Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Di Dongbings Guest
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Song Yangzhu looked at the Gu bug in disgust, "Burn the bottle please, it's uncomfortable to look at."

If she hadn't told Ye Mo about what happened and he hadn't checked Yimo, this Pill Gu would end up taking Yimo's life. She felt scared just thinking about it.

Ye Mo shook his head, "I can't annihilate this Gu yet. If I do, the owner would notice. I need to use this Gu to find its master first. I won't let it go like this."

Then, Ye Mo gave Song Yangzhu a card, "There's some money in this card, the password is all 1s. You can go buy some things with Yimo while I take care of some things."

To Ye Mo, if it was just the Di Hua incident, he wouldn't go look for trouble with the Bao She Hall, but how dare they try to scheme for the luminous pearl! This was what awakened his killing intent. Everyone liked treasures, but even with Ye Mo's power, he didn't go around killing people and robbing them as soon as he wanted something.

"Dad, do you have a lot of money in the card? Can I buy whatever I want?" Yimo immediately asked. She had long since wanted a Luo Yue brand phone, but she'd never told her mother.

Before Ye Mo could reply, Song Yangzhu patted her head, "Of course, you can buy the entire mall if you like."

Song Yangzhu knew who Ye Mo was - the founder of Luo Yue! If he wasn't rich, then no one in this world was rich.

The most core place of Bao She Hall was the Bao She Meeting Area. This was also the most luxurious place in Ning Hai.

The big boss of Bao She Hall was very restless today, because they were about to welcome their most precious guest, an earth level ancient martial artist from the hidden sects.

But the more he waited anxiously, the later the guest came. He didn't dare to leave the place, though, and at exactly 2 a.m., the guest arrived.

Despite the time, Di Dongbing and his niece Di Caifeng still stayed and had two beautiful maids serve the guest.

The guest looked like he was only in his 40s, but Di Dongbing knew that this man was at least 60.

In front of this guest, Di Dongbing no longer had that condescending temperament. He carefully talked with this guest, and Di Caifeng was even more polite and obedient. She helped the guest peel a mango while talking to him.

"Not bad, you went from the yellow level primary stage to almost the tertiary stage. You have some talent. It seems you can come back with me to the hidden sects to cultivate. A pity you started cultivation too late, if only it was ten years earlier!" the guest took the mango and said.

"Thank you master, my luck came too late. If I met master earlier, perhaps I'd be at the yellow level tertiary stage already," Di Caifeng said.

"Hahaha!" the guest laughed. He knew why he really took her in as a disciple. First was because her talent was good, but the main reason was because Di Dongbing had given him a very important herb that allowed him to reach the earth level.

He came here wanting to take her into the hidden sects and also to see if she had anymore good herbs.

Di Dongbing had never cultivated ancient martial arts, but he was very perceptive. He could easily tell what the guest wanted, "Pei-Qianbei, wanbei feels that there must be more of those herbs, so I've sent people to Wu Yi Mountain to look for more. If we find some, we will contact Qianbei immediately."

"Small matter." The guest waved his hand as though he didn't care about the gift at all.

Di Caifeng casually mentioned, "If we could bring that luminous pearl now, we could put it in master's bedroom, so-"

"Caifeng, that luminous pearl is only for show. Since we don't have it yet, we should focus on-"

However, Di Dongbing was immediately interrupted by the guest, "A luminous pearl? Are you sure?"

A luminous pearl was so valuable that even an earth level couldn't ignore it, much less someone who had only just reached the earth level.

Di Dongbing rejoiced. Even someone like that cared about the luminous pearl after all! He immediately said, "Yes, Pei-Qianbei, it is a luminous pearl indeed. It was mine already, and I was planning on using it as a gift for Caifeng becoming your disciple, but"

"But what?" the guest was clearly impatient.

Di Dongbing immediately said, "I already bought that luminous pearl and paid the money but unlucky for me, the kid of my family goes to the same school as the kid of the family who has the pearl. They had some conflict and coincidentally, the dad of the kid came back and heavily beat up my son and now doesn't want to sell me the luminous pearl anymore."

Di Dongbing sighed and continued, "I suspect the main reason why he doesn't want to sell it to me is because he knows that it's a luminous pearl now."

Hearing this, the middle-aged man frowned. Although he spent most of his time cultivating, he wasn't an idiot. He suddenly looked at Di Dongbing and said, "You have your Bao She Hall, and I heard you have a lot of masters there. Even if you killed someone in this area, it should be fine, so why would you fear an ordinary family? With your status, how can you not get revenge from someone who beat your son so heavily?"

Di Dongbing subconsciously shivered. He had heard his niece say that her master cultivated too much and didn't understand the world that much, but it didn't seem so now. He quickly replied, "That man seems very strong actually, and Caifeng suspects he's an ancient martial artist too, but we're not too sure."

The middle-aged man looked at Di Caifeng.

Di Caifeng quickly added, "When that man beat my cousin, I just arrived at the scene. I felt like I was no match for him. If he was going to keep attacking, I would attack too, but he didn't, so I didn't provoke him. I was afraid that if he had some strong background it would cause trouble for master."

The middle-aged man nodded approvingly.

But this disciple of his was a bit too careful. An earth level cultivator was already a master at the hidden sects. How could he be afraid of any ancient martial artist from the mortal world? Di Caifeng didn't know the power of earth level, though, so that's why she was this careful.

"How old is he?" the man still asked.

"He looks to be in his 20s," Di Caifeng answered.

Hearing this, the man felt completely reassured. Younger than 30 - no matter how genius he was, he would be at most at the black level primary stage.

However, Di Caifeng purposely didn't tell him about her shoe getting sliced off out of fear that her master would become too careful.

Di Dongbing continued, "Yes, Caifeng said that person was rather strong, and it wasn't easy to set up this Bao She Hall of mine, so I will count myself happy as long as he doesn't come for me. I wouldn't dare to find him instead."

"Oh, do you think he might come over?" the guest looked at Di Dongbing and asked.

Di Dongbing nodded, "Yes, I was afraid he would come at night actually, but now it's day and he still isn't here, so I guess I was thinking too much. Pei-Qianbei, it must've been a long journey for you, how about Cai Feng takes you to rest first?"

The guest smiled, "There's no such thing as rest for me. Since that cocky kid isn't here, then I'll go over and check him out. A luminous pearl, I also want to see it."
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