Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 789

Chapter 789: I Also Want to Cultivate
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Someone's blocking the road!" the driver suddenly slammed the breaks as he informed Lu Lipin.

Before Lu Lipin could say anything, that taxi driver leading the way said, "That's the man I was talking about."

Lu Lipin heard this, and his heart skipped a beat. In that instance, he had a bad feeling. This person didn't look like an ordinary person no matter what. He actually seemed to know their purpose and must have stopped their van on the way because of it.

Before Lu Lipin could say anything, Ye Mo already opened the door. No one knew how he opened the door, but the four people aboard looked at Ye Mo in a daze. It seemed like they weren't the robbers, but this guy who went on their van without their approval was the robber.

"You guys probably want this, right? Drive the car to the side of the road," Ye Mo said after taking out the luminous pearl.

A faint luminosity spread out in the van, giving everyone a soft feeling.

"Luminous pearl?!" Lu Lipin called out in joy. No matter what, this luminous pearl was real.

The next moment, he wanted to rob it, but he immediately stopped himself.

"Drive the car to the side of the road," Lu Lipin pointed at a distant corner and said.

Lu Lipin's words made the rest of the men subconsciously clutch their weapons. Although they didn't know why Ye Mo brought the luminous pearl on the car like that, it was a fact that the luminous pearl was about to be the Bao She Hall's.

Ye Mo put the luminous pearl away.

Soon, the car stopped at the corner. Lu Lipin just wanted to take out his gun when he saw a few red lights flash by him, and the other three couldn't even take out their guns before they were surrounded by balls of fire and died.

By the time Lu Lipin processed what had happened, he saw Ye Mo looking at him with a scornful smile.

Those men who had been alive just moments earlier eventually disappeared into dust. They couldn't even scream. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe such a spiritual incident.

Lu Lipin couldn't stop shivering. He had experienced bloody battles, but never had he witnessed a scene as shocking as this.

"Where are they?" Lu Lipin subconsciously asked and then immediately felt that he sure was dumb.

"Was it your idea to take my luminous pearl or is there someone behind you?" Ye Mo asked. If it wasn't because he wanted to ask this, Lu Lipin would be dead already as well.

Lu Lipin's teeth chattered. He didn't even dare to lie and answered, "It was my Big Brother, Bao She Hall's Di Dongbing."

Di Dongbing? Ye Mo didn't know this guy, and he didn't want to know. Right now, what mattered wasn't to go look for trouble with that man, but to go eat with Yimo and Yangzhu. He casually threw a fireball at Lu Lipin and left the van.

Song Yangzhu and Yimo barely had any belongings. There were mostly daily items and Yimo's books.

"Dad, there's a lot of things here, should I call for a car?" Yimo asked.

"No need." Ye Mo casually took everything into his ring. Since he was planning to take them away, he didn't want to keep hiding from them that he was a cultivator.

Both Yimo and Song Yangzhu looked at Ye Mo in shock - where did all those things go?

"Dad, do you know how to play magic tricks?" Yimo asked after a long while.

Ye Mo then pulled their hands and sat down, telling them all about his cultivation.

"Dad, can you really fly?" Yimo grabbed Ye Mo's hands as she kept asking questions.

Ye Mo smiled and grabbed the two in his arms before taking out his flying sword. The flying sword had a purple ray on it, and they quickly shot into the clouds.

Yimo was waving her hands about, unable to say a complete sentence, while Song Yangzhu was completely frozen.

She knew Ye Mo was no ordinary person, but she didn't expect him to be able to fly. If all these events weren't so real and right in front of her, she would think she was dreaming.

"Dad, is this the cultivation you were talking about? I also want to cultivate!" Yimo hugged Ye Mo's arms excitedly.

Di Dongbing's joyful mood was interrupted once again, and he got up in annoyance. If his loyal man wasn't getting the luminous pearl, perhaps he would start raging already.

This was the second time today his good mood was ruined by the sound of desperate footsteps.

But after seeing the person, Di Dongbing immediately didn't feel angry anymore and sat down again, changing his expression into a placid facade.

It was his niece Di Caifeng.

Although she was his niece, she was extraordinary, and her status wouldn't be any lower than his at the moment. Perhaps it was even higher thanks to her master.

"Caifeng, why did you come in such a rush? Didn't your master say he would be coming at night? Come, have a cup of tea." Di Dongbing smiled and poured her some tea.

Di Caifeng just sat straight down and said with a serious face, "Uncle Bing, today Cousin Di Hua was beaten heavily, and he's in the hospital right now. The doctor said he might lose his hearing, his face was also ruined, and he lost all his teeth."

"What?!" Di Dongbing could no longer stay calm and got up drastically.

His only son was beaten up so severely? Di Dongbing's face became cruel. Who was it? Who dared do such a thing?

"Who did it? Where is he?" Di Dongbing asked with a green face. He believed that since his niece came, it meant that the culprit was under control. In Ning Hai, it was just a matter of one order and he could catch anyone.

However, Di Caifeng replied seriously, "Incle Bing, sit down first. This matter isn't that simple. I was there at the time, and I felt the power difference between us was too great, so I didn't dare to attack. But I know this thing isn't over. And I don't mean that we should be going to find him, but that he might come for us."
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