Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Take Her and Leave

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo reflectet about his golden page world and Master Tian Ze's identity. What if he knew that he had the golden page world, would that bring him any danger? Although Jie Xun knew about it too, she didn't know what it was. This Tian Ze on the other hand was very mysterious. He couldn't even find him with his spirit sense - this person was too dangerous to him.

He didn't know how long he had been sitting in contemplation, but when he woke up, he found it was midnight. Ye Mo shook his head. If it was a disaster, there was no avoiding it. What will come, will come.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out, and that Mo Youshen was gone as expected. It seemed that Mo Youshen had run off. Ye Mo didn't intentionally go hunt him down. Just when he wanted to leave, though, he noticed the stone stool he was sitting on. Master Tian Ze seemed to have forgotten to take it.

Ye Mo squatted and wanted to lift the stone stool up but found it to be very heavy. It was tens of times heavier than a metal block of the same size. This mere stone stool weighed more than a ton! What was it made out of?

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense inside it and found that it couldn't penetrate the stool at all. This was no stone stool, it was just a layer of stone on the outside. This was actually made from something even he didn't know.

Ye Mo was shocked. This was definitely a treasure. Ye Mo immediately threw it inside his spacial ring before anyone could notice. Although this master Tian Ze didn't want to help him find Mu Xiaoyun, this was some gain at least.

Now Ye Mo didn't want to find that Master Tian Ze even more. He feared that Daoist would come for him and left the city like a thief.

He immediately got on his flying sword as soon as he got out of the city and disappeared in a flash of swordlight.

Less than an hour later, Daoist Tian Ze rushed back only to see the empty ground. He stomped his foot in anger, "This little punk really isn't honest, he took my property just because I can't predict where he is."

When Ye Mo went past Shi Feng Village, he looked at Shi Tie with his spirit sense. He was cultivating at home indeed. Ye Mo nodded, feeling that this Shi Tie would accomplish something in life.

If Shi Tie could reach the foundation establishment state in the small world, he would be able to pretty much crush anything in his path.

Ye Mo didn't bother to go to Chan City and just went back to the hidden sects side of the world again. He went back to looking for herbs while looking for Mu Xiaoyun.

Xin Jia Mountain - it was the place Ye Mo had always wanted to come.

Although it didn't have as many spirit herbs as Wu Wen Mountain, it was no smaller than the Wu Wen Mountain Ranges. Ye Mo spent a week finding herbs and ores but still didn't find the cultivation ruin.

If Ji Mei didn't mention that she had also been cultivating at Xin Jia Mountain, perhaps Ye Mo would give up looking. But now, Ye Mo dug out a temporary cultivation cave in the mountain.

On the same day, when Ye Mo just got back from collecting herbs, he saw a certain scene.

Two men and one woman were doing something shameless next to his cave. One man was at the earth level primary stage and one was at the black level tertiary stage. The woman was at the yellow level tertiary stage. Looking at their clothes, it appeared like the woman was getting raped at first, but when he inspected the woman further, she didn't seem to be getting raped.

When Ye Mo walked to the door of his cave, the two men saw Ye Mo and immediately attacked Ye Mo. They didn't seem to want to listen to anything and just wanted to kill Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was already unhappy that this was happening outside his cave and now these two wanted to kill him? This made him truly pissed. He sent out two wind blades and then two fireballs at once.

Moments later, the two men disappeared.

The woman happened to open her eyes right then and saw Ye Mo staring at her. She screamed and fainted.

Ye Mo shook his head. She dared to come this deep into the Xin Jia Mountain when she was only yellow level. She looked like she was in her 20s, and even though she was only decent looking, she had very big assets.

Ye Mo wanted to say a clear mind chant for her and tell her to put on clothes when he suddenly heard the call of a condor. His spirit sense immediately noticed a Blue Condor.

The next moment, Ji Mei and her Blue Condor landed next to Ye Mo's cultivation cave.

"Martial Sister Xin Lei!" She looked at the woman on the ground.

"It's you?" Ji Mei looked at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo ignored this Ji Mei now that he knew that she wasn't foundation establishment state peak at all.

"This is where I live, take her away, I'm going to rest," Ye Mo said plainly.

"You!" Ji Mei really wanted to kill Ye Mo immediately, but she didn't dare to. If Ye Mo was able to be standing there, that meant that the Taiyi master had been killed for sure.

If he could kill that Taiyi sect master and come to Xin Jia Mountain within a few days, she was no match for him at all.

She didn't want to believe that Ye Mo could beat the master at first but now, he was standing right in front of her.

You're a master above great heaven, yet you do something this shameless." Ji Mei was angry, but she didn't dare to attack Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said coldly, "Take her away. This has nothing to do with me, and I'm not interested in her, nor am I interested in you. This is simply my place, so piss off already."

"Nothing to do with you? Not interested in her? I've just been away for 15 minutes and-" Ji Mei saw Ye Mo's unhappy face now and subconsciously shivered. She didn't dare to speak anymore. If Ye Mo suddenly attacked her, or if he suddenly became interested in her, then things would only get worse. If she wanted revenge, she would have to wait until she broke through.

Thinking like this, Ji Mei quickly carried her unconscious martial sister onto the condor and left.

Ye Mo went back to his home and cultivated the whole night. After another week, Ye Mo still didn't find anything. He was losing his patience. That cultivator at the South Pole might have lied to him.

After leaving Xin Jia Mountain, Ye Mo started searching for spirit herbs all over the small world. He threw them all in his golden page world.

Half a year passed quickly, and Ye Mo gathered countless spirit herbs and ores but still had no news of Mu Xiaoyun. He didn't find the Bitter Ten Years either.

Ye Mo didn't want to keep looking. He had left Luo Yue for 5 years and longed to return. Ye Mo also felt that his formation skills had reached a certain level that was sufficient for him to have a go at the formation at Magical Continent Mountain.

But before that, he still needed to go to Chan City and see how much resources Yun Ziyi had managed to gather for him.
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