Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 791

Chapter 791: Marrow Refining
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Grand Delicacy was a rather high caliber restaurant in Ning Hai, and many wealthy people ate there.

Ye Mo and the girls caught the eyes of many people as soon as they came in. Although Song Yangzhu was in a really weak state, after seeing Ye Mo, she had cleaned herself and now showed her special temperament again.

Seeing Song Yangzhu look down, Ye Mo pulled her hand. She knew that Ye Mo wanted to tell her that she shouldn't care.

Song Yangzhu recovered a little, thinking that she would only stay with Ye Mo for a bit. At most until Yimo's life stabilized after which she would leave Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't mind, and the reason why he hadn't cured her yet was because he was planning to not only recover her youth but also refine her bone marrow. Before that, he didn't want to casually treat her.

Ye Mo called for a room.

Facing a table full of delicious food, Yimo forgot about wanting to cultivate and focused on eating while urging her mother to eat.

Song Yangzhu ate very little, but she was very happy seeing that Yimo was happy. She had been living a hard life these years, but she did come from a wealthy family after all.

"Dad, was this where you lived before? Mom seemed to have shown me this place once," Yimo said outside Ye Mo's house in Ning Hai.

Song Yangzhu's eyes went red. She remembered she took Yimo there once when she was only 5, and yet she still remembered.

Ye Mo patted Song Yangzhu's hand and said to Yimo, "Yes, daddy used to live here." Ye Mo took them inside. The flower pots didn't have a lot of weed, and the house was cleaned rather well. Ye Mo could tell that there were frequent visitors here. It was either Su Jingwen or Yun Bing.

But they were both not there at the moment, and Ye Mo didn't use his spirit sense to search for them either.

Seeing the flower pot, Ye Mo sighed. It seemed like every woman related to him had been to this house except for Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo went inside the house and used a few cleaning spells before saying to Yimo, "Sleep in the west room tonight. I need to treat your mother's wounds, so don't disturb us if there's nothing important."

Ye Mo meant what he said, but both Yimo and Song Yangzhu misunderstood him.

Yimo poked her tongue out and made a face at Ye Mo as she agreed. Then, she snuck into the west room. She thought that there must be a lot of things dad and mom want to talk about. It wasn't good for her to be in between them.

Song Yangzhu blushed seeing her daughter leave. She thought she was prepared for what Ye Mo was planning, but she wasn't mentally prepared at all. Mentally, she was still the same girl as a decade ago.

She wanted to sleep with Ye Mo and Yimo together, but when she opened her mouth, she didn't end up calling her daughter. In the depth of her heart, she also wanted to talk to Ye Mo privately.

But even still, she was very anxious. To her, it felt like it would be her first time, as the last time she wasn't really conscious.

Seeing Ye Mo walk into the room, she felt a little worried.

"What are you hesitating about, come in!" Ye Mo called out to her.

Song Yangzhu was a little worried, so she rubbed her clothes and said after a while, "Should I go take a shower first?"

Ye Mo pulled her in, "No need, you can do that later."

"Take these pills and take off your clothes before laying on the bed," Ye Mo gave a face preserving pill to Song Yangzhu and said.

Song Yangzhu hesitated and didn't take the pill from Ye Mo. However, she did take off all her clothes and closed her eyes as she crossed her arms on her chest and laid on the bed.

Ye Mo looked at Song Yangzhu who still had that snow white skin, and a burning intensity rose in his stomach. This was the second time he saw the naked Song Yangzhu, but the first time, he didn't have such desires at all.

Although Song Yangzhu was skinny, her chest was still really big, even a little bigger than Xiaoyun's. Ye Mo realized that the reason why she could still keep such a body was her foundation in ancient martial arts.

Ye Mo had only meant for her to take off her outer clothing, why did she take off all her clothes?

Ye Mo didn't think too much about it, Song Yangzhu was his woman anyways, so it was fine.

He gave the pill to Song Yangzhu and said, "Open your mouth and eat the pill."

Song Yangzhu opened her eyes with a blushing face and said, "I don't need to eat it, I... should be fine. You can go ahead..."

Ye Mo looked confusedly at Song Yangzhu and said, "This is a face preserving pill. I want to treat your wounds and can even refine your bone marrow for you. It would be more effective if you ate this pill before we sta-"

But Ye Mo didn't finish and understood what Song Yangzhu meant. Immediately, love and care welled up in his heart. Song Yangzhu had probably misunderstood him. Although she was weak, she didn't reject him and took all her clothes off.

Ye Mo leaned down and whispered into Song Yangzhu's ear, "Thank you, Yangzhu, since you've seen Luo Ying and Qingxue, I want you to be like them, someone by my side. I'll treat your wounds first and then"

Song Yangzhu finally understood that Ye Mo was really trying to treat her wounds. Thinking about how extraordinary Ye Mo was, she immediately knew that Ye Mo wasn't tricking her. Although she had misunderstood him, she didn't feel awkward at all due to Ye Mo's attitude. She didn't even put her clothes back on.

The face preserving pill gradually spread its influence throughout Song Yangzhu's body. Ye Mo then put a lotus life pill in her mouth. If he were just purely treating her wounds, Song Yangzhu wouldn't need to take off her clothes at all. But he had decided to refine Song Yangzhu's marrow too.

When the two pills started applying their effects inside Song Yangzhu's body, Ye Mo took out 360 golden needles and started piercing Song Yangzhu's chakra points, helping her organize her meridians. Ye Mo even took out 12 spirit stones and made a simple spirit chi gathering formation in case he was lacking in cultivation essence.

Song Yangzhu fell asleep as soon as Ye Mo inserted the needles. Even though Ye Mo was stage eight middle level and was about to reach the tertiary level, he couldn't finish refining her marrow that easily yet.

Luckily Song Yangzhu was already an ancient martial artist, so her meridians were much easier to unblock than normal people's or he would have to use many times the effort.

When Ye Mo removed all of the impurities in her body, he was so tired he didn't have any energy left.

All the spirit chi inside the 12 spirit stones had been used up. Ye Mo looked at Song Yangzhu who was fast asleep on the bed and felt a sense of accomplishment. She recovered her looks from her prime, and her hair was also black again. Due to the face preserving pill, she was even prettier than in her prime.

Although her power only returned to the yellow level tertiary stage, Ye Mo didn't plan on letting her keep cultivating ancient martial arts anyway.
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