Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 788

Chapter 788: Ye Mos Killing Intent
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

When those young masters of the Song family fell in Ning Hai and lost their lives, Ning Hai became quiet. Even the mobsters didn't dare to be cocky, because they knew there was a Ye Mo in Ning Hai.

However, this situation was broken eight years ago. Eight years ago, the mafia mongrel Di Dongbing returned from Italy and set up the Bao She Hall. Ever since then, the area was under the reign of the Bao She Hall.

The Hall wasn't only in Ning Hai. It was a famous European corporation.

The Bao She Hall in Ning Hai was involved in a wide range of dealings. They would meddle in whatever could earn them money.

Today was a celebrational day for them as it was the big boss's only son, Di Hua's birthday. A second reason was that Di Caifeng's master would be coming to Ning Hai that night.

Di Caifeng's master was no ordinary person. What Di Dongbing was most satisfied about was not spreading his corporation all over the world, but knowing Di Caifeng's master. This master also said that he might take Di Hua in as his disciple.

At this moment, a hurried footstep broke his train of thought, and Di Dongbing frowned. Already back when he was still in Italy, he had told his men more than once to always stay calm and not be in a rush.

"What is it, Li Ping?" Di Dongbing asked with a frown. Lu Lipin was his most useful man in Ning Hai, and he was quite vigilant while being strong and loyal at the same time. That was why he kept Lu Lipin by his side.

Lu Lipin shouldn't be this hasty normally.

Lu Lipin's face was very excited. He saw his boss's tone and knew that he was acting too excited, though, so he quickly calmed down and said, "Big Brother, didn't you say before that master was going to come but we didn't have a present? Today, I heard about a very precious gift."

Even Di Dongbing got a little excited now and quickly asked, "What is it?"

"A luminous pearl!" Lu Lipin said excitedly.

"What? A luminous pearl?" Di Dongbing shot straight up. That was something legendary he had heard about a long time ago already.

He saw one in an auction more than 10 years earlier at Paris. That pearl came from China, and it was sold for 500 million USD.

He still remembered the soft light it emitted in the dark.

What present could be more precious than a luminous pearl? If it really was that, he wondered if he would even be willing to give it away. But thinking about who that master was, he immediately knew that he would get more if he gave it as a gift to that person.

"Yes, a luminous pearl!" Lu Lipin said in reassurance.

"Where is it? Get it immediately, and use all means necessary!" Di Dongbing ordered.

"Big Brother, we don't even need to spend money on it. We saw it on an ordinary woman. Her husband just came back today. He found it randomly and left it with her. This family is very ordinary, so if we want it, we only have to-" Lu Lipin made a slicing motion across his throat.

Di Dongbing frowned. With his many years of mafia experience, he felt that people who had something like the luminous pearl shouldn't be ordinary.

"Where did you get this information?" Di Dongbing returned to his calm tone.

Lu Lipin said, "I got it from a taxi driver. He took two passengers today, a father and daughter, and the daughter said her mother had a luminous pearl but wasn't willing to sell it. From their conversation the driver inferred the man had given it to his wife."

"Are you sure that's true?" Di Dongbing asked in excitement.

Lu Lipin nodded, "Yes, from what the girl said, she knew that they could sell it for a lot of money, though. And she also confirmed with the man whether he had given it to her mother."

"Okay then!" Di Dongbing yelled in joy and said, "Bring it immediately. Since they know it's a luminous pearl, they won't sell it easily. Do things clean and don't cause trouble."

"Yes, Big Brother, don't worry. They're just ordinary people. Even if they're public figures, we can do it cleanly," Lu Lipin affirmed.

Ye Yimo was cleaning the kitchen and remembered that her parents were still inside. She secretly went by the door and saw her mom in her dad's arms and quietly closed the door before going to cook.

She was really happy. It was said that kids from poor families matured early. Although she was just in seventh grade, she understood very clearly how tough her mother had it.

Ye Mo knew that Yimo had come take a peak, so he patted Song Yangzhu's shoulders and said, "Yangzhu, let's go out and eat. Yimo is cooking, but I'll tell her to stop. We will go out to eat tonight. I have a surprise for you at night. You and Yimo can live with me from now on, so don't think too much. I will give back what you have lost these years."

Song Yangzhu didn't really know what that meant but her face went red thinking about the 'surprise at night'.

"Yimo, stop cooking, we'll go out to eat tonight." Ye Mo brought Song Yangzhu out and felt a sense of satisfaction seeing his daughter.

"Really?" Yimo looked surprised and joyful. She remembered the delicious smells of the dishes she smelled every time she walked past restaurants and now, her dad was going to take her out to eat!

Ye Mo pulled Yimo lovingly into his arms again.

When they were both in his arms, Ye Mo felt thought that happiness could be so simple.

"Dad, I'm going to change into a pretty set of clothes then," Yimo saw that her mother had changed clothes and said.

Ye Mo rubbed her head and smiled, "No need, I'll take you to buy the best-looking clothes in-"

Suddenly, Ye Mo stopped. His spirit sense scanned a van driving over. The reason why Ye Mo took notice of it was because he knew one person in the van - it was their taxi driver. He was clearly showing the others the way, and it was towards Song Yangzhu's house. Ye Mo also saw three men with guns in the van.

Why were they bringing so many people with weapons there? Did that woman call for them? He hadn't had time to look for her yet, yet she came to him?

But soon, Ye Mo realized it probably wasn't her. There wasn't even a yellow level aboard the car. She would never let ordinary people take him on.

Soon, Ye Mo realized what the problem was from their conversation. The driver had overheard them talk about the luminous pearl, and so they brought these people to rob the luminous pearl.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo's killing intent rose. Luckily, Yimo had spoken about it in front of him. If it had gotten leaked before today, they wouldn't even be alive, and Ye Mo would never even know he had a daughter.

"Yangzhu, pack your things with Yimo actually. I'm going out for a moment, but after that we can leave and when we do, we don't need to come back here anymore." Ye Mo patted Song Yangzhu and left.
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