Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 792

Chapter 792: Fiery Song Yangzhu
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When Song Yangzhu woke up, she immediately noticed that she was fully naked and was shook. As a woman who didn't have a husband, she had always been very careful.

She wasn't used to sleeping by someone's side, so it took her a moment to realize what was going on. When she turned and saw Ye Mo still sleeping by her side, though, she immediately felt relieved.

But soon, she felt that something was different. Her body had become light, and her power had also reached the yellow level tertiary stage. She could easily reach the black level again! All her wounds had disappeared, and she found that her hands were smooth and silky like 10 years ago.

Song Yangzhu quickly grabbed her hair, and what appeared before her eyes were pure black silky strands.

She remembered that Ye Mo said he was going to treat her last night. Was his treatment this powerful?

Song Yangzhu could no longer keep calm. She knew all this was real. Ye Mo could even fly, what couldn't he do? Was he really an immortal?

No woman wouldn't care about her beauty. No woman didn't want to show her prettiest side to the person she liked. She was no different, and Ye Mo had truly returned to her what she had lost.

In her excitement and joy, she embraced Ye Mo and kissed him.

For the first time, Ye Mo hadn't chosen to cultivate to recover his cultivation essence and had chosen to sleep instead. When Song Yangzhu hugged him, he immediately woke up.

Looking at her joyful face, he was also very satisfied. She had found her confidence again and went back to the old Song Yangzhu.

"Thank you, Ye Mo!" Song Yangzhu couldn't contain her excitement and kissed Ye Mo's lips.

Ye Mo had been separated from Mu Xiaoyun for so long and hadn't seen Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue, now that he was being wildly kissed by the naked Song Yangzhu, how could he resist it?

Song Yangzhu's fire ignited his inner fire in turn, and to his surprise Song Yangzhu was so fierce that he couldn't even get on top of her.

When she enveloped his rod of fire, she frowned as it seemed a little painful at first, but that pain was soon gone, and she moaned in satisfaction.

The moon rose higher and higher until it was almost daylight before Song Yangzhu finally got off Ye Mo in exhaustion. She squirmed in Ye Mo's arms, and it was as though that crazy woman and Song Yangzhu were two different people.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't asking her why she had been so fiery, she couldn't resist to say, "You took the initiative that day, so this time, it was my turn to take the initiative."

Ye Mo understood now, and he rubbed Song Yangzhu's hair apologetically. They had too little memories together. The thing on the mountain was the only one worth remembering.

"To be honest, I was innocent that day, you took the initiative then too."


The two no longer had the mood to sleep. Perhaps due to the fierce battle during the night, Song Yangzhu no longer kept the distance she had when she first saw Ye Mo. Only now did she make up her mind to stay with Ye Mo and not just let Yimo stay with Ye Mo while she left.

"I'm sorry," Ye Mo apologized to Song Yangzhu in his arms. Firstly because he had annihilated the Song family and secondly because he let her live like this by herself.

Song Yangzhu put her finger on Ye Mo's lips. She knew what Ye Mo meant, but the Song family had been too cocky. While she had tried to get revenge, the other members even just stole the fortune and left, and no one had thought about her.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo saved her many times and became her husband. She had long since forgotten about the business between him and the Song family.

"Where did your wounds come from?" Ye Mo asked.

Song Yangzhu hesitated before saying slowly, "When I was pregnant with Yimo, I went to Jing City. On a snowy day, I fell at the bottom of E Mei Mountain. Sister Shan Yu from around there saved me and took me up to the E Mei Mosque."

"After I heard about your news, I took Yimo to Beijing, but then I heard you were at Flowing Snake, so I took Yimo there. When I got there, however, I realized you had gone to Luo Yue. Luckily, Luo Yue had just finished the war, and the docks were open for migration, so I went there with Yimo." Song Yangzhu still felt a little pain thinking about the arduous journey she had.

"Sorry, Yangzhu, when I saw your figure leave that day, it seemed familiar, but I didn't think carefully who it might have been. If I had, you wouldn't have gone through so much suffering." Ye Mo was very regretful.

Song Yangzhu shook her head and knew that she had left no special feeling in Ye Mo's heart. She had never blamed Ye Mo for anything, as without Yimo, even though they had slept together, there wouldn't have been any special connection between them.

"I didn't have a place to go after leaving Luo Yue, so I went back to E Mei Mosque, but I saw Sister Shan Yu's and two other nuns' bodies there. I quickly buried them and wanted to take Yimo to leave, when-" Song Yangzhu's face looked scared recounting everything, as though the event of that day were still too scary.

Ye Mo sent some chi into her body to calm her down.

Song Yangzhu felt she was still in Ye Mo's arms and gradually calmed down a little, but her tone was still shaky, "I just managed to walk up to the door when I was stopped by a black figure. He had no face - his face was like a skeleton and full of craters. I didn't dare to move at all."

Ye Mo frowned. He thought of someone who also didn't have a face - that Yan Wuliang at the auction on the ship, but he had killed him after the auction.

"His voice was like a ghost's, and I was worried for Yimo, so I struck at him with a wooden stick in my panic, and for some reason, I actually hit him. That man groaned and something was seemingly beaten out of him, but the bracelet on Yimo emitted some light and stopped that thing.

I didn't dare to fight him and quickly took Yimo to run. However at that moment, that man kicked the wooden stick back, and it hit my back. I spat blood but didn't dare to stay, so I left E Mei Mountain as quickly as possible. Luckily, that person didn't chase after me, and I fled to Ning Hai with Yimo."
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