Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 779

Chapter 779: More Important Thing

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Realizing the danger of the situation, Ye Mo knew that it was pointless to call Xu Ping back immediately.

The only thing to do was to check if Dongfang Wang had really planted bombs in Luo Yue. If he had, he had no way but to take them out before Dongfang Wang detonated them.

Thinking about this, he scanned his spirit sense out at once, not even leaving out underground.

Luckily his spirit sense was more than 20 km long, so it could go through the earth easily.

Soon, Ye Mo's expression looked really bad. He had indeed found bombs - timed bombs with radioactive effects. These bombs could kill thousands of people at once. Not only that, the radioactive substances would completely destroy Luo Yue. Dongfang Wang was really sinister.

Ye Mo calmed down. His safety measures were of some use. Dongfang Wang would have to be notified for him to decide to detonate the bombs no matter what, and he had cut off the city's telecommunications.

The moment after, Ye Mo had left the meeting room. He needed to dig away the bombs as quickly as he could.

Ye Mo's spirit sense was very powerful and, as it swooped the heavens and earth, he found out that there was more or less a bomb every kilometer. The most densely populated places had more bombs.

Ye Mo was furious.

Luo Yue had to bleed - these people were hidden very deeply. Hence, since Ye Mo had decided to act up, he wasn't going to be soft.

The bombs had been placed very strangely. Some were inside trees, some were inside water or earth. Some were in the middle of the road, or inside walls.

Other than Ye Mo, no one would be able to find them all without knowing the exact place. Without the support of a city manager, these bombs wouldn't have been able to be placed at all. And based on their locations, Ye Mo knew this hadn't been done in a day or two.

These bombs were like mini nuclear bombs. Each one of them was very expensive. That Dongfang Wang was really wealthy.

In order to create nuclear fission bombs, Ye Mo believed that Dongfang Wang had to have collaborators. Ye Xing could have been involved, but Ye Mo didn't believe Ye Xing would do that, despite not knowing where Ye Xing had gone.

His collaborator would at least have Northern Sand's level of technology power.

Even with Ye Mo's spirit sense and speed, he took half a day to take out all the bombs in Luo Yue City. There were 59 in total. Ye Mo quickly placed these in his golden page world and then checked many times to see if there were any more bombs.

After this, the first thing he was going to do was set up automatic bomb checking devices and alert the city if bombs were found. Ye Mo only breathed at ease when he received Xu Ping's news.

"Third Brother, we found Yang Jiu, who used to follow Yu Miaodan before he betrayed us and killed a few soldiers."

Yang Jiu? Ye Mo immediately remembered Yang Jiu and Han Zai, who he had taken in from Earth Fiend. He had even helped them to take out the Gu bug. Yet now, as soon as he left, Yang Jiu betrayed them. What about Han Zai?

"I'll come over," Ye Mo said.

Everything outside had been controlled and Yang Jiu had been subjugated. He was tied to a pole.

Even when Yang Jiu was tied up, he still had a face full of contempt. However, when he saw Ye Mo come, horror flashed across his eyes. He hadn't expected Ye Mo to have come back. The pressure Ye Mo gave him stuck to his heart.

Even the soldiers on the square stopped breathing and stood up still when they saw Ye Mo come. Almost 90% of them hadn't seen Ye Mo, but he was a legend. Stories of how he had created Luo Yue had long been spread throughout the city.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Yang Jiu and asked plainly, "I really want to ask you, when did I ever mistreat you or when did Luo Yue ever mistreat you?"

"I-" Yang Jiu wasn't afraid of Xu Ping, but he was afraid of Ye Mo.

Xu Ping sneered, "Yang Jiu, didn't you just say that I wouldn't dare kill you and Luo Yue was controlled by your master?"

Yang Jiu suddenly looked up, yet there wasn't much fear in his eyes. He bit his teeth and said, "Yes, I said that. Ye Mo, I know you're strong but you can't kill me. Because if you kill me, Luo Yue will be over immediately."

"Oh, then tell me why that is." Xu Ping looked scornfully at Yang Jiu without taking his words seriously at all.

Yang Jiu suddenly had fear in his eyes. He thought that almighty person, that young master, was like a demon. It seemed he could do anything.

He had said he was going to take down Yu Miaodan and he had succeeded. He had said he would take down the Commander of Ground Forces Guo Qi and he succeeded too. He had said he was going to make Dong Tanzhen the number one Vice Citylord and the second day after he said it, Dong Tanzhen had become the number one Vice Citylord.

Ye Mo looked at Yang Jiu and could tell that he was thinking about something else instead. Suddenly, Ye Mo lost interest in chatting anymore. "Where did Han Zai go? Did you capture Sister Yu?"

Yang Jiu was shook and subconsciously answered, "I killed Han Zai and I captured Yu Miaodan."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Kill him."

"No, Ye Mo you can't kill me. The young master said that if you kill me, Luo Yue is over," Yang Jiu said. He had reacted, but Ye Mo didn't even turn back to look at him as he walked out of the square.

When Ye Mo went back to the meeting room again, Xu Yuehua was back. Xu Ping was still commanding outside. At the same time, Yu Miaodan, Zang Jiayan, Huang Yinian, Guo Qi, Lu Lin, Fang Nan, Fang Wei and all the others were also back. Shi Xiu and his wife were also there too. Even the air force Commander Sherman, who hadn't come to the meeting before, also came.

They were political prisoners. Although they had been locked up, Dongfang Wang clearly didn't intend to kill them, so they were rather healthy.

Although everyone knew Ye Mo had come back, when they really saw Ye Mo, they finally dared to believe it was real. They all got up. To them, if anything happened in Luo Yue, as long as Ye Mo was back, it would be fine.

Ye Zifeng had also come to the meeting. When he saw that so many qianbei had been locked up due to him, he realized how dumb he had been

If Yemo hadn't come back and Luo Yue would have been completely controlled by the Dongfang family, all of those people would have been killed.

"Brother Zang, Sister Yu and Commander Huang, I owe you. I let such things happen in Luo Yue. I feel really embarrassed. This is our home, yet I let other people come in and cause harm to you. This is my fault," Ye Mo apologized. No matter what, these people had helped him build Luo Yue, but they had gotten locked up.

Xu Yuehua sighed, "When Miaodan left, I went to send her off. However, I didn't expect she would get locked up. Miaodan, I'm sorry to you all."

Yu Miaodan was very disappointed. Yet now that they apologized, she knew that she couldn't blame Ye Mo. They idealized politics too much.

Zang Jiayan said casually, "Let the past stay in the past. We need Luo Yue to stabilize as quickly as possible."

Ye Mo nodded, "Okay, everyone go back to your posts first. Once Luo Yue stabilizes, we will discuss about the future. And Yuehua, recover the city's telecommunications."

Ye Zifeng walked up to everyone and apologized. He had been the main cause of this.

"Shi Xiu, help Yuehua. We'll talk later." Ye Mo was quite happy that Shi Xiu had come. He was his best friend after all.

After all this, there was a more important thing he needed to do.
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