Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 797

Chapter 797: Luo Yue's Purple Card
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Strictly speaking, that man was her martial brother, Xu Shi. When she left the Heaven Squad, he was already at earth level primary stage. After ten years, his skin looked even better than before.

"Martial Sister Song!" Xu Shi was more shocked. Song Yangzhu was much younger and prettier than before, she looked like a young girl in her 20s.

Song Yangzhu was only 20 when she was part of the Heaven Squad. However, due to her cold complexion, she seemed older than she really was.

Even so, Xu Shi still liked her. Yet Xu Shi knew he was pursuing something out of his reach, so he didn't think too much about her. However, his heart for Song Yangzhu hadn't changed. Ever since he had reached earth level, he thought of her even more.

"Mom, who is he?" Yimo looked at Xu Shi vigilantly.

"Huh! You're married already?" Xu Shi looked at Yimo. He couldn't believe that Song Yangzhu was not only married, but that she had such a grown-up daughter.

Song Yangzhu smiled and didn't reply to him. To her, the Song Yangzhu from the past was dead. Her master had disappeared without notice after the Song family got annihilated. She had had to use her own means to go to the hidden sects' tournament and met Ye Mo there.

Xu Shi didn't know at all what Song Yangzhu was thinking. But judging from their clothes, he immediately could tell that they weren't living very well. This meant that her husband wasn't very powerful.

He didn't care at all if she was married or not. No matter who her husband was, he could crush him with one finger.

"Yangzhu, do you want to go back? Martial Uncle Luan is also back," Xu Shi said again.

Song Yangzhu said plainly, "Captain Xu, I'm buying some things with my daughter and I will be leaving with my husband later on. I'm no longer interested in returning to that place."

Hearing Song Yangzhu call him captain, Xu Shi's expression didn't look too good. In the past, Song Yangzhu called him martial brother.

Despite this, Xu Shi didn't leave immediately. He was at earth peak now and he was in no rush. Although he had had some women in the past years, they were just superficial flings. The moment he saw Song Yangzhu again, his heart reignited.

No matter who her husband was, he had to get Song Yangzhu.

"Yangzhu, I got an invitation to go to a meeting at Jiu Ming Academy. If you're willing, you can come with me," Xu Shi continued.

He was sure that Song Yangzhu knew how powerful Jiu Ming Academy was. The sect was like an insurmountable giant even to the squad leader of the Heaven Squad.

Song Yangzhu smiled and took Yimo to the phone shop - but she didn't reply to Xu Shi at all. Her husband was Ye Mo and even if she had still been by herself, she wouldn't have wanted to talk to Xu Shi.

She had seen all too well what sort of person he was.

"I want this phone." Yimo and Ning Lan went to the counter.

"Use my card." Xu Shi offered his gold card.

"No need." Song Yangzhu took out the card Ye Mo had given her.

"Hmmm- Luo Yue's card?" The attendant saw this and was dazed. Luo Yue's credit-cards had a unique sign which had the two floating 'Luo Yue' words. No country could counterfeit it. There were also colours on the rim of the card.

There were many colours, but there was one colour that only the city lord could use and that was purple. That card happened to be purple too.

As an employee of Luo Yue Corporation, they were all trained rigorously to recognize all sorts of cards before they started working.

The card in that worker's hand was not only from Luo Yue, but also purple. She immediately became anxious. She had seen a picture of this card, but when she actually had it in her hands, she didn't dare to believe it.

Their manager had said during training that they had to recognize this card, yet it was not likely they would see it.

"Hahaha! Did your dad get a fake card?" Ning Wuzhen noticed the attendant wasn't talk while holding the card, so he scorned.

Yimo and Ning Lan also got a little confused. Yimo realized that their card really seemed to be different than other people's cards.

The attendant bowed respectfully to Song Yangzhu and said, "Miss, hello, please wait a moment."

Although she knew the card was real, she didn't dare make the decision and notified at once the shopping mall manager.

Song Yangzhu hesitated and asked, "Doesn't this mall belong to Luo Yue?"

"Yes," the attendant replied respectfully. "This is a shopping mall under Luo Yue's business faculty. Our head manager will come to greet you personally."

Xu Shi also frowned. He had seen Luo Yue's cards before and Song Yangzhu had taken one out. After seeing how careful the attendant was, was Song Yangzhu's husband really from Luo Yue? If he was, then they shouldn't be that poor.

Then, a woman ran over in a hurry. She seemed to be facing the biggest thing in her life.

The attendant saw this woman and quickly walked up to her, "Manager Cui, this guest brought the card."

The woman saw Song Yangzhu and her eyes lit up. She just looked at the card quickly and said, "May I ask for your surname?"

Song Yangzhu smiled, "I'm Song Yangzhu, this is my daughter Ye Yimo."

"Ye Yimo?" The woman looked at Yimo and her face drastically changed. "You're the wife of the President?"

Xu Shi heard this and expression didn't look too good.

Song Yangzhu knew that 'president' probably meant Ye Mo, but she wasn't too sure. However, someone did reply to her.

"Yes, she's the president's wife. Shen Qianqian is quite capable, she has opened shopping malls everywhere."

"Dad, you're here!" Yimo heard this voice and run to hug the person.

"Hello, President, I'm Cui Yanxiu, the Head Manager for this shopping mall," the head manager immediately came up to greet Ye Mo and gave him the card back. Then she said, "Director Shen said that the president doesn't need to use a card in any of Luo Yue's shopping mall."

Ye Mo was speechless. Since when had Shen Qianqian made this rule?

He quickly waved his hand. "Swipe this card and tell Director Shen that from now on no one in Luo Yue can buy things without paying. Tell her I said this. If she finds out about anyone doing this, punish them heavily."

"Yes," the head manager quickly said.

Xu Shi's expression grew worse. He couldn't have thought that Song Yangzhu's husband was Ye Mo. How could Ye Mo be her husband?
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