Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 802

Chapter 802: Youre from the All Gu Sect?
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo smiled as he thought that this woman felt a bit too good about herself. He didn't know how she knew he had looked at her ass, but to be fair, he hadn't even gazed at it for a second.

But Ye Mo didn't rebuke her, and he just said plainly, "Tell me where Nie Shuangshuang went."

Seeing this, the woman looked at Ye Mo in contempt before using the same plain tone, "You're that Ye Mo, right? Although I've never seen you before, the only guy Sister Nie Shuangshuang knows is you."

"That's right, I'm Ye Mo, now tell me where Nie Shuangshuang went," Ye Mo asked calmly.

"She went looking for you," the woman replied.

"What, she went looking for me?" Ye Mo asked the woman in surprise.

The woman saw Ye Mo was really surprised and couldn't help but feel more contempt towards him. He was cruel enough to not visit a woman who liked him for so many years, and he didn't even know about it.

She didn't understand why Sister Nie Shuangshuang would like someone as heartless as this. With her beauty, what man couldn't she get? Why did Sister Nie Shuangshuang sacrifice herself for this man? She hadn't heard any news from her for five years. If she really went to Miao Jiang, then she might not be alive.

"Do you know where she went to find me?" Ye Mo calmed down and asked. He knew Nie Shuangshuang probably didn't go find him at Luo Yue, because otherwise Ye Ling would know.

"A few years ago, she got news of your sudden disappearance, so she left Beijing to find you. She left me with this bar. She didn't open this bar for money, so I followed her will and never changed a thing about this bar. I don't really know where she went, but I heard her mention Miao Jiang. I don't know if she went there in the end or not," the woman said.

Ye Mo left the bar, and the woman took out a video recording, wanting to see Ye Mo's lustful ogling of her butt.

But the next moment, her face turned green. She had been thinking too highly of herself. The video recording showed that Ye Mo had only scanned her ass for less than a second.

Immediately, she felt very embarrassed. No wonder Ye Mo's face didn't change at all. Moreover, he couldn't even be bothered to explain himself.

Ye Mo didn't feel so good after walking out of the bar. Although he wasn't interested in Nie Shuangshuang, she had gone missing due to him. China was so big, while his spirit sense was only 20 km. It would be impossible to find her, nit to mention that she might not even be in China. At least for Yun Ziyi's dad, Yun Dongxia, he could make an advertisement through TV.

As for Miao Jiang, Ye Mo had to go for Yimo anyway. It would be even better if he could find Nie Shuangshuang there too.

Ye Mo decided to look for Zeng Zhengxia first. He didn't walk very far away from the bar when a very exposed woman threw a flirty glance at him and said seductively, "Big Brother, could you go in and have a drink with me?"

Ye Mo had no interest to drink with such a woman, so he waved his hand, "Sorry, I'm busy."

Then he immediately left. Ye Mo found himself a place with no one around and was about to fly towards Kun Lun when his spirit sense checked up on that woman again.

She had found someone else to drink with. It was a man in his 50s, he had a bald head and very small eyes.

Ye Mo shook his head and wanted to take back his spirit sense but a moment later, something made him change his mind, and he followed the two.

He noticed that the bald man was some ancient martial arts master at the earth level tertiary stage. Ye Mo didn't understand why a master like him would get together with an escort.

Even though the man was ugly, he could have any sort of woman he wanted with his power.

On top of that, his inner qi wave felt familiar to Ye Mo.

The man's chi had a certain recognizable earth element to it.

The man drove an ordinary van. Ye Mo followed behind the man and kept scanning the man with his spirit sense.

Soon, he remembered that when he cured Zhuo Aiguo's son, Zhuo Huatang, he had a sliver of inner qi in his brain. It was the exact same qi as the qi this man had.

The man drove to a place near the Yan river. They were at the slums.

"Big Brother, you're really interesting, you live here?" The woman was still smiling as she leaned on the bald man, but Ye Mo could tell that she was a little scared.

"Hehe, don't worry, this is for you." The man stopped the car and took out a few hundred dollars and stuffed them into the woman's chest. Then, he dragged the woman into a house.

Ye Mo followed in and scanned the place with his spirit sense. His face sunk immediately - there was an underground room with multiple bodies inside.

The woman might have gotten some money, but she was no idiot. She could feel that something creepy was up with the house and that the man didn't really seem to want to f*ck her.

"I'm Hong Guangping. Don't hate me for this, but I have no choice. Don't worry, after you die, I will burn some money for you." The bald headed man suddenly took out a blood red bug and looked at the woman.

"What are you doing?! I'll give you all the money you want, just don't kill me!" the woman begged.

As Hong Guangping saw this, he said in a sympathetic tone, "I'm really sorry, I would really love to just knock you out, but if I do, my baby wouldn't be able to get the best essence blood out of you."

Ye Mo understood what was going on. This guy's red bug was a Gu bug, and he was using it to rob living people of their essence blood.

Ye Mo thought this guy must be from the All Gu Sect too.

From this guy's means Ye Mo could tell he was stronger than Ren Sha. But he didn't seem to be the person who planted the Pill Gu on Yimo.

Hong Guangping threw his Gu out and said, "Baby, hurry up, we don't have much time."

The woman saw the blood red bug fly towards her and screamed. Then, she fainted. Hong Guangping couldn't let her faint, though, and as he wanted to wake her up, he suddenly sensed his Gu bug disappear. He turned around immediately and asked in shock, "Who are you?"

Ye Mo ignored Hong Guangping and floated the Gu bug above his palm. The Gu bug struggled for a good while. He took out a bottle and sealed it inside.

Then, he looked at Hong Guangping and asked, "You're from the All Gu Sect?"
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