Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Guessed Right Indeed
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Instructor Ye, I really didn't expect to be able to see you here." Xu Shi wished he could kill Ye Mo. However, he knew that even if he had been at half step great heaven, he would still be no match for Ye Mo.

Xu Shi had thought that there was almost no one who could stop him from marrying a woman. Even if there were, it would be a few Qianbei of the hidden sects. But they wouldn't do such a thing. However, there was one more person to whom he didn't dare do anything - and that person was Ye Mo. Yet he was this unlucky, he liked Ye Mo's woman. He knew that if he didn't want to die, he had better stop because even there Ye Mo could kill him without any pressure.

Ye Mo didn't know that Xu Shi desired Song Yangzhu. He thought it was normal that they were talking since they had both been from the Heaven Squad after all. He could guess that Xu Shi was there to go to the Jiu Ming Academy's meeting.

But he didn't have a good impression of him at all. He waved his hand. "You can leave, you have no business here."

"Yes." Xu Shi's face was green with anger. Ye Mo had treated him like one would blow a fly away, but he didn't dare do anything at all.

"Dad, why did that aunty say you didn't need to pay? Is this shopping mall yours? Why did mom never tell me?" Yimo asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "This shopping mall is connected to me, but it's not mine. As for free things, if I start this, there will be people that follow it. In time, the Luo Yue shopping malls would be filled with parasites and bring corruption to other things."

Ye Mo scanned the manager and said without concern, "If there are really parasites like that in Luo Yue, I wouldn't mind swatting them to death"

The manager shook and said, "Yes, President. I will give your order to Director Shen."

"Yimo, I feel your dad is right," Ning Lan said.

Ning Wuzhen had wrongly estimated Ye Mo's identity and thus didn't dare to talk. He couldn't help to notice Yimo closely and then just realized she was a girl so pretty like he had never seen before. She didn't wear outstanding clothes, but her exquisite face and bright eyes made his heart beat quickly.

He subconsciously looked at Yimo's mum and his heart beat even faster. Song Yangzhu not only had that beauty, but also had the maturity.

Ning Wuzhen had heard he had a really pretty aunty who was once the prettiest girl in Beijing. What a pity! He hadn't seen her before, but he believed that Song Yangzhu's beauty was on par with that unseen aunty.

Song Yangzhu was Yimo's mother, so he didn't need to think about it. However, Ning Zhenwu was now really interested in Yimo.

Yimo's dad seemed to be a president and owned a shopping mall, but the Ning family owned more shopping malls. If he showed his family's wealth, perhaps Yimo's dad would look at him in different light and let his daughter get close to him.

Thinking about this Ning Zhenwu immediately said, "Actually, Ning Lan, do you know how long you can stay this time at Beijing?"

Ning Lan didn't know why he asked this but she said, "Of course, I will be staying there permanently. Moreover, my mother doesn't like moving around."

Ning Wuzhen said in satisfaction, "You're wrong! Your dad probably won't be staying long in Beijing because my big uncle doesn't like your dad. This is why your dad doesn't have a share in the Ning family. If my dad hadn't requested it, your dad wouldn't even be able to go back to Beijing."

Ning Zhenwu gloated, "My family has a medicinal factory in the US and two shopping malls in Beijing! This is all because great Grandpa likes me the most. If I talk to my Great Grandpa, perhaps he might give your family a company or something."

Ye Mo suddenly looked at Ning Zhenwu and said, "You're from the Beijing's Ning family?"

"Of course, my Great Grandpa is Beijing's Ning Fuzhen," Ning Zhenwu saw that Ye Mo had finally noticed him and immediately said this. His face was full of pride when he spoke of his great grandpa. Even the rich and the famous in Beijing were very respectful to his great grandpa.

He nodded. He had been planning to find Ning Fuzhen and now he met someone from the Ning family. To him, the only one he had a good impression of from the Ning family was Ning Qingxue's dad, so he just nodded.

"Yimo, let's go buy our things and then go," Song Yangzhu could tell Ye Mo's dislike to Ning Zhenwu and immediately said.

After buying things, Ning Lan and Yimo separated. Ning Zhenwu wanted to ask for Yimo's contact details, but Yimo didn't like a person who looked down on her dad, so she ignored him.

The first thing he did after bringing them home was test their spirit roots.

The results didn't disappoint Ye Mo. Song Yangzhu was a duo element, metal and water spirit root. Yimo was the metal and lightning dual spirit root.

Ye Mo knew that Yimo had probably inherited the lightning spirit root from him, because people rarely had the mutated spirit root with a five element spirit root.

Ye Mo explained cultivation to them carefully and taught them the Primordial Chaos Chant. Then, he made two storage rings for them. He didn't make flying swords for them yet - he would do that after he reached foundation establishment state.

Although Song Yangzhu and Yimo cultivated at the same time, Ye Mo was more than twice as fast as Song Yangzhu. This was partially due to the fact that Song Yangzhu rarely slept with Ye Mo in the past. So now that they stayed together, they spent most of the night rolling in the bed. Secondly, Yimo's spirit root was more suitable for the Primordial Chaos Chant.

Three days passed quickly. Ye Mo took Song Yangzhu and Yimo back to Luo Yue.

When Song Yangzhu had first arrived to Luo Yue, it was far from as developed as it was that day, but she wasn't too surprised seeing it. However, Yimo was very shocked. She had never seen a city as prosperous and beautiful as Luo Yue.

"Dad, this place should be called Luo Yue Immortal City! This place is really beautiful," Yimo sighed.

Ye Mo was also happy that his daughter was happy.

"Yes, from now on Luo Yue will be called Luo Yue Immortal City." Xu Yuehua got news of his arrival as soon as he got there. She went to greet Ye Mo and the others and she also agreed to Yimo's petition.

"Brother, she's the one I told you-" Ye Ling saw Song Yangzhu and recognized her immediately.

Song Yangzhu also saw Ye Ling and greeted her.

Ye Ling looked at Yimo and then looked at her brother. She went up and pinched Ye Mo's arm, "Brother, did you lie to me? You said you didn't-"

Ye Ling then looked at Ye Mo and then at Song Yangzhu. "Sister-in-law, I've thought about it with Beiwei for a long while. We felt you were our sister-in-law and it really seems to be so. Is this that little girl? She's so grown-up now and pretty!
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