Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 772

Chapter 772: Northern Big Dipper's Nine Stars

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The legendary figure of the hidden sects was Du Dutian. He had reached great heaven before the age of 45 and created the All Heavens Sect. No one had been able to beat this record but now, it had been broken by a young girl countless times younger than him.

Yun Ziyi had reached great heaven in her 20s, becoming the youngest great heaven master in the magical continents. With Yun Dongxia missing, Yun Ziyi had picked up the Magical Merchant Association and had devoured the Sea Merchant Clan half a year ago.

When Ye Mo came to CHan city, he asked casually and knew that it was the most powerful power in the Chan city other than a few first grade sects.

The first grade sects seemed to know thay Yun Ziyi's rise was related to Ye Mo and all took a step back. Hence in Chan City, the Magical Merchant Association reigned.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and found Yun Ziyi. She was at heaven level tertiary stage now. Ye Mo could tell that she hadn't sold the other great essence increasing pill he had given her. She had used it to cultivate herself.

Yun Ziyi was spinning a cup of tea in her hands. Three pills and she had gone from black level peak to great heaven tertiary stage. Moreover, she had become the youngest great heaven master of the Magical Continents.

Before, she wouldn't have even been able to believe it, but now it was reality. Only she knew that the actual youngest master wasn't her, but Ye Mo.

"Just how many secrets does he have?" Yun Ziyi sighed. She knew that Ye Mo wasn't interested in her.

In looks, she didn't lack anything compared to Mu Xiaoyun. However, why was Ye Mo's heart tied to Mu Xiaoyun and had no feelings for her at all?

Yun Ziyi sighed. She vaguely knew, but she just didn't want to admit it. She wanted to get closer to Ye Mo, and not because she had fallen in love with him. She had an ulterior motive. If Ye Mo hadn't been that powerful, would she have wanted to get close to him? There was no way.

"What secret?" a voice suddenly sounded at her doorstep. Yun Ziyi was shook. She looked up to see Ye Mo walking inside.

"Huh! It's you, Brother Ye!" Yun Ziyi's face immediately looked joyful.

Ye Mo could see through Yun Ziyi's attitude to him,,but he didn't care. It was just a business relationship.

"I asked you to buy some herbs and ores for me last time. How is it going?" Ye Mo asked straight away. He didn't want to stay for long.

Yun Ziyi quickly said, "It's all ready. Come with me, Brother Ye."

Yun Ziyi took Ye Mo to the herb storage of the Magical Merchant Association. When Ye Mo got there, he was quite satisfied. The herbs were preserved well.

There really were a lot of good stuff.

Ye Mo asked her to go away for a moment so that he could put it all in his ring. Although she felt it was strange how Ye Mo could put it all away, she knew Ye Mo was no ordinary person, so she didn't ask.

Yun Ziyi didn't ask Ye Mo for money. Ye Mo left behind two more great essence increasing pills and told her to take care of Shi Tie. He rejected her invitation and left Chan City.

He had done all he could in that small world. He hadn't killed Jie Xun yet, but the Magical Continent was so big. It was very hard to find her.

He had to go back now. His longing for Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue made him not want to stay there for a moment longer.

Ye Mo returned to the Magical Continent Mountain again.

There were nine peaks, so Ye Mo dug a cave in the middle peak. Then, he set up an invisibility formation outside his cave.

He was prepared for a long battle there with the formation.

The Seven Peak Formation was actually connected to the cosmos and it kept changing positions based on time.

The reason the hidden sects could only leave every 50 years was because just at that moment the formation got open. Ye Mo knew that if he wanted to go out, he needed to find a moment when the formation loosened.

He studied the formation on his own and lost track of time. After another year, he had gotten to stage eight middle stage of chi gathering. Yet he still couldn't do anything about the seven-star Formation.

Until one day, when he found a formation door on the other two sects, Ye Mo realized that it wasn't a seven-star formation but a nine-star formation. This meant that what he had been studying before was all for nothing.

Helplessly, he could only go to Chan City again and get Yun Ziyi to help him buy large amounts of formation books. Then, he went back and kept studying the nine-star formation.

The nine stars were seven overt and two subvert. If he wanted to pass through this formation, he needed to understand the formation doors of the two subvert stars.

Time flew by and Ye Mo studied the formation every single day.

After countless calculations, Ye Mo found two ways. One was to use large sums of top grade spirit stones and forcibly connect with the nine-star formation's doors.

However, not only did it require large amounts of spirit stones, it also needed him to be very powerful. Otherwise, the repulsive force of the formation would kill him and destroy the formation.

The second way was to make another formation and connect it to the nine-star formation's doors. He would use his cultivation essence to search in the formation and find that sliver of time when the formation loosened.

It was a stupid method and he would need to be focused at all times, but he had no other way.

At this moment, in a valley in the Duan Heng Ranges in China, Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei stood by a huge rock.

"Sister Luo Ying, did my brother leave from here?" Tang Beiwei asked strangely.
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