Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 775

Chapter 775: Luo Yue Has Changed

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"If you guys have just come to this city, I can show you guys around if you don't mind." Lu Heshen looked eagerly at the girls.

"No need, thank you." Tang Beiwei waved her hand and went back to her seat in disappointment.

Lu Heshen didn't want to give up just yet, si he saluted with his fist, "If you're looking for Ye-Qianbei, I can still help, because Goddess Zihua is from our All Heaven Sect-"

A crisp female voice interrupted him, "Martial Brother Lu, leave, there's no business for you here."

Lu Heshen saw the woman coming through the door and immediately said, "Yes, Martial Sister Yun."

Yun Ziyi walked to Luo Ying and co. and was shook. She got news that a few girls were looking for Ye Mo. She thought it was Mu Xiaoyun, but instead, it was these girls out of which none was less pretty than her.

When Ye Mo landed on the ground, he spread out his spirit sense. He immediately became excited as he had returned indeed.

But soon, Ye Mo noticed that this formation seemed to have been opened just then and it was now broken.

Ye Mo soon remembered that at Magical Continent Mountain, the formation had loosened for no reason. It seemed that he helped the people crossing over from here while they helped him too.

Ye Mo shook his head. The thing he wanted to do the most now was to get back to Luo Yue.

Ye Mo's spirit sense had gotten very strong, and when he got on his flying sword and sent his spirit sense out, he immediately noticed that there was a hiding formation outside the valley.

Ye Mo immediately dashed over to this formation. On the small platform inside the hiding formation, there was a tree with 10 bright red fruits.

When Ye Mo saw this tree, his excitement was indescribable. He had looked all over the small world for it, but now he got it so easily.

This was a Bitter Ten Years Tree!

800 year old Bitter Ten Years - if he moved this to his chaos world and then sold Bitter Ten Years in the cultivation realm, he would become filthy rich.

But Ye Mo soon calmed himself down. He didn't even know if he could move the tree. Most importantly, he didn't have a place to plant it.

Although he had a golden page world, the world was still gray. He couldn't even go in himself. The only thing about it was that things wouldn't deteriorate inside.

No matter what, Ye Mo was still very excited obtaining the Bitter Ten Years. He took out 10 jade boxes and inscribed formations on them before then carefully placing the fruits inside and putting the boxes in his golden page world.

Then, he set up a few more formations around the tree. He couldn't dig the tree away now, but that didn't mean he wouldn't in the future.

Luo Yue City was no longer the Luo Yue City of when Ye Mo left. It had a population of about 2 million now. Due to its proper urban planning and advanced technology, it had become a place everyone in the world wanted to visit.

It looked very calm, but there were in fact a lot of hidden undercurrents. This was all because the leader of Luo Yue, Ye Mo, had disappeared for almost ten years while his wives didn't care that much about power and also left two years ago to look for Ye Mo.

So, the real power was in Xu Yuehua's and Xu Ping's hands. However, they were both immersed into cultivation as well. After Luo Yue stabilized, they spent most of their time cultivating. They knew this city was Ye Mo's anyway, so when Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling rose up, no one felt it was inappropriate to leave it to them.

Xu Yuehua was a bit better and still cared about Luo Yue's development, but Xu Ping really put almost all of his time into cultivation.

But recently, things had begun to touch Xu Yuehua's and Xu Ping's bottom line. So all the higher ups of Luo Yue held one of their big meetings. Although Xu Yuehua had been the one to bring it up, she didn't feel good about it at all.

City Lord Xu Yuehua, Vice City Lord Dong Tanzhen, Vice City Lord Ye Zifeng, Vice City Lord Ye Ling, Army Marshal Xu Ping, Head of Commerce Xu Qianqian, Navy Commander Shen De, Ground Forces Commander Ye Zhihua, Head of Technology Dong Nana, Foreign Affairs Minister Dong Chong and so on.

Xu Yuehua looked at this room full of people and suddenly felt lonely. She found most of the faces weren't familiar. What happened to Yu Miaodan, Zang Jiayan and Huang Yinian? Guo Qi, Li Sandao, and the crazed tech genius Ye Xing?

At this moment, Xu Yuehua suddenly felt like she had betrayed Ye Mo's expectations. She had unknowingly let Luo Yue turn into this. She had only bothered herself with building Luo Yue's technology and helping it expand, spending all her remaining time cultivating. She didn't even notice the highest level of Luo Yue turning into this.

If she wasn't the appointed City Lord by Ye Mo, if Xu Ping wasn't Ye Mo's second brother, could they even still stay in their positions? If they didn't both have earth level peak power, could they still maintain their power?

In fact, she didn't even know who this Dong Tanzhen was, yet he had more power than her in actuality!

Xu Yuehua was still being dazed when the Vice City Lord Dong Tanzhen said, "Today's meeting will be held by me and City Lord Yuehua. Due to Ye Xing's departure, our new Head of Technology Dong Nana can't even look at a lot of the resources, let alone..."

Xu Yuehua was furious already. This Dong Tanzhen was stepping over the line!


Ye Mo stood in the prosperous city and exclaimed out of surprise. He had left for many years and in these years, Ye Xing and Xu Yuehua didn't betray his expectations. Luo Yue City was built rather well.

He desperately wanted to see Luo Ying and Qingxue, but he didn't know how to face them.

Suddenly, there was a ruckus on the streets. Ye Mo looked over and saw someone smashing a clothing shop.

Ye Mo frowned. How could this happen at Luo Yue. What was Fang Wei doing?

"Yuan Gong, it's you?" Ye Mo squeezed in and saw that he actually knew the shop owner. It was Yuan Gong who came with him to Flowing Snake to start up Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals. He had a sister called Yuan Meixiang. Ye Mo met them and Zang Jiayan on the train. How could someone smash a founding father's shop?

Yuan Gong's eyes were red as he held a metal stick, ready to resist the patrol squad. There was a woman behind him who was probably his wife.

When he heard Ye Mo's voice, he turned around and saw Ye Mo. At that moment, he was dumbfounded and dropped the stick.

"Yuan Gong, what's going on?" Ye Mo asked again.

Yuan Gong suddenly knelt on the ground and started crying, "Brother Ye, is it really you? You're back?"

Ye Mo pulled him up and asked coldly, "What is going on? Why is something like this happening? Where is Fang Wei, that bastard?"

Before Yuan Gong could answer, the patrol squad leader studied Ye Mo and said in a weird tone, "Who are you? How dare you intervene with Luo Yue's law enforcement? Do you not want to live? Men, capture him for now."

Ye Mo sneered and couldn't even be bothered asking why anymore. He casually sweeped his leg and broke all their legs. No matter who was right, he wasn't going to allow any law enforcement officers like these.

These people didn't expect Ye Mo to be more strong and more unreasonable than them, breaking their legs without asking anything, and they started howling in pain.

Ye Mo was annoyed by this even more, and he kicked all their teeth out.

"What's going on? Yuan Gong tell me." Ye Mo's tone was ice cold. He would never allow abuse of civilians on his land. Whoever dared do that would be killed!
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