Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Confirmed Its Him

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Yun Bing hadnt left the house for the entire day. She didnt even go out to buy vegetables. She could only focus on when Ye Mo would wake up and kept heating the congee again and again, but he still didnt have any signs of waking up.

If Ye Mos breathing wasnt normal, she would have thought that he wouldnt survive.

She had never seen someone unconscious for so long. But even if she didnt go out, she still knew that what was happening outside wasnt trivial as she could see the street full of police car patrolling every so often.

She really couldnt understand who Ye Mo had killed and why it would cause such a ruckus.

In the house Ning Qingxue lived at, other than Su Jingwen and her parents, everyone else had left, so Ning Qingxue got up and ate something. She was staring at that Silver Heart Grass when Li Mumei suddenly ran in.

Qingxue, you can get up!? Li Mumei was joyful from the bottom of her heart.

Yeah, I feel much better, Mumei, what happened? Ning Qingxue looked at the hurried Li Mumei and asked.

Li Mumei then realized that she was going to say something, Qingxue, I heard that Song Shaotan was killed in Ning Hai last night. The person who killed him also killed five other people; however, one seemed to have a bigger background than Song Shaotan, but I dont know who it was.

Ning Qingxue thought for a moment and asked, Mumei, do you know who the other people are?

Li Mumei shook her head and said, I dont know either, I have no news of the other people. I only knew from a friend. However, this thing got pretty big, and many journalists came to Ning Hai. I know a lot of journalists from Beijing so I might have more information tomorrow.

Why did Song Shaotan come to Ning Hai? Was he the one who ordered people to injure her? Then who killed Song Shaotan? Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of Ye Mo and immediately asked, Mumei, did you get the blood analysis back?

Yeah... Li Mumei gave the report to Ning Qingxue. Ning Qingxue looked, and she became quickly excited.

Whats wrong? Qingxue? Li Mumei hurriedly asked.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, No Nothing, Im going in to sit. Ill come out later. Then, she walked into the room.

Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue and thought that she had just recovered and might be feeling tired, so she didnt bother too much.

However, Ning Qingxue was elated because the blood type was exactly the same as Ye Mos: they were both B type. Although it was far from sufficient to know if it was Ye Mo through blood type, Ning Qingxue still firmly believed this was him.

She seemed to feel Ye Mo came back. Was he related to the incident of their death last night? If it wasnt Ye Mo, who else would dare to touch the Song Familys people? Ye Mo dared to kill even Song Shaowen so why not Song Shaotan too? Besides, he had the motive for it.

Knowing that it was entirely possible that Ye Mo came back to save her, she finally felt relieved in her heart. After all, she had already admitted that Ye Mo was her husband, so if he had seen her body, it wouldnt really matter.

However, Ning Qingxue suddenly felt unrested. If Ye Mo came to Ning Hai and killed Song Shaotan, then wouldnt he be in a very dangerous situation right now? What if he still hadnt escaped out of Ning Hai? Ning Qingxue became worried, and now, she wished that the person who came last night wasnt Ye Mo.

Because if Ye Mo really did it, then he wouldnt be able to escape from Ning Hai with the Song Familys power.

Huh, Qingxue, youre alright? Xu Wei asked in surprise. She knew her injuries were grave. The hospital even gave out her final days but now, Ning Qingxue stood in front of her perfectly fine. What was this?

Yeah, Ive recovered already, perhaps the hospital misdiagnosed. My injuries werent that serious, Ning Qingxue nodded and said.

Xu Wei was dubious. Ning Qingxue went to the best hospital in Ning Hai, one that was famous even in the country. How could they make such a serious mistake? Besides, she had seen with her own eyes Ning Qingxue being hit with that stick.

Seeing that Xu Wei didnt really believe her, Ning Qingxue quickly changed the subject: How come you didnt go to work again today?

Sigh, why are your tones exactly the same, yesterday, Ye Xu Wei suddenly stopped. She suddenly remembered that Ye Mo told her yesterday not to tell Ning Qingxue, but she had almost forgotten today.

Although Xu Wei had stopped her words in time, Ning Qingxue had discerned it and asked, What happened yesterday? Did Ye Mo come back!?

At the same time, Ning Qingxue had subconsciously grabbed Xu Weis hands.

Xu Wei looked at her hands that were tightly clutched by Ning Qingxue. She knew she had spilled it and had no way to keep hiding it. She sighed and said, Yesterday Ye Mo came back and looked at the flower pots for half a day. Then, he asked me about you and left. He probably went to the hospital to see you. What, did you not see him?

Ning Qingxue suddenly let go of Xu Weis hands and mumbled, It really was him, hes alright! He came back, so he was really the one to

Qingxue, go rest, you just recovered, dont walk around everywhere. Xu Wei, well eat together later, her mom and I are cooking right now. Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue who stood at the doorway and walked over.

Qingxue, why is your face red? Are you hot? Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxues face was as red as an apple and asked concerningly.

Ning Qingxue was thinking about Ye Mo who came over last night and didnt know if he heard her words. Thinking about how she had called him Lao Gong, she felt really embarrassed and hoped he didnt hear it. But now, she was 100% sure that the one who came last night was Ye Mo. She felt comfortable and even a little bit of sweetness in her heart.

Now that Li Mumei asked, Ning Qingxue immediately thought that since Ye Mo came yesterday, then he must have killed Song Shaotan to avenge her. Thinking about the events from last night, she realized that Ye Mo might still be escaping and immediately felt worried.

Qingxue Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxues face change rapidly and felt more worried.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, Im fine, Mumei, you told me earlier that you know a lot of journalists in Beijing. Can you invite one out and let me see tonight?

Ning Qingxue wanted to know what happened last night through the journalist as a way to inadvertently find out about Ye Mos situation.

Qingxue, you want to see a journalist? Dont you hate them? Li Mumei spoke but seeing Ning Qingxue didnt say anything else, she immediately continued, Okay, Ill ask tonight. If all goes well, I should be able to get one or two.
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