Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 776

Chapter 776: What the hell are you?

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"Two years ago, City Lord Ning left Luo Yue. The new Minister of Finance said my sister's records weren't clean and locked my sister up. I luckily bought this shop when Luo Yue was just built. Due to my sister's case, I'm not allowed to work at Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals anymore, so now keeping this shop open is all I can do," Yuan Gong said.

Ye Mo frowned - Qingxue had left? He scanned his spirit sense out, and he didn't see Ning Qingxue, Luo Ying, or Tang Beiwei.

He then looked at the meeting Xu Yuehua was holding, and he didn't know most of the people there. Where was Sister Yu? And his Navy Commander, Old Huang? Zang Jiayan and Guo Qi weren't there either. He didn't even see Ye Xing!

The more Ye Mo looked, the more unhappy he was. He scanned his spirit sense out 20 kms and didn't see these people anywhere.

Yuan Gong continued, "My shop was always very quiet, but for some reason Brother Fang Wei was also locked up and-"

"What?! Fang Wei is locked up?" Ye Mo's eyes went colder and colder. There was a possibility that Yuan Meixiang's records weren't clean, but Ye Mo knew Fang Wei. He was very loyal. He would definitely not do something illegal, why was he locked up?

Yuan Gong nodded, "Yes, because Brother Fang was locked up, these people started doing as they pleased. These people were sent by the Dong family. The Dong family is the most powerful family in Luo Yue right now. A servant of theirs wants my shop, and so now they want to rob it."

Ye Mo's face was oozing frigidity now. He kicked the patrol fellows away and said, "Does Xu Yuehua not know about all this at all, or does she not bother to care?"

Yuan Gong shook his head, "I don't know. I wrote to her saying that my sister was innocent, but I got no reply. What happened to my sister and I isn't even that bad. Last year, there was an incident with a family from Europe. Because they had a pretty daughter and Dong Zheng from the Dong family wanted her, when the family didn't agree to his advances, the next day, the entire family died, and the daughter was raped and killed. When the police investigated, they declared it a family suicide."

"Haha, suicide, very well!" Ye Mo didn't want to stay here any longer at all.

"I disagree with City Lord Dong's words, the secret files of the Tech Department aren't even visible to me . How long has Dong Nana been here for? Unless my third brother signs for it personally, no one is allowed to go see those records," Xu Ping rebuked Dong Tanzhen's words.

Dong Tanzhen sneered, "CEO Xu, if I bring this up, it means it has been approved of. Otherwise, I wouldn't bring it up. City Lord Ye, you can start a vote."

Xu Yuehua knew that if there wasn't a secret card needed to access the files, Dong Tanzhen wouldn't even bother holding a meeting for this. After Ye Xing left, the card to the room was left to her.

The Ground Forces Commander Ye Shihua suddenly got up and said, "I agree with City Lord Dong's proposal. Also, I believe the conservative position of City Lord isn't beneficial to the development of Luo Yue. I propose a four-year term for the City Lord position just like the US and their president. This way, we can vote for a new City Lord."

Xu Yuehua was furious. She was no politician, but Ye Mo had given her the position of City Lord. She didn't care about the position but about letting Ye Mo's hopes down.

Seeing Xu Yuehua's anger, Dong Tanzhen sneered. These few idiots all showed their emotions on their faces. No wonder he had only needed a few years to get 80% of the political power in Luo Yue.

Ye Zifeng coughed and got up, "My brother gave the position to Xu Yuehua, I don't think we should touch it. If my brother comes back, we-"

Fang Nana heard this and immediately sulked, "Zifeng, we're talking about serious matters here. You can't just speak out of personal feelings like that. We've been married for a few years, but did you see me troubling you out of personal matters?"

"Yeah, City Lord Zifeng, Ye Mo hasn't come back in all these years. If something happened to him, are we to stagnante like this? Moreover, the military of Luo Yue also agrees to changing the City Lord," Dong Tanzhen smiled.

