Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 793

Chapter 793: Yimos Danger
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The more Ye Mo listened, the more he felt like that black figure was the same type of person as the Yan Wuliang he met.

Yan Wuliang was from the All Gu Sect. Everyone in that sect was a a Gu master, so even if he was injured, he wouldn't let Song Yangzhu escape. Ye Mo frowned and felt something wasn't right.

Song Yangzhu was injured and weak, but she didn't have any Gu planted in her. Ye Mo was certain of this. Yimo also seemed very healthy.

"What's wrong?" Song Yangzhu saw Ye Mo frown and asked worriedly.

Ye Mo put his hand on Song Yangzhu's back and ran his cultivation essence through her body again to check. He didn't find anything wrong.

Song Yangzhu's body felt hot after that search, and she subconsciously hugged Ye Mo tighter.

Ye Mo patted her back and said, "Let me go check Yimo too."

Because that person might be from the All Gu Sect, Ye Mo didn't feel safe and wanted to properly check Yimo.

"What's wrong with Yimo?" Song Yangzhu was shook. To her, Yimo was much more important than herself.

Ye Mo said seriously, "I suspect the person you saw was from the All Gu Sect. Everyone from that sect is inhumane and unreasonable, and they're very good at controlling Gu. I need to check if Yimo is fine."

Seeing Ye Mo leave, Song Yangzhu immediately became worried. She had heard about the All Gu Sect from her master before. It wasn't a big hidden sect, but it was in Miao Jiang, and because their means were so unpredictable, even the big six sects didn't want any enmity with them.

"You're up already? Did you not sleep?" Ye Mo walked in and asked Yimo.

"Dad, you're here, I just woke up. Are you going to teach me cultivation?" Yimo asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "I will teach you for sure, but I'm busy today. Why don't you go out with your mom and buy some clothes."

"Then where's mom?" Yimo asked.

"She will come over in a bit. Show me your wrist for now. Let me check how your body is." Ye Mo checked Yimo's face first. It wasn't very healthy, but it wasn't sickly either.

She gave out her hand without hesitation.

Ye Mo carefully searched all her chakra points and meridians with his cultivation essence, but he didn't find anything even after searching twice. Ye Mo breathed easy. Yimo should be fine.

It seemed that the person was too heavily injured and the bracelet protected them.

Just when Ye Mo was going to take back his hand, he heard Yimo exclaim, "Mom, you!"

Yimo held her mouth and looked at Song Yangzhu in disbelief. Her mother became this young and beautiful! Was this her mother? She didn't seem this pretty 10 years ago.

It must be dad using immortal magic to treat mother. Yimo looked at her dad again, and her eyes were full of stars. She had to learn these things from dad!

Meanwhile, when Yimo screamed, Ye Mo felt something different on her.

"Mom, you're so pretty! You can be my big sister now- No, my younger sister!" Yimo praised. She wanted her mom to relax. She could tell her mom looked younger, but her eyes were still tense.

Song Yangzhu walked over and sat down by the bed asking Ye Mo worriedly, "How is it? Is Yimo fine?"

Ye Mo was checking Yimo's body for the third time and didn't reply to Song Yangzhu. His face grew worse and worse. He was sure that something was done to Yimo, but it wasn't a live Gu. This thing was just a mark.

Ye Mo was sure that the perpetrator had to have been no weaker than Ren Sha, perhaps even stronger!

"What's wrong?" Song Yangzhu asked worriedly.

"Has Yimo been sicklish all these years or ever shown anything out of the ordinary?" Ye Mo asked.

Song Yangzhu shook her head. She actually felt Yimo was lucky as she rarely got sick.

But thinking for a while, Song Yangzhu said, "Yimo does get headaches every now and then, but each time she has a headache, I buy her a black chicken and make a stew with Tian Ma for her. She then always gets better a week later. This happens about three times a year.

Ye Mo heard this and was sure that Yimo had something more powerful than Gu bugs planted on her. Something called a Pill Gu.

A Gu master would plant a Pill Gu into someone's body, best if it was a child. The Pill Gu would do no harm to the body before it matured, but the day that it matured, it would kill the host and devour all of its life force and essence blood, forming into a pill-like gu.

The master would then use this Gu to make a pill for his cultivation.

Rarely anyone used this due to the time frame it took to mature.

Pill Gus usually matured after 18 years. This meant that when Yimo turned 20, the Gu master would come retrieve the Gu.

Hearing this, both Song Yangzhu and Yimo were shook. It seemed that if the black-clothed man hadn't wanted Song Yangzhu to raise Yimo until she was 20, the both of them would've been dead.

"Then what do we do?" Song Yangzhu was so worried she was about to cry.

Ye Mo patted Song Yangzhu and Yimo saying, "Don't worry, I can get it out. Yimo lay on your mom and turn your back to me."

It was very hard to plant a Pill Gu, and even harder to take it out, but to Ye Mo, it was still rather easy.

This Pill Gu was near Yimo's right shoulder. Ye Mo sealed all directions it could escape to and sliced open an area of her shoulder. At the same time, his cultivation essence enveloped a pea-sized thing and put it into a vase he prepared beforehand.

After this, he gave Yimo a lotus life pill and checked her carefully, making sure there was no problem, before finally feeling assured. Only Yimo could have the privilege of eating a lotus life pill for such a minor injury.

Song Yangzhu saw Ye Mo take out the Gu and finally patted her chest in relief, "I was so scared. I didn't expect there would be such bleak people in this world."

Meanwhile Ye Mo was raging with killing intent on the inside. He didn't care about Yan Wuliang's metal card anymore after going into the small world, but now it seemed he needed to go to Miao Jiang and annihilate that All Gu Sect!
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