Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 795

Chapter 795: The Hidden Sects Danger
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

When Ye Mo arrived at the Bao She Hall his first thought was that the big boss of this place was really scared of death. This was just a meeting ground, yet there were about 30 bodyguards both in plain sight and hidden all over.

Although these bodyguards couldn't threaten him at all, Ye Mo wasn't going to be nice now that he was there. Other than the two guards at the gate, he controlled all the bodyguards and dumped them to one corner.

"It's this late, yet you're still not asleep. Are you discussing my luminous pearl, or are you waiting for me perhaps?" Ye Mo suddenly said.

Hearing this, everyone got up and looked at the door. Di Dongbing was stunned the most. He didn't know how Ye Mo could have come in at all. He had a whole bunch of bodyguards, and none of them had reported anything.

But Di Dongbing had been through a lot of things and soon calmed down.

"You're the person who beat up my son so heavily? What enmity do I have with you? You were so cruel, yet I didn't go find you, but you actually came to me," Di Dongbing said hatefully.

"Master, it's him! He-" Di Caifeng thought about what happened yesterday and was also annoyed.

But when she saw her master, she immediately swallowed the words she was about to say and looked at her master in disbelief.

Her master was kneeling on the ground and shaking - what was going on?

Ye Mo also felt very strange that there was an earth level here. How could there be this level of master in Ning Hai? However, this earth level knelt down in front of him, so he clearly knew him.

Di Dongbing also saw this eerie scene, and his mouth was wide open like Di Caifeng's. He immediately realized that he seemed to have messed with someone he couldn't mess with.

Even Caifeng's master, an earth level cultivator, was kneeling and shivering in front of this person. Who was he? He didn't dare to even wage a guess anymore, and the next moment, he quickly pulled Di Caifeng to kneel down with him.

He had survived until that day not only because he had power, but also because he had the brains to recognize the situation.

Ye Mo ignored the two and walked up to the earth level, asking coldly "You know me?"

The earth level was still shaky and quickly replied, "Yes, yes Qianbei, this wanbei is called Pei Ang, I am from the Qi Shan Sect."

"Qi Shan Sect?" Ye Mo frowned and really couldn't remember a sect called the Qi Shan Sect.

"How do you know me? I don't have any impression of you," Ye Mo asked after thinking for a moment.

Pei Ang quickly replied, "More than ten years ago, I saw Qianbei once at the Hidden Sects Tournament on Broken Top Mountain. Qianbei showed your almighty power on the stage and slaughtered that invader, promoting the dominance of our country. I've long since admired Qianbei."

Pei Ang didn't feel his words to be cringy at all. He had heard of Ye Mo's legendary stories.

If Ye Mo could even annihilate a behemoth of the hidden sects like the Gourd Cave, then he wasn't even an ant to him.

Ye Mo nodded. No wonder he knew him.

"You're here to help the Bao She Hall?" Ye Mo asked coldly.

Pei Ang subconsciously shivered and quickly said, "No, wanbei is not here for this. I'm preparing to go to the hidden sects' earth level meeting to discuss the danger to the hidden sects-"

At that moment, two guns sounded all of a sudden. Ye Mo's spirit sense had already noticed a bulky youth run in with a gun, and the two guards at the door had been shot down by him.

Di Dongbing heard this, and his face grew worse. He wanted to stand up immediately but couldn't, as he had never knelt down for so long in his life.

That youth rushed into the guest hall and was dazed by the scene in front of him. He knew who Di Dongbing was all too clearly, yet someone like him was kneeling down to someone? He had waited a whole night to kill him, but he didn't come out all. He had to leave Ning Hai immediately, so he charged in to kill Di Dongbing even if it could mean his death.

The youth also felt like it had been surprisingly easy to come in, and that seemed to be related to this young man in front of him.

He ignored Ye Mo and just started shooting away at Di Dongbing. The more bullets he sprayed, the crazier he became.

Di Dongbing had never thought that he would die like this - killed by an ant.

He really didn't how his heavily guarded meeting place didn't even have anyone to report when people kept coming in. It was acceptable when someone that Caifeng's master even feared came in, but what about this ordinary kid?

"Uncle!" Di Caifeng called out and rushed over, wanting to hold Di Dongbing up.

"It's you?!" Di Caifeng then recognized the youth and looked at him angrily. She would've charged up already if he didn't have a gun in his hand.

The youth also looked at Di Caifeng furiously, "I've killed that animal Di Dongbing, but you, you're a butcher too! My sister's death iss also related to you, hahaha!"

Then, the youth sprayed bullets at Di Caifeng.

"Hey, why did you kill him?" Ye Mo scanned the youth and asked. He didn't stop the youth from killing, but if he couldn't give an appropriate reason for killing under his watch, Ye Mo wouldn't mind letting this youth die too.

The youth saw Di Caifeng fall in a pool of blood, and the madness in his eyes gradually dissipated.

"If she had been just getting close to me for my family's land and wealth, I wouldn't mind even if she tricked it all away, because I really loved her. But this devil-hearted woman not only helped the Bao She Hall take everything I had, she also wouldn't even let my little sister go!" Madness appeared in the youth's eyes again.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Okay then, you've killed them and gotten your revenge. Now leave, don't interrupt my business here." Di Caifeng must have given this kid's sister to Di Hua, and she probably died in his hands.

The youth looked strangely at Ye Mo once. He knew Ye Mo was no ordinary person from how Di Dongbing had been kneeling on the ground.

"Thank you. I'm Feng Chen, may we meet again." He felt that the reason why he had been so successful today was definitely related to this person. He could also feel that the man didn't fear his gun. He didn't have any enmity with him anyway, so he saluted with his fist and left.

Ye Mo actually had a strange feeling about this Feng Chen. The fellow had a strange aura about him that felt familiar to Ye Mo.

He didn't keep thinking, though, and looked at Pei Ang who was kneeling on the ground and asked, "What is this danger to the hidden sects you mentioned?"
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