Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Whose Blood

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn
Yun Bing was sweating profusely until she finally managed to drag Ye Mo into her room. Luckily, it was 5 am and was pretty much the darkest period before dawn. No one in her district got up that early, and therefore no one had noticed her.

Although she didnt know who Ye Mo got into conflict with, she still decided to park her car in the parking so that people wouldnt suspect her. She carefully closed the door and parked the car before coming back to carry Ye Mo onto the bed. She reached out her hand and touched Ye Mos nose, and there was still warm air coming in and out, so finally, Yun Bing was able to rest her heart as she thought that he should be just temporarily unconscious.

She got a tub of hot water and decided to wash Ye Mo. After she had taken off Ye Mos first layer of clothes, she arrived at his underwear covered in blood but ended up being too embarrassed to take them off for him and didnt even dare to look. She grabbed a towel and covered it and only then did she dare to help clean Ye Mo.

The wound on Ye Mos back looked very severe, Yun Bing couldnt imagine what could cause such a deep wound. Although Ye Mos wound was very deep, his muscles were extraordinarily strong. If Yun Bing didnt see Ye Mos firm muscles for herself, she wouldnt even believe such a quiet looking Ye Mo would have this body of muscles that looked so aesthetic.

Yun Bing felt her face blush, and the hand she used to wipe Ye Mo with was shaky. She had never had the experience of seeing a mans naked torso. Even when she had been r*ped and became pregnant eight years ago, she was drugged and unconscious.

However, her family was so scared of that familys power that with just one sentence, they didnt dare to allow her to abort the child. She didnt blame her family because they indeed couldnt mess with that family. Even now when she thought about it, Yun Bing felt shaky, she was really scared of that person, so she kept hiding in Ning Hai. Even for the New Year, she didnt want to return to Beijing.

The instant Ye Mo had collapsed, he knew things werent good, and with his strong will, he forced himself to wake up. However, the person he saw when he opened his eyes was actually Yun Bing. Although he didnt have a good impression of her, he knew that he was countless times safer in Yun Bings hands compared to the Song Family.

Ye Mo relaxed and closed his eyes once again into unconsciousness. However, his body was starting to use his spirit Chi to recover his extremely fatigued and damaged to the root body.

Youre awake!? Yun Bing who had the towel in her hands was startled as she saw Ye Mo open his eyes, so she called out in surprise immediately. However, she then saw that Ye Mo fainted once again. Yun Bing quickly carried the water away and went back to the room to cover Ye Mo with blankets before she breathed a sigh of relief.

Since he had woken up once, it should mean that he wasnt in a critical condition any longer. Yun Bing who hadnt slept for the night also slept beside Ye Mos bed.


When Ning Qingxue opened her eyes, she discovered that the sun was already out, she laid down and didnt move. Was this heaven already? She didnt feel any pain on her body, on the contrary, she even felt extremely comfortable. Ning Qingxue gasped a sigh of relief. She was finally rid of that endless abyss of pain. She just didnt know if Ye Mo was well now.

But soon, Ning Qingxue felt things werent right. She was still lying on Ye Mos bed, and everything in the room was as they used to be before. Nothing was different.

What was this? Ning Qingxue bit the tip of her tongue and felt pain. Did she not die? Ning Qingxue who was worried in her heart sat up immediately and once again found out in surprise that all her wounds had healed. She didnt feel any bit of discomfort on her body, and instead, it was filled with vigor and spirit.

The little case! Ning Qingxue grabbed the little case and checked inside, but nothing had disappeared, everything was here. Hmm, wait, she remembered clearly that last night, she grabbed the knife and was about to commit suicide, so why was the knife still in the case? Did she lose her memory? This was definitely impossible.

Ning Qingxue examined the case and everything inside closely, and she discovered that one bottle had two less heart protection pill; she had counted each and every pill multiple times so she couldnt be wrong. Ning Qingxue suddenly felt scared, she had been injured seriously, how could she heal up in one night? Besides, she clearly remembered she had the knife in her hands and was about to commit suicide, she even remembered the feeling of having pierced in something before she had lost her consciousness and yet, why was she alright without a single wound?

And, why did she still feel pain? It wasnt like she had died at all. Ning Qingxue turned around and saw on her bed that there was indeed a few drops of blood, but she was sure she didnt have a wound that bled on her body, so where did this blood come from?

Mom! As soon as Ning Qingxue opened her mouth, the door was opened. Ning Qingxues mom Lan Yu rushed in.

Qingxue, are you alright? Before Lan Yu even came in, her voice sounded. She didnt know what had happened the night before, but she had suddenly fallen asleep and slept all the way until seven or eight in the morning. Lan Yu almost couldnt forgive herself for her mistake.

Huh, Qingxue, ho how did you sit up? You... your face! How is it so healthy? You youre alright now!? Qingxue, you really are alright Lan Yu already forget that Ning Qingxue had been severely injured and recovered in only one night. In her eyes, it was meant to be that her daughter got better. As for the process, she ignored it automatically.

Ning Qingxue saw her mother and knew that she wasnt dreaming and didnt die either. She really did recover, but as for how, she didnt know.

After Lan Yu had said all these, she grabbed Ning Qingxue and finally started to think how her daughter got better without any reason? She had been severely wounded, and thinking about this, Lan Yu immediately asked, Qingxue, what happened to you? How did you recover?

Ning Qingxue shook her head, she didnt understand either. She seemed to have the blurred memory that someone came and treated her last night, but who could cure her serious injury in just one night? Mom, I want to think alone for what had really happened... Ning Qingxue suddenly said.

Lan Yu was elated now. Although her daughters recovery was full of mystery, she still rather would believe that her ancestors protected Qingxue than believing this was impossible. Seeing that Ning Qingxue had said this, she still closely examined Ning Qingxues back before finally being relieved: Ill cook some congee for you, you should rest some more, dont move around too much.

After her mom had left, Ning Qingxue started to think carefully. She wasnt as optimistic as her mother. There was definitely someone who treated her injuries but who could have so much ability? To cure her completely while she was asleep, this was something even the Hong Rui Hospital couldnt treat.

Suddenly, Ning Qingxue sat up, since someone treated her last night, didnt that mean her top was taken off? She quickly took off her clothes and looked. It was as she thought, her face immediately went pale. Her top was taken off; even her bras were buttoned wrong.

Since that person could see her back, it meant that her chest was also seen, who was this? Ning Qingxue suddenly felt her body starting to shake, she would rather die than let someone, who she didnt even know, look at her body.

Ning Qingxue looked at the few drops of blood on the bed, that wasnt hers, so whose blood would it be? Was it from the person who treated her last night?
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