Xu Ping was immediately furious, "When did I agree? The military disagrees with this proposal!"

"Do you represent the military? Then what do Ye Shihua and Shen De represent?" Dong Tanzhen sneered.

Ye Shihua and Shen De got up and said, "We represent the Luo Yue Navy and Ground Forces, and we support City Lord Dong's proposal. Those who disagree, can talk to our troops. Even if Ye Mo himself came back and disagreed, he would need to ask our troops-"

"Very well, I disagree! Now get your troops to ask me !" a cold voice sounded, and everyone looked at the door of the meeting room.

There was no alert to this new arriver, and everyone was shook upon seeing why.


"Third Brother, you're back!"


"Brother Ye!"

Ye Mo felt warm hearing these voices. There were still some people who remembered him.

"Ye Mo?" Dong Tanzhen was dazed but soon reacted and saluted with his fist, "This is Luo Yue's highest level meeting, how about I invite you to rest first and after the meeting-"

Ye Mo looked coldly at Dong Tanzhen and said, "And what the hell are you? Who let you sit there?"

"Big Brother, Brother Tan is the number one Vice City Lord right now. Everyone voted for him," Ye Zifeng got up and said.

Ye Mo glanced at Ye Zifeng but didn't answer. He looked coldly at Dong Tanzhen.

Dong Tanzhen's face went cold, and he signaled at Ye Shihua, but Ye Shihua was shaking at the sight of Ye Mo. He didn't see Dong Tanzhen's signal at all.

Seeing this, Dong Tanzhen sneered and said plainly, "I'm Dong Tanzhen. Perhaps due to my late arrival, I don't know Mr Ye. You're our valuable guest, but this is an important meeting so please, someone come!"

Three men came out immediately, two of whom were half step great heaven and one was a mutant master. He was at least level eight or higher.

"Lock him up!" Dong Tanzhen waved at the three men.

Ye Zifeng's face burst red, "City Lord Dong, he's my Big Brother. Luo Yue City is his, what are you saying?"

Dong Tanzhen waved at Ye Zifeng, "Zifeng, private matters belong to the private sphere, Nana also just told you. Luo Yue City isn't Ye Mo's. It's everyone's. Don't' worry, I'm just preventing him from obstructing our meeting, I won't hurt him."

"So you're from that 'currently most powerful family in Luo Yue', the Dong family?" Ye Mo suddenly asked.

"We can talk after the meeting Mr Ye." Dong Tanzhen was very calm, as though everything and everyone was under his control.

Dong Tanzhen closed his eyes, and those three masters charged at Ye Mo. Xu Ping got up immediately, but Ye Mo waved his hand at him.

Ye Mo sneered. No wonder Dong Tanzhen was this cocky. He could get such masters, three of them at that. He definitely wasn't ordinary.

However, Ye Mo was unhappy with Ye Zifeng's attitude. He was his brother, yet he was helping Dong Tanzhen. Ye Ling didn't talk, but Ye Mo saw guilt in her eyes too. Perhaps Ye Ling had even helped this guy.

However, these people were insects to the current Ye Mo.

Ye Mo mobilized his cultivation essence and the three 'masters' immediately felt like they had sunk into a dense mudpit and couldn't move at all.

They immediately knew things weren't good, but before they could react, Ye Mo waved his hand and three wind blades brought down three heads.

Dong Tanzhen was dazed. He was the one who brought these three, and he knew best how powerful they were. It could be said that no one in the world could stop the three of them together, yet they didn't last a single move against Ye Mo.

Before Dong Tanzhen could react, Ye Mo walked to Dong Tanzhen and grabbed him. He threw him into the air and swiped out.

Blood splashed out, and when Dong Tanzhen fell on the ground, his ligaments were missing.

Ye Zifeng looked at this in shock. The number 2 figure in Luo Yue, his brother-in-law, had turned into that out of nowhere.
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