approved Shi Tie's cleverness. Of course, what he cultivated would be the best. If it wasn't good, why would he cultivate it? However, Shi Tie was thinking that since he was Master's disciple, of course he should learn what the master was cultivating.

"Okay, get up first. What I'm cultivating is something absurdly powerful. It's much stronger than ancient martial arts, but it's also very dangerous. When you're not strong enough, if someone finds out that you're cultivating another cultivation method, you might get killed. So the first rule is that you need to keep it a secret, can you do it?"

"Yes." Shi Tie nodded.

Ye Mo said, "Okay, I'll teach you the Primordial Fortune Chant. Remember it."

Ye Mo gave Shi Tie the cultivation method up to foundation establishment state, and then explained things to him carefully before giving him another black level cultivation method. He explained to him that he needed to use that as a disguise.

Afterwards, Ye Mo wrote a letter for Shi Tie and told him to cultivate in the village. If he was lacking on cultivation resources, he could use that letter to go to the Magical Merchant Association and find Yun Ziyi with it.

Ye Mo wasn't planning on going to Gan Tong City. However, the thought that Mo Youshen was still there made Ye Mo want to go teach him a lesson.

He had no brotherly feelings about Mo Youshen. If he hadn't tried to scheme against Mu Xiaoyun and him, he might have even helped him occasionally. Yet now, he might even kill him.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out at Gan Tong City and immediately found Mo Youshen. However, he was looking around anxiously. Ye Mo sneered and decided to go there immediately.

But he looked back and saw a fortune telling stall with the words, 'Know your past and future! I predict fortune and disaster'. The name of the stall was 'Ze Tian'.

The owner was an old Daoist monk that looked like an immortal being.

Ye Mo was just about to leave when he remembered Li Cheng talk about a Master Tian Ze. Ze Tian was Tian Ze backwards. Was he really that powerful Daoist monk?

Knowing that this Daoist monk might be master Tian Ze, Ye Mo quickly snuck into the stall. He wanted to ask two things: where had Mu Xiaoyun gone to and how to to get out.

The Daoist monk had just finished up with someone else, so he saw Ye Mo. Ye Mo clearly saw his pupils dilate when the Daoist monk's eyes encountered him. He narrowed his eyes and said, "The girl from the Mu family finally found you but- Sigh-"

Hearing this, Ye Mo was shook. He hadn't even said anything and that old Daoist monk already knew who he was to Mu Xiaoyun. Was there really such person in the world?

Ye Mo's heart was beating rapidly. Did the old monk also know about his transmigration too?

Before Ye Mo could ask anything, the old Daoist monk waved to Ye Mo and said, "You don't need to ask me anything. I can't answer the two things you want to ask me. I'll call it a day for now. You can all come next time if you want a fortune telling session."

There was no way Ye Mo was going to let him go. He quickly stopped the old Daoist monk and said, "Master Tian Ze, Li Cheng-Qianbei let me know of your powers so I could find you."

Li Cheng had never told him to find Tian Ze, but Ye Mo wasn't going to let this opportunity slip.

The old monk shook his head. "That little guy, always getting me into trouble! Okay, it's fortune that we met. I'll help you have a look."

Ye Mo breathed at ease. Li Cheng was more than 100 years old, yet that old Daoist monk called him 'little guy'

Tian Ze told Ye Mo to sit and took out a eight-sided trigram. He didn't ask what Ye Mo wanted to know. He just looked at Ye Mo's face and started calculating.

He calculated for a moment and stood up abruptly, as though he had seen a ghost. He looked dazily at Ye Mo for a long while before murmuring, "Other than a chaos world, there's also someone's fate I can't predict. That's impossible!"

Ye Mo looked confusedly at Tian Ze and asked, "Master Tian Ze, what is impossible?"

But Tian Ze didn't seem to hear him. Hr packed his things and walked into the crowd without even looking at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo quickly tried to stop him but he realized that the old Daoist monk had disappeared in an instant. Ye Mo immediately scanned his spirit sense but he was shook to find that he couldn't even find the old Daoist in his spirit sense range.

He frowned and sat down on the stone stool Master Tian Ze had used. What did he mean by a 'chaos world'?

Ye Mo thought for a long while. Was it due to him acquiring the golden script world? The world inside really did seem like a chaos world.
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