Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 799

Chapter 799: Ning Family
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After staying with Song Yangzhu and Yimo at Luo Yue for two days, Ye Mo left Luo Yue again. He was in no rush to go to Jiu Ming Academy, however.

Zeng Zhengxia was injured, but with Ye Mo's lotus life pill, he should be fine soon.

Ye Mo first went to Beijing, because he wanted to see Ning Fuzhen and visit Han Zaixin. He hadn't been able to save Zhang Jue and Li Hu. Ye Mo felt very guilty about it, but he had tried his best, and he had almost lost his life on that island too.

Ye Mo went straight to the Ning family mansion first.

Two guards stopped Ye Mo, asking who he was, when noises came from the inside.

"Ning Yang, weren't you going to Luo Yue? Why did you come back to Beijing? Oh, they didn't want you in. The Ning family isn't some place you can come and go as you please." a middle-aged man was pushing another person as he spoke coldly.

"What right do you have to push my dad! He just came to visit great-grandpa, what's that got to do with you? Do you think we would want to come back to this trash place!" a girl's voice sounded, and she was going to pull the man who was pushed.

"You dare call the Ning family mansion a trash place? You're asking to die!" a crisp voice sounded, and a young girl was going to slap the other girl.

The dad wanted to stop the girl, but he was also being held back, so he could only watch as his daughter was about to get slapped.

Ye Mo sneered and walked up, grabbing the girl's wrist, easily throwing her far away. Ye Mo didn't use much force, so the girl only stumbled a few times and stood up.

Ye Mo had recognized that the girl who was about to get slapped was Yimo's classmate, Ning Lan. He wasn't going to let Yimo's friend get slapped.

"Uncle, it's you, what are you doing here? Is Yimo here too?" Ning Lan called out in joy.

"Who are you, how dare you come here?!" that young girl stood up and raged at Ye Mo. Then, she roared at the guards, "Are you dead people? Why did you let anyone come inside the mansion? Hurry up and capture him!"

"Wait!" The man who was holding Ning Lan's dad back suddenly let go of Ning Yang and spoke politely, "May I ask if you are Ye Mo?"

Ye Mo replied coldly, "Yes, I'm Ye Mo."

"You, you really are Ye Mo. City Lord Ye!" The middle-aged man's voice became shaky. His tone and manners immediately became careful and reverent, as though it was a god standing before him.

"You're Ye Mo? Is Qingxue fine? I'm Ning Yang." Ning Lan's dad walked up in excitement.

Ning Yang? Ye Mo seemed to have heard Qingxue mention this name, "Qingxue went out on holiday, and she's fine. Aren't you..."

"I'm Qingxue's cousin."

Ye Mo immediately remembered. When Ning Qingxue was betrayed by her family and sold to the Song family, it was Ning Yang who told her about it and helped her escape.

Ye Mo immediately reached out his hand and shook hands with Ning Yang, "Nice to meet you, thank you for what you did."

Ning Yang immediately felt happy. It was a matter of huge excitement for him that someone like Ye Mo remembered what he had done.

The middle-aged man who had been pushing Ning Yang, now carefully walked up to Ye Mo and said, "I'm Ning Yang's cousin, Ning Xi, Qingxue's elder cousin. It's an honour that City Lord Ye has come to the Ning family."

However, he didn't dare to shake hands with Ye Mo. He could tell by Ye Mo's attitude that he didn't really want to stay with him.

Ning Zhenwu who came out to watch the show looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didn't think that even his great uncle would be so respectful to this man. His great uncle was the next in line for becoming the family leader!

But what shook him even more was that his great-grandpa even came out with a very excited face.

Ye Mo immediately recognized Ning Fuzhen. He wasn't young, but he could tell he looked like Ning Zhongfei.

"Is this the glorious arrival of City Lord Ye?" Ning Fuzhen yelled in excitement from far away.

Although Ye Mo didn't really like Ning Qingxue's grandpa, he was still her grandpa, and Ye Mo would be asking for help today. Hearing this, Ye Mo walked up and saluted with his fists, "I greet Ning-Qianbei."

Ning Fuzhen clearly liked this greeting method. The only pity was that Ye Mo didn't call him grandpa, but he knew that the damage in their relationship with Ning Qingxue was irreversible. It was already great fortune that Ye Mo would even come to them.

He didn't even need Ye Mo to do anything for the Ning family, as he only had to spread the word that Ye Mo had come to their mansion, and the Ning family's status would go up a level in Beijing. Not to mention, he was sure that Ye Mo wouldn't come visit for no reason.

"City Lord Ye, please come inside." Ning Fuzhen reached out his hand hospitably. Clearly he was trying to usher Ye Mo in.

"Great-grandpa, is this Luo Yue's City Lord Ye? He's so young!" that girl who had been about to beat Ning Lan said as she came up and held Ning Fuzhen's arm.

However, she was looking at Ye Mo with seductive eyes.

Ye Mo scanned this girl, and she was indeed beautiful and even prettier than Zhuo Yangqing, but Ye Mo saw that the greater part of her seeming innocence was an act. And this made Ye Mo displeased.

Ye Mo didn't go in immediately and asked Ning Yang, "Brother Ning, why are you here?"

The reason why Ye Mo asked this was because Ning Yang didn't seem to be welcomed here and from what Ning Zhenwu said, their family didn't seem to be doing well in Beijing.

Ning Yang sighed, "A few years ago, I planned on joining Qingxue at Luo Yue, but she seemed to be out and something happened to Luo Yue, so I wasn't able to make it. I don't have much business in Beijing, so I went back to my wife's home in Ning Hai, but I can't stay there forever, so I..."

Ye Mo could tell that Ning Yang's wife's family must not be happy with him, so he went back to Beijing. Yet he couldn't even see Ning Fuzhen, much less ask him for help.

Ning Fuzhen thought quickly and immediately understood what was going on. He looked annoyedly at Ning Xi and said amicably, "Ning Yang, why didn't you just come inside? Come, come, come in with City Lord Ye. This must be Lan Lan - you're so big already. Come in with your dad and let great-grandpa see you."

Ning Yang knew that the reason why Ning Fuzhen had this attitude was all because of Ye Mo.

He quickly took Ning Lan up and greeted, "Grandpa, I came to visit you today with Lan Lan. All is good as long as you're healthy."

"Great, great! You can go ahead and settle in the mansion when you're ready, and I'll let Zhongshou give you some responsibilities later. Sigh, I'm getting old," Ning Fuzhen sighed.

Ye Mo smiled, "Brother Ning Yang, if you want I can write a letter to Erhu, and you can work at Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals. As for Lan Lan, she can study at Luo Yue."

Hearing this, everyone in the Ning family looked at Ning Yang in envy. It was so hard to even go to Luo Yue, much less live there.

"Of course I'm willing!" Ning Yang replied in excitement.

Because of Ye Mo, when Ning Yang left almost the whole Ning family sent him off.

After the two left, Ning Fuzhen said politely to Ye Mo, "City Lord Ye, please come in."

Ye Mo went in first, while Ning Fuzhen waved his hands at the people behind him and didn't let a single person come in. However, he did let that girl holding his arm come in.
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