Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Illegitimate child

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter
Thinking about that blood-sucking formation, Ye Mo was scared. He had been able to escape it because he knew what to do, but what about Luo Ying and co.? But then again, they should be fine, otherwise, he wouldn't be seeing just rocks when he first came out.

Thinking about that, Ye Mo rejoiced that they were fine. Since they were in the small world, Ye Mo didn't have to worry. Their power should be adequate in the small world. Although that Seven Star Formation was in a dead state, when his formation skills reached a certain level, he could rebuild it.

"What's wrong, Brother?" Ye Ling asked worriedly.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "It's fine, they went to the small world. After I finish dealing with things outside, I will go in too."

"Huh, you'll be leaving too, Brother? But, but I-" Ye Ling almost started crying. If everyone left, she would be really lonely at Luo Yue.

Although Ye Ling was in her thirties, Ye Mo still patted her on the head and suddenly asked, "Ye Ling, you're this big already, how have you still not found someone you like?"

Ye Ling's lips went up and said, "Brother, I have considered some people, but I can't find someone better than you, so I might as well live by myself."

Ye Mo was at a loss for words, but he immediately said, "It will be hard to find someone better than me here."

Ye Mo was thinking about how to make the five essence pill so that she could also have a spirit root.

Ye Ling suddenly whispered into Ye Mo's ears and said, "How about this, Brother: I'll marry you too. We're not blood related anyway, and you have more than one wife already."

Ye Mo slapped Ye Ling's head, "Stop talking nonsense. Don't worry about not being able to cultivate, I can make it possible for you to start cultivating, but you need to wait a bit."

"Really? Brother, can I really cultivate?" Ye Ling immediately forgot what she said before.

Ye Mo nodded, "Don't' worry, when I'm stronger I can make some pills for you and you will be able to cultivate. But right now, I can't make them yet."

He needed to be at least stage nine to make the five essence pill.

Hearing this, Ye Ling immediately became excited. The thing she desired the most was to be able to cultivate like Beiwei.

"By the way, Brother, I have something to ask you." Ye Ling's tone suddenly became playful again.

"What is it?" Ye Mo looked at Ye Ling strangely.

Ye Ling suddenly smiled and said, "Hehe, did you ever have something with another woman and not take responsibility for her in the end?"

Ye Mo was dazed and looked at Ye Ling angrily, "Ye Ling, what are you saying? Am I that sort of person? Moreover, I wouldn't betray Susu and Qingxue-"

But Ye Mo's tone went from high to low saying that, because he suddenly thought of Xiaoyun. But he wasn't irresponsible towards her.

"Brother, there really was such a thing?" Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo in shock. She was just asking before and didn't expect it to be the case.

Ye Mo coughed awkwardly, "Um, yes, I still need to find her after dealing with things here."

"Brother, this is unacceptable! She's already raising a daughter for you, yet you're still saying things like finding her later?" Ye Ling said angrily.

When she saw that woman and little girl on Ye Mo's wedding, she didn't mind at first, but after Ye Mo left Luo Yue and she talked about it with Beiwei again, they felt like the girl's eyes really looked like Ye Mo's too much.

So, they made a bold guess that the girl was Ye Mo's illegitimate child and that pretty young woman was a pitiful woman that Ye Mo had abandoned.

Ye Mo looked at her strangely, "Ye Ling, what are you on about? Xiaoyun was never pregnant, how can she have a daughter?"

"Huh, did we get it wrong?" Ye Ling wondered.

"Get what wrong?" Ye Mo asked.

Ye Ling said awkwardly, "On your wedding, Beiwei and I saw a woman carrying a little girl in Luo Yue. The woman was very pretty, and the girl's eyes looked just like yours. I remember I gave her a bracelet too."

Ye Mo was speechless. There were too many similarly looking people, so thinking it was his daughter just based on their eyes was too far-fetched, wasn't it?

"Never mind, let's go to Luo Yue Lake to have a look. Who's living there now?" Ye Mo asked.

"Ever since everyone left, it has just been me living there by myself," Ye Ling said.

Before Ye Mo got to Luo Yue Lake, a huge bird flew over.

"Hmm, Qingxue didn't take silver with her?" Ye Mo asked.

"No, they were planning on coming back quickly, so Silver has been staying with me." Ye Ling hugged Silver.

"By the way, Brother, five years ago, Sister Jingwen and a girl called Chi Wanqing came looking for you, but you never came back, so after staying for a while, they left Luo Yue." Ye Ling suddenly remembered Su Jingwen.

Ye Ling knew what Su Jingwen's feelings were and felt bad for her.

Ye Mo also felt guilty, but he couldn't stop these things. Three women were already enough for him.

"Where did they go? Did they just stay for a short while?" Ye Mo suddenly felt he should go visit them. Jingwen should be married after all these years.

Ye Ling hesitated before replying, "I don't know where Sister Jingwen went either, but she had been living at Ning Hai. Last time she came, Sister Luo Ying taught her cultivation and both of them were fit for cultivation. They stayed at Luo Yue for half a month before leaving."

"Ye Ling, stay at Luo Yue and help City Lord Huang deal with Luo Yue's matters. I need to go out for a bit. After I come back, I will make the five essence pill for you." Ye Mo knew that Dongfang Wang couldn't cause too much trouble now, but he wouldn't feel comfortable without killing him.

Ye Ling nodded, and then her phone sounded.

"Yes, Sister Yuehua. It's for you, Brother." Ye Ling gave the phone to Ye Mo.

"President, this morning a cruiser was bombed on the Pacific. It left Luo Yue half a month ago and had a US ambassador on board. It has been found that the bombs contained radioactive substances. Now, the US is contacting us to deal with the matter," Xu Yuehua reported.
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