Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 785

Chapter 785: Daughter Yimo
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Furthermore, he felt this strange sense of joy upon seeing her.

However, she was surrounded by a few students, and they seemed to be looking for trouble with her.

Ye Mo's heart shook and the next moment, he was already at the door of this high school.

"Move aside!" the pretty girl's voice was energetic but clearly angry.

"We can't beat you, but do you dare not do as Di Hua says? It's his birthday today, if you go there, you will be our Big Sister and have a spot in this year's national math competition, but if you don't go, we won't stop you, but you know the consequences," one chubby girl threatened.

"Yeah, yeah, what's wrong with being Di Hua's girlfriend, Yimo? We would like to, yet can't," another girl said.

Ye Mo? The same name as him? Ye Mo suddenly shook while studying this girl. She had the exact same eyes as him. He remembered what Ye Ling said before. Was this the girl that was at his wedding?

No wonder Ye Ling would think she was his daughter. Even he felt like she was related to him, but Ye Mo knew it was impossible. He only had three women and none of them had been pregnant.

Suddenly, Ye Mo's heart shook once again. He remembered Song Yangzhu. That woman was his first woman. Could it be her? No way, that was just once! But Ye Mo couldn't stay calm anymore. Things really seemed to be like that.

If this girl was really Song Yangzhu's daughter, then it must be his too. He remembered that he seemed to have heard a girl cry and his heart ached that time at his wedding. Then, he had seen a figure hurriedly take a girl away. That figure - wasn't that Song Yangzhu?

If it really was, then how must she have felt at the time? She was carrying his daughter and was forced to watch his wedding. That was too cruel for her!

A black BMW stopped at the door of the school, and a youth who appeared to be 15 but was already nearly 5 foot 6 (1m70) walked off. He looked at those girls who had stopped Yimo and said, "Who let you be so rude to Yimo? Move aside."

"Yimo, it's my birthday today. If you're willing come over, please. If not, I understand," the youth spoke politely to the pretty girl.

The girl didn't speak. She knew that it wouldn't be good no matter if she rejected or agreed.

Ye Mo looked at this averagely dressed girl and suddenly felt bitter inside and a deep sense of guilt. He suddenly felt that he owed Song Yangzhu a lot. He had never thought of her again after taking her virginity.

Ye Mo walked over and threw the youth far away into a trash can in the street.

Then, he looked at the excited girl and asked, "What's your name?"

The girl looked at Ye Mo in shock. If Ye Mo could casually throw Di Fan out, he was definitely a master. She had heard her mother talk about ancient martial arts. Perhaps this guy was even at the yellow level! Although she knew about ancient martial arts, she had never cultivated them. Her mother said it was very costly, and they didn't have a lot of money.

Usually, she would reject strangers who tried to talk to her, but towards this big-brother-like stranger, she felt a sense of closeness. It was as though she had long since known this big brother, and he also helped her kick away Di Hua.

But the next moment, she pushed Ye Mo worriedly, "You should leave quickly, Di Hua's bodyguard is very strong."

"Leave? You want to leave after hitting Young Master Di?" a bulky man got out of the BMW.

Seeing this, the girl got all the more worried.

Meanwhile Ye Mo saw that his was a guy who wasn't even yellow level yet. Before this bodyguard could attack, he sent out a kick, using a little more force than before. This guy couldn't even defend himself and crashed into the Young Master Di who had just crawled up.

"Huh!" This girl stared at what was happening in shock, "Big Brother, you're really strong!"

Ye Mo waved his hand, "I'm much older than you, call me uncle. What's your name?" Ye Mo thought, 'If she were Song Yangzhu's daughter, who should be at the black level, there is no way she wouldn't know how strong Song Yangzhu is.' Had he guessed wrong?

"I'm Ye Yimo." As the girl said this, Ye Mo was dumbfounded. His hands started shaking. Her surname was Ye? Ye Yimo?

Ye Yimo looked at Ye Mo's shaking and suddenly asked, "Uncle, are you okay? Shouldn't you leave quickly? When the police come, you won't be able to get away. The Di family are very aggressive. If they want you to go to jail, you will-"

"Is your mother called Song Yangzhu?" Ye Mo reacted and grabbed Yimo's hands as he asked shakily.

Ye Yimo pulled her hands away and said in anger, "Uncle, what are you doing? And how do you know my mother is called Song Yangzhu?"

Ye Mo looked at his daughter who had patches on her shoe and suddenly felt tears welling up. Song Yangzhu had given birth to his daughter, yet he had never even bothered trying to find her.

Although Song Yangzhu was an ancient martial artist, she had never acquired the necessary skills to survive in everyday life. He could tell from Yimo that they weren't doing too well. Those who didn't keep cultivating ancient martial arts would regress in power. Perhaps she was a yellow level now?

As for why she had come to Ning Hai, Ye Mo could tell from his daughter's name. She knew that he had lived at Ning Hai before, so she also came here. She no longer had any hatred for him. If she did, she wouldn't call her daughter Yimo or have come to Ning Hai.

TL note: Yimo in this context means 'In remembrance of Mo'

Ye Yimo felt a strong sense of intimacy from Ye Mo, and she even noticed the tears in the corner of Ye Mo's eyes. She just wanted to ask something when Ye Mo grabbed her hand again and said in self-reproach, "I am so sorry, Yimo. My name is Ye Mo. Perhaps your mother hasn't told you, but-"

"Ye Mo? You're my dad?!" Ye Yimo suddenly went into Ye Mo's arms and started crying, while thinking, 'Mom was right! Dad went out, but he would be back, and now he really is!' From now on, she would be someone with a dad too. No one would be able to call her an illegitimate child anymore.

She had heard Ye Mo's name countless times. Every time her mother told her about her father, she would only say her dad was very strong and that he took her mother to the Mei Nei Snow Mountains. Nothing else.

"Yes, I'm your dad," Ye Mo hugged Yimo and murmured. He couldn't explain what he felt at that moment. Joy, self-hate, anxiety, excitement etc.

Luckily, he had come to Ning Hai this time or perhaps he would never know he had a daughter. For the first time, he felt this feeling of an extension of his life, his daughter.

The police cars had surrounded Ye Mo by then, yet the two were too immersed in the joy of their reunion that they didn't even notice.

"Cousin Di Zi, are you okay?" a young woman's voice sounded.

Ye Mo saw a girl younger than 30 quickly walk towards Di Hua.

Di Hua was helped up by the police, and that bodyguard was taken on the ambulance.

"Sister Cai, that person is too aggressive! He stole my girlfriend and beat me!" Di Hua cursed at Ye Mo.

"You beat him?" This Sister Cai looked at Ye Mo coldly.
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