Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 790

Chapter 790: Bait
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Might dare to come for me before I get to him?" after a long while, Di Dongbing asked to be sure.

Di Caifeng nodded, "It's not whether he dares or not, he will come for sure. The only reason why he didn't talk too much with me before was probably because he had only just found his daughter."

Di Dongbing's face sunk. He knew his niece's power. Someone whom she can't even beat was definitely strong. It was a joke to try to capture someone like that through police.

"How old is he? Even you're no match for him, is he at the yellow level tertiary stage?" Di Dongbing had to know what sort of opponent he was facing.

Di Caifeng replied, "He looks like he's in his 20s, but he sliced the bottom of my shoes without me noticing at all. I'm sure that if he wanted to slice my legs off, I wouldn't be able to keep my legs. He's definitely not just at the yellow level, he's at least at the black level."

"That strong?" Di Dongbing's heart was getting cold. It was no joke to offend a black level master.

His Bao She Hall wasn't small and might be the overlord here, but any black level could easily annihilate the Hall. Not to mention, those who cultivate ancient martial arts have very little care for the law.

If someone like that wanted to annihilate the Bao She Hall, even the government wouldn't be able to stop them in time. But if he was prepared, then even a black level wouldn't be able to easily annihilate his Bao She Hall. At the same time though, he wouldn't have the strength to kill the man either.

Di Dongbing gasped. He didn't expect to casually offend someone like this today. No wonder he was so restless all day. But was he just going to let his son get beaten like that and not get revenge?

"Uncle Bing, don't worry too much. This is all just my guess. It's very rare for someone to reach black level before thirty. Besides, even if he is black level, the Bao She Hall doesn't have to fear him," Di Caifeng said.

Di Dongbing nodded, "I'm not scared. Although we don't have black levels, we're not just for show either. Now that I'm prepared, if he dares to come to Bao She Hall, I will make sure there will be no return for him. I might lose a few brothers at most. But if we tried to go capture him, it would be much harder."

Di Caifeng mused for a moment before saying, "My master will come tonight, and I've received news that he has reached the earth level."

"Caifeng, your master reached the earth level?" Di Dongbing stood up in joy. If Caifeng's master dealt with this cocky youth then they didn't need to worry about anything.

Di Caifeng knew what her Uncle was thinking and said worriedly, "Although master agreed to take me in as a formal disciple, I'm not one yet. Master is from the hidden sects, so even if I become his formal disciple, I can't ask him to attack people as soon as I see hi-"

Di Dongbing suddenly laughed bleakly and interrupted, "Don't worry Caifeng, I've prepared a big gift for him, and we should be able to get it soon. This gift will move him for sure!"

"What is it?" Di Caifeng asked.

"Luminous. Pearl," Di Dongbing said word by word.

"What? A luminous pearl?" Even Di Caifeng stood up in shock.

"I've sent Lipin to take care of it. Hmm, he should have finished the job by now." Di Dongbing got up and remembered that Lu Lipin had been gone for two hours already. Why was there still no news of him?

Di Dongbing immediately called Lu Lipin, but all he heard was a blank tone. The next moment, Di Dongbing felt something must be up. Lu Lipin wouldn't shut his phone without his approval.

And if something happened to his phone, he would report it to him immediately.

"What's going on?" Di Caifeng noticed something was wrong too.

"I can't reach Lipin, which should be impossible. He should just be taking something from an ordinary person," Di Dongbing frowned.

Di Caifeng immediately asked, "Where did he get the news of the luminous pearl? How precious is a luminous pearl, how could he easily get news of it?"

Di Dongbing's face also went serious, and he called two men to search for Lu Lipin immediately. Then, he replied, "He got the news from a taxi driver who heard it when driving a father and daughter-"

"Father and daughter?" Di Caifeng asked with a frown.

"Yes," Di Dongbing then repeated what Lu Lipin told him.

Di Caifeng heard this and said more carefully, "Uncle Bing, if I'm not wrong, that father and daughter are the people I was talking about. The taxi driver met them not too long ago, and he picked them up from the Hai Sha High School entrance? I'm almost certain that this is the man who beat Di Zi up. I didn't think things would be so coincidental. But now that I think of it, it's normal for someone like that to have the luminous pearl."

Di Dongbing took a cold breath in and looked at Di Caifeng in shock, "Then that means that Lu Lipin and co. are already"

Di Caifeng nodded, "If it was really that person, then they might not be in a good state. Although he hasn't come looking for us yet, I'm sure he will at night."

Di Dongbing's heart went cold. He felt that things didn't seem so simple, and they weren't under his control.

Suddenly, his phone rung.

"What?!" Di Dongbing's men's report shook him again.

"What is it?" Di Caifeng asked.

Di Dongbing put the phone down in defeat, "Lu Lipin and co.'s van was found by the side of a road, with four piles of ash and a few burned guns inside."

Hearing this, Di Caifeng also frowned. After a long while, she sighed, "Uncle Bing, this isn't something we can settle. But luckily the luminous pearl is still on him. When my master comes tonight, I will tell him. Even if my master doesn't need it, he wouldn't let something that precious go by him."

Di Dongbing suddenly looked ten years older, "We can only do that. It would be best if your master is willing to be involved. Sigh, I'm just afraid- I'll go have a look at Di Hua first."

Di Caifeng knew that her uncle was worried that her master wouldn't be willing to be involved, or that that man was also related to the hidden sects.

But she wasn't worried at all, because she knew her master would definitely get involved for the sake of the luminous pearl.

Although Ye Mo had lived at Ning Hai for quite some time, he didn't really know many good restaurants. He almost only knew the Ning Hai University restaurant and the West Lake Restaurant.

So Ye Mo took them to Grand Delicacy, one other restaurant he knew.

It was closer to where Ye Mo was, and he had gone there once with Ning Qingxue. That meal, Ye Mo had spent all the money he had on him.

The dishes were expensive, but they tasted nice. Although Ye Mo didn't really like it, Yimo was really excited about eating out, so he had to take her to a good place.
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