Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 778

Chapter 778: Dongfang Wangs Trump Card

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"What?" everyone was shocked by Ye Mo's words

Leave no one alive? Was this still modern day society? If news of this reached the Union, perhaps they would start a third war with Luo Yue in the name of human rights.

Dongfang Nana and Dongfang Chong shivered. Only now did they realize what sort of enemy their young master had offended.

These last few years, Ye Mo hadn't been at Luo Yue, and they hadn't seen him, so they thought Ye Mo was just so-so.

What Ye Mo had said now was still understandable to Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua, but to Ye Zifeng and Shen Qianqian it was shocking. Shen Qianqian subconsciously said, "Brother Ye, shouldn't we lock them up first, then take them to court, and then-"

Ye Mo sneered. He wasn't a political idiot. He had come back to establish his dominance. If he couldn't even do that, then what would happen if he left Luo Yue for a long time again?

Luo Yue was different from other countries. This was a new city, and they didn't need to copy other countries' laws. He needed to use bloody warnings to all those who might want to plot against Luo Yue City. He needed to tell them, 'There is no court battling here. If I want to kill you, I will.'

He turned around to Xu Yuehua and added, "After Second Brother kills them all, list their crimes publically."

Ye Mo paused for a moment, "And add another law to Luo Yue City. Those who betray the country can be killed unconditionally as long as I confirm it."

This was a dictator law, but Ye Mo didn't think he would ever wrong the innocent. He didn't give this authority to anyone else either.

The Dongfang family could kill another family as they wished, go to their home and rape and kill while telling everyone it was suicide. This had touched his bottom line. Even if he wronged some innocents of the Dongfang family now, he would be giving justice to those who lived in Luo Yue.

He had created Luo Yue City to give peace and harmony-loving people a place to live happily, not for someone to abuse Luo Yue's citizens, not even Ye Zifeng.

Ye Ling looked at Ye Shihua who was lying dead on the ground. Her eyes were disappointed. She didn't like these things, but the Ye family members just had to come start trouble in this peaceful Luo Yue. She knew long ago that if her brother came back, none of these people would be able to get away.

The reason why all these things had happened in Luo Yue was because Ye Mo hadn't specified Xu Yuehua's authority. Ye Zifeng thought Ye Mo had left him there to balance Xu Yuehua's power.

Moreover, Xu Yuehua was more suitable for being Head of Intelligence but not really for being City Lord.

"What is it, Third Brother?" Xu Ping said.

Xu Yuehua and co. all looked at Ye Mo who was suddenly stopping Xu Ping not knowing why he was doing that.

Ye Mo had calmed down and given things a bit more thought. Dongfang Wang had started this. With his wits, there was no way he didn't account for the possibility of failure. He must have some trump card to dare do this. And that trump card would be used to negotiate with him when the plan failed.

Those of the Dongfang family were all cunning like foxes. If he underestimated them, he would be the one suffering.

What was Dongfang Wang's trump card?

"Second Brother, don't startle anyone yet, let me think. Everyone sit down." Ye Mo also sat down and rubbed his head.

Ye Mo knew that he wouldn't be able to think of anything in his current mood. He took out a few transmission runes and gave them to Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua. Then he said, "Second Brother, go take over the military immediately and lock down Luo Yue for now. Don't allow so much as a bird to fly out. After that, go annihilate the Dongfang family. If anything comes up, tell me through this transmission rune. And once everything is under control, you can go rescue Sister Yu and co. for me."

In this situation, he could only move very fast. He should be the one rescuing people himself, but he had to figure out what Dongfang Wang's next move was.

"Yes." Xu Ping walked out and disappeared from the doorway quickly.

Ye Mo then said to Xu Yuehua, "Sister Yuehua, use the highest order of the city and immediately shut down all means of transportation. Secondly, immediately shut down all telecommunications within Luo Yue. Without the next order, it is not to be started again. Also start up Luo Yue's interference machine and stop any signals from going out. We'll communicate using these transmission runes only."

"Yes, President." Xu Yuehua knew that Ye Mo must've thought of something important.

"By the way, Sister Yuehua, I told you to investigate a place called Xi Tang before, do you have any news?" Ye Mo asked.

Xu Yuehua shook her head, "I wasn't able to find it, but I did find out that after the Sui Tang dynasty, there was a power faction in Jing Ping called the Great Xi Tang. Pretty quickly though, that power faction died down. There were barely any records left of it."

Ye Mo knew that if this matter were so easily gotten to the bottom of, Xi Tang wouldn't be able to exist 'till today.

With Ye Mo's order, Luo Yue City became restless once again. Some people were arrested, but most importantly, almost everyone knew that big things were about to happen after telecommunications were shut down.

Ye Mo interrogated Dongfang Nana and Dongfang Chong, but the result was that they were just pawns sent by Dongfang Wang. They didn't know what Dongfang Wang's next move was either.

The only useful thing he got out of their mouths was one of Dongfang Wang's HQ locations - Xin Li Ni Island. This was a private island which Dongfang Wang had gotten 5 years earlier to develop his power.

Ye Mo sighed. He didn't know if Dongfang Wang had savings before or not, but earning enough money to buy an island within five years - this guy was really capable. If Dongfang Wang just wanted to recover his Xi Tang, that was fine, but he shouldn't have tried to mess with Luo Yue.

Xin Li Ni Island was about 6 square kilometers big. No matter if Dongfang Wang was on this island or not, Ye Mo was going to annihilate it.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense out, and Xu Ping had acted quickly and managed to gain control over the army. Ye Mo nodded. After all, Xu Ping was the original commander, so now that Ye Shihua, this outsider, had died, it was effortless to regain control over the army that belonged to him in the past.

A few gunshots and explosions sounded when Xu Ping encountered some people who didn't fear death, however.

The explosion shook Ye Mo. Explosion? Right, why didn't he think of it! If he was Dongfang Wang, the only way to bring the enemy down with you was to physically destroy Luo Yue. Luo Yue's air defense was too strong, so the only way to do that was to plant the bombs in Luo Yue and detonate them.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo sweated.
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