Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 781

Chapter 781: Luo Yue Reorganization

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Seeing them stand up in shock, Ye Mo waved his hand and told them to shut down the video. "Don't worry, I've already found the bombs and dealt with it. Starting today, we need to build a bomb defense system for inside the city to prevent this from happening again."

Hearing this, everyone calmed down. They rejoiced that Ye Mo had come back. Otherwise, their years of hard work would've been all destroyed.

Ye Mo could also rest at ease. He hadn't heard any explosions in Luo Yue City, which meant that it wasn't that he hadn't found the bomb, but that for some reason the bomb hadn't been installed at all.

Ye Mo then looked at Xu Yuehua. "Sister Yuehua, where did Ye Xing go? Did he leave by himself?"

Before Xu Yuehua could answer, Ye Ling walked to Ye Mo and took out a letter. "Ye Xing Brother left by himself. He left this letter for you, telling you not to worry about him. I will tell you about Sister Luo Ying and Qingxue later."

Ye Mo nodded. Although he was desperate to know about them, he still had to deal with Luo Yue first. Moreover, with Luo Ying's talent, perhaps she was already stronger than him after cultivating so many years. She wouldn't be in any danger if she went out to look for him.

Ye Mo didn't open the letter and just scanned it with his spirit sense. Two years after he left, Ye Xing recovered his memories completely. He knew where he came from, so he used Luo Yue's resources to build his own spaceship in six years and leave the country.

Ye Xing said that because he only had four energy stones and the materials might have not been good enough, the spaceship couldn't leave earth. However, he wanted to use it to go around and see if he could find why he had come there and if it was possible to go back. If not, perhaps he would go back to Luo Yue in a few years.

At this moment, Xu Yuehua's phone rung. Xu Yuehua picked it up and immediately put it down in joy. "According to our satellite image, there was a sudden huge explosion at Xin Li Ni Island. It almost turned the island upside down. We've sent people to investigate the cause."

Ye Mo nodded, he was shook. These bombs were really powerful.

At the same time, Dongfang Wang, who was still in Northern Sand, didn't hear news of Luo Yue being bombed either. Instead, he got news of Xin Li Ni Island being bombed and how his words had been broadcasted live. He was so angry he spat blood and cursed at Ye Mo before fainting. In order to fight Ye Mo, he had had to even cooperate with Dongfang Tang, whom he had had great conflicts with, yet this the result.

Seeing Ye Mo's calm expression, everyone who knew him understood what had happened. They couldn't believe that Ye Mo could transport all the bombs to the island in such a short time. It was impossible.

Ye Mo felt very satisfied upon hearing these news. Dongfang Wang had destroyed his own base. Hahaha!

"Currently, Luo Yue needs development. I want to hear everyone's ideas," Ye Mo asked. As for Dongfang Wang, he had decided to go kill him later.

Xu Yuehua got up and said, "President, I have made grave mistakes during my time as city lord. I wish to resign."

Ye Mo nodded. Xu Yuehua wasn't suitable for that position indeed, but who would replace her?

This person must have political capabilities and be completely loyal to Luo Yue. Ye Mo wasn't too worried about the second part, as everyone there was loyal.

Ye Zifeng also got up and said, "Big Brother, I don't feel like I should stay as Vice City Lord. I request to resign."

Ye Ling also wanted to say something, but Ye Mo knew what she was about to say, so he patted her shoulder for her to sit down.

"Who do you think is the most suitable person for the city lord position?" Ye Mo asked everyone.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo. He was certainly the best candidate, but they knew it was implausible. He wasn't at Luo Yue most of the time.

Seeing that nobody talked, Ye Mo said, "I'll name the various positions in Luo Yue and from now on, the citizens will vote for the city lord. All the other political positions can be decided by vote."

"Now, I suggest Naval Commander Huang Yinian to be the next city lord."

Ye Mo had chose Huang Yinian after careful thoughts. First, he was experienced in all sorts of battles, especially naval. Luo Yue was surrounded by sea. Second, Huang Yinian was old and reliable. Luo Yue needed development now, not war. Third, he knew Luo Yue deeply and loved Luo Yue.

"Yes, I accept this." Huang Yinian wanted to do things for Luo Yue. He felt that some of what Xu Yuehua had done before wasn't right, but he had just been a naval commander. It hadn't been appropriate for him to say a lot of things.

Ye Mo then looked at Xu Ping. "Second Brother don't need to be the military commander anymore. Prepare to establish Luo Yue City's martial academy. Only those at black level or above can join. They will be responsible for Luo Yue's high level safety. Second Brother can be the director and Sister Yuehua is the Vice Director."

After what happened before, Ye Mo felt like he needed to be responsible for the safety of Luo Yue's management level. Otherwise, if another master came, Luo Yue city would still be in danger. Even China had the heaven squad.

Half great heaven masters were extremely rare in the outside world, yet Dongfang Wang had found two immediately. Ye Mo felt like he needed to investigate Dongfang Wang to know how he could have gotten hese masters to work for him.

Ye Mo looked at Guo Qi and said, "Guo Qi will take over Second Brother's position as the head of military in Luo Yue. Li Sandao will be the ground forces commander. The naval commander will be appointed by City Lord Huang. Air force commander remains the same. Zang Jiayan will be First Vice City Lord and Ye Ling the Second Vice City Lord. Yu Miaodan will be the minister of foreign affairs. Fang Wei will continue to be the head of police and Shi Xiu can be Sister Yu's assistant. Shen Qianqian and Lu Lin will stay in their positions."

After all this, Ye Mo said again, "Luo Yue's martial academy will be the best ancient martial arts' cultivation place. If anyone's interested, you may all go there to learn. But there's one requirement: you must not teach anyone what you learn there. And Zifeng, you must go to study there for some time too before coming back to do things."

Everyone left after the meeting. Although Ye Mo had said that the future positions would be decided by vote, for now he would assign everyone.

Ye Mo left Zang Jiayan, Xu Ping, Xu Yuehua, Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng in the room and asked Yu Erhu to come.

After they all gathered, Ye Mo took out three great essence increasing pills and gave them to Zang Jiayan, Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua. "After you eat this pill, you will reach great heaven. Luo Yue needs masters because I can't always be here."

"Huh!" Xu Yuehua and the others stood up in shock. There were such pills that could make one reach great heaven! If news spread out, the entire hidden sects would rush to Luo Yue fearlessly.
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