Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 786

Chapter 786: The only thing
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo smiled and could tell that this woman was no ordinary person. At the very least, she was an ancient martial arts cultivator, and she was at the yellow level primary stage.

The police were about to attack Ye Mo, when the woman waved her hands to stop them, as though waiting for Ye Mo to reply.

"Yes, I did. But to me, this isn't a beating, because if I actually beat them, they would only be exhaling now and not inhaling anymore," Ye Mo said in contempt.

The woman frowned as her eyes sharpened, "Aren't you very cocky."

Ye Mo smiled casually, "If you want to fight without asking why, I will be more cocky than you can imagine."

Ye Mo was ready to fight the woman, because he knew that those who cultivated ancient martial arts followed the law of the jungle and liked to talk with their fists more than him. However, this woman didn't attack and frowned upon seeing how fearless Ye Mo was.

She turned to the young man and asked, "Di Zi, is she the one you want to be your girlfriend?"

She pointed at Ye Yimo who was still in Ye Mo's arms.

"Yes, Sister Cai, I really like her. I want to take her home. She's really pretty! I, I must have her. I promise to have her as my sole girlfriend, I can give up on my current one!" Di Hua said desperately. To him, as long as Sister Cai was here, everything should be easy.

The woman looked at Yimo, and her face eased a bit. She looked at Ye Mo and said, "Who are you to this girl? Although Di Zi is only in year 12, he really likes this girl. This is their fortune, and Di Zi would not mistreat her. I think-"

"Piss off!" Ye Mo yelled coldly and slapped out twice.

Ye Mo slapped that kid Di Hua flying and before he even landed, his teeth landed first. There were two slap marks on his face, with blood seeping where the palm prints were. Even his ears started to bleed.

Ye Mo said coldly, "That pig of yours does not deserve to associate with my Yimo."

Ye Mo was really furious. Yimo was his daughter, and she was only about 13 now, yet this bastard wanted her to be his girlfriend and take her home. Ye Mo really wanted to kill them right away.

But he couldn't kill right now. If he did, then the news of Luo Yue City's Ye Mo killing someone would be broadcasted all over the world. And even if he could mask his face completely, he didn't want to kill in front of his daughter right after reuniting with her.

If he hadn't come to Ning Hai and found her, his daughter wouldn't have been able to escape and would fall into that kid's hands eventually. That youth was clearly not a good guy, and their family was apparently quite powerful too. Song Yangzhu and Yimo would never be able to beat them.

"You!" Sister Cai pointed at Ye Mo, shaking with anger.

"You're a mere yellow level primary stage, stop making a fool of yourself in front of me. I should be the one looking for trouble with you, and the only reason why I'm not is because I'm not in the mood for it. But if you ruin my good mood, I will come look for trouble, and you'll regret it then.

The woman stopped her urge to attack. She suddenly had a bad feeling.

Ye Mo really wasn't in the mood for these meaningless matters. He had just reunited with his daughter.

By the time the police reacted, they found that Ye Mo had already left. They felt like Ye Mo had walked away slowly, yet he had already gone so far in one go.

The police looked at Sister Cai, waiting for her order to capture Ye Mo.

The woman opened her mouth, but by the time she came to her senses, Ye Mo was gone. She knew she had met a master today.

"You guys go back for now." She knew the police couldn't deal with people like that. She had to get revenge, but it wouldn't involve the police.

This person was very strong, but if the Bao She Hall of Ning Hai could be so easily abused, then they wouldn't have the status they had or be able to dominate Ning Hai like they did.

After the police left, the woman turned to check out Di Hua's wounds, but she suddenly felt her feet seemed to be lighter than usual.

She then noticed that - the bottom of her shoes had been sliced off, including the socks! If the slice had happened a little higher, she would have lost a layer of flesh.

Seeing this, her heart finally beat rapidly. That man sliced off her shoes without her even knowing? If he was going to slice off her legs, wouldn't she be clueless as well?

There was someone this powerful in Ning Hai? Who was he?

Thinking about this, she quickly called a few people to send Di Hua to the hospital, while she left quickly. Perhaps the Bao She Hall would disappear the very next moment after offending someone like this! She was sure that Ye Mo had shown her mercy, but that was perhaps so that he could go annihilate the Bao She Hall later.

The woman had actually guessed right. Ye Mo did intend to kill Di Hua later.

But clearly he didn't have the time now. Yimo's body was in the middle of that crucial stage of development, yet her nutrition wasn't good. It was very important to help her treat her body first.

"Is your mother fine?" Ye Mo could tell Song Yangzhu wasn't doing very well from Yimo, but he still asked.

He didn't have much feelings for Song Yangzhu, but when this daughter appeared in front of him, he could only feel guilt for Song Yangzhu.

"Her body isn't too well, so I was planning on going back." Yimo wiped her eyes.

She felt like she was dreaming. Although she had never seen her dad before, now that she did, it seemed like she had met him countless times in her dreams.

Mom had told her that dad would come look for them, so this was the moment she had always been dreaming of. The moment Ye Mo said his name, she felt it to be the most natural thing in the world that Ye Mo was her dad. The only odd thing was that her dad seemed pretty young.

Ye Mo felt even more guilty hearing about Song Yangzhu.

Yimo clasped Ye Mo's shoulders tightly, fearing that her dad would disappear as soon as she let go.

After calming down, she said carefully, "Mother spent all her savings so that I could go to the best school in Ning Hai. When she became sick, she didn't want to spend money on it either and dragged it on. Now, her body has started getting worse and worse.

Ye Mo frowned. He had given her a luminous pearl. Even if she didn't have any life skills, she could still sell that and live a wealthy life.

"Did your mother ever say she had anything valuable to sell?" Ye Mo asked.

Yimo nodded, "She has a very pretty pearl, and mother told me it could be sold for a lot of money, but that was the only thing dad left behind, so she didn't want to sell it. I agreed with her. Dad, you left that luminous pearl for mother and me, right?"
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