Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 782

Chapter 782: Worry

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As for Xu Ping and Xu Yuehua, they didn't really care about being City Lords. They were pursuants of the extremes of ancient martial arts. So now, they were just too shocked at being able to reach great heaven.

From what they knew, the entire ancient martial arts scene had no great heaven master. Tan Jiao had gone into hiding after being defeated by Ye Mo, while Ren Pingchuan had been killed by Ye Mo immediately, so no one even knew about him.

If Ye Mo could let people reach great heaven so easily, what power level was he himself at?

After Xu Yuehua and the others left, Ye Zifeng got up and wanted to say something to Ye Mo, but Ye Ling stopped him. She knew what Ye Zifeng was going to say and what Ye Mo was thinking.

Dongfang Chong was dead, and what Dongfang Nana had done in Luo Ying inexcusably deserved the death penalty. It wasn't suitable to beg mercy for her.

Ye Mo looked at Ye Zifeng and said, "I don't think that you don't know anything about what the Dongfang family has been doing at Luo Yue. I think you also know best whether Dongfang Nana really liked you. I want you to be prepared before you go to the Martial Academy now."

"Big Brother, please let Nana go, she's innocent. She was forced here by the Dongfang family. That Dongfang Tanzhen isn't even her real brother either." Ye Zifeng's eyes went red. He knew that his big brother wanted to kill Dongfang Nana.

Ye Mo sneered, "Zifeng, you know in your heart how innocent she is. Not only is she not innocent, she deserves to die. You're about to go to the Martial Academy, but you want to keep her so she can continue betraying Luo Yue?"

"Big Brother, I want to take Nana and leave Luo Yue. Please let her go." Ye Zifeng's tone was bitter. Clearly, Dongfang Nana was of greater importance to him than anything else.

Ye Mo sighed. Ye Zifeng wasn't his real brother, but he had never treated him any different.

It was impossible to keep Dongfang Nana in Luo Yue City, but clearly Ye Zifeng's love for her ran deep and it would be impossible to make him give up that woman.

Ye Mo thought of Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and Mu Xiaoyun. It would be impossible for him to give up any of them too.

Even if they did something wrong one day, could he kill them himself? Ye Mo knew he couldn't.

If he couldn't do that, why force Ye Zifeng to do it?

Ye Mo sighed and didn't say anything, but Ye Ling knew that Ye Mo was allowing Ye Zifeng to leave Luo Yue, and her heart ached.

"Second Brother, let's leave now." Ye Ling pulled Ye Zifeng out.

Ye Mo knew he could no longer kill that Dongfang Nana. Although he knew she was very fake, love was love. No one could explain it.

If it wasn't like that, Ye Zifeng wouldn't have been dumb enough to be used and still be confused after it came out.

He hoped that Ye Zifeng would take Dongfang Nana and start up a family by himself instead of going back to the Ye family. It would be no good for her to go to the Ye family.

"Master, there will appear a path after arriving at the foot of the mountain. Some things are better left aside," Yu Erhu comforted.

Ye Mo came back to his senses and smiled, "Erhu, you're right, why think too much? By the way, I called you over to test your spirit root."

Then, Ye Mo took out the testing device and said, "Put your hand inside and use some inner qi."

"Okay." Yu Erhu did as he was told, and three rays of light soon shone on the device.

"Earth, wood, and fire?" Ye Mo frowned. A triple element spirit root wasn't good, and the testing lights of Yu Erhu's spirit roots were pretty dim.

"Master, what is an earth, wood, and fire spirit root?" Yu Erhu asked.

Ye Mo said, "What I cultivate is very complicated. You've followed me for this many years, yet I haven't taught you anything. Herbs are just one of many fields I am proficient in, and I actually don't cultivate ancient martial arts. What I cultivate in is called truth cultivation. It's a very boring thing, but if you cultivate it to the extreme, it is far superior to ancient martial arts. Are you interested in learning it?"

Yu Erhu immediately said, "Master, I am willing."

"Okay," Ye Mo nodded, "Remember, you must not tell anyone what I teach you. I have one other disciple, and although you followed me first, strictly speaking, he's the first disciple I've thought truth cultivation."

"Master, I don't mind what number disciple I am, I just want to follow master and learn truth cultivation. But what if Xiaozhen sees what I'm cultivating?" Yu Erhu asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "She's your wife, so if she's willing, you can teach her. Just remember to keep it a secret. Now pay attention, what I'll be teaching you is the Primordial Fortune Chant"

After Ye Mo finished teaching Yu Erhu, he left him with some pills. Around that time, Ye Ling came back.

"Ye Ling, let Zifeng stay, but don't let him be involved with Luo Yue's matters. Just let him do some business," Ye Mo said.

Ye Ling shook her head, "Second Brother says he owes you a lot, but he still wants to leave Luo Yue."

Ye Ling suddenly smiled and said, "Don't worry about him. He can bring enough money to start a business again. With his wits, they will live a good life if Dongfang Nana wants to live well. And, I also think that it's better that he leaves Luo Yue."

Ye Mo nodded and cast the matter aside, asking, "Do you know where Beiwei and co. went?"

Ye Ling's eyes went red, "They are all capable of cultivating, but I am not. Since they can all fly, they went to look for you and left me alone at Luo Yue."

"Do you have a way to contact them?" Ye Mo asked.

Ye Ling shook her head, "When they just went out, I could still contact them, but it's been two years since I last had contact with them."

"Do you know where they went then?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

Ye Ling shook her head, "I can only guess. When I was with them before, Sister Luo Ying said you might've gone to the small world, and Sister Luo Fei knew where the small world was. A while ago, as Luo Fei started becoming more and more disappointed with Luo Yue, she left Luo Yue City and went to find Luo Ying and Qingxue. But I can't reach her by phone anymore either."

"Not good!" Ye Mo suddenly remembered that some people had been trying to go in when he was trying to leave the small world.

It must've been them!
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