Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Golden Magical Gu
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Although other people's lives were like grass in Hong Guangping's eyes, he valued his own life a lot. He knew he was an ant to this young man who was able to come into his room without him noticing at all and control his Gu with just his bare hands.

This young man might very well be a great heaven master, or at least a half step great heaven cultivator.

Now that Ye Mo asked him this question, he was shook. There weren't a lot of All Gu Sect members, so there weren't many who knew about them. Their cultivation method was very cruel and evil just like the Nine Moon Sect's, so they were also looked down upon by most sects. Thus, they didn't participate in hidden sect activities and were very low-key.

But he quickly replied, "Yes, Qianbei, wanbei is a member of the All Gu Sect."

"Why are you harming people in Beijing then?" Ye Mo asked while scanning the man and was sure that he wasn't the black-clothed man Song Yangzhu had talked about.

Hong Guangping hesitated when he felt a cold qi rush towards him. Before he could react, he felt his left arm go cold, and it instantly fell to the ground.

Blood splashed out. Hong Guangping was stunned and furious. He didn't think that just for hesitating only a little bit this man would slice his arm off.

But he also came to understand realized that this young man was stronger than he had thought. He himself was at the earth level tertiary stage, yet he hadn't even been able to react. Now, it could be seen that he was even worse than an ant to this young man.

Understanding this, Hong Guangping quickly stopped his bleeding and replied immediately, "Qianbei, I came to Beijing because the egg of the All Gu Sect's Golden Magical Gu has been found."

Ye Mo sneered, "What's that got to do with you coming to Beijing?"

Hong Guangping was pale due to the loss of blood already, but he didn't dare to reply slowly, "Because the Golden Magical Gu exist as a pair. There are six disciples of us in the same generation, so we've locked it up in a secure place and will be holding a month-long tournament later at our sect. Only the two who get first and second place can get the eggs."

Ye Mo sneered, "Seems like there's quite a lot of All Gu Sect trash. I killed a Ren Sha and a Yan Wuliang, yet there's still so many of you. How long until this one month tournament?"

Hong Guangping shivered upon hearing this. Why was he so unlucky?

Yan Wuliang was fine, he was very cruel, but his power was rather weak, but Ren Sha was very powerful. He was the genius of the All Gu Sect, but there hadn't been any news of him for more than ten years. So it was this man who killed him!

Hong Guangping was also cruel, but he was rather fearful of his own death. His teeth were even chattering as he spoke carefully, "There's one more week- Qianbei, I'm actually a benign person. I really don't like killing people. I'm the most good-hearted in the whole All Gu Sect. If it wasn't for the Golden Magical Gu, I wouldn't come out to Beijing to increase my power either. Please have mercy on me. I'm willing to take you to the All Gu Sect and kill all of the members."

"Oh, so according to you, the All Gu Sect is quite prosperous as to motivate you to go through such lengths for their rewards. There are so many sect members outside, though. How can you kill them all?" Ye Mo sneered.

Hong Guangping said more desperately, "Qianbei, I'm telling the truth. There aren't that many All Gu Sect members. There's only six left. It is due to the limited resources these years that the disciples devoured each other's Gus. And so now, the remaining ones are all elite members."

Ye Mo breathed easy. If there were a lot of All Gu Sect members, and if they all went to Luo Yue, Luo Yue would suffer heavily.

Ye Mo sneered, "In that case, I don't need you to lead the way. A week later, I will go to your sect and kill them all myself."

Hearing this, Hong Guangping almost slapped his own mouth. Why did he say that the sect members had devoured each other?

At this moment, that woman woke up, and her first reaction was to scream. When she then saw Ye Mo and Hong Guangping with a missing arm, she screamed even louder.

Ye Mo frowned and said, "Take that black bag and go. You can take the van and drive away, you have no business here."

"Huh?" The woman realized that the young man telling her to go was the customer she wasn't able to get.

"Big Brother, did you save me?" the woman wasn't dumb.

Ye Mo sighed, "Yes, now take that black bag and go already."

Ye Mo's spirit sense had scanned that the black bag was full of money. It was Hong Guangping's.

"Huh? Ok, ok, thank you! Thank you!" The woman didn't want to take the black bag, but she didn't dare to reject Ye Mo's request.

Soon, she drove away from the Yan River in the van.

Seeing Ye Mo look at him again, Hong Guangping shivered and said, "Qianbei, I'm truly kind-hearted. This was the first time-"

Ye Mo sneered, "First time? So the bodies underground have nothing to do with you?"

"Huh?" Hong Guangping was dazed. How did this young man know about that? He had clearly come from the front entrance. Had he been hiding there before?

Seeing Ye Mo's killing intent, Hong Guangping shivered even more but didn't know how to beg this young man to let him go anymore.

"Let me ask you something. Who knows how to raise a Pill Gu in the All Gu Sect?" Ye Mo asked with even stronger killing intent.

Hong Guangping quickly answered, "Martial Brother Ji Lie does. He's always been outside the sect, and he's much stronger than me."

"Will he be going back to the All Gu Sect in a week?" Ye Mo asked impatiently.

"Yes, yes, he will go back for sure!" Hong Guangping shivered.

"And where will your martial brothers be gathering then?" Ye Mo asked.

"At the place where our master died, Nan Jiang Wan Qu Mountain." Then Hong Guangping quickly said, "Qianbei, I have a key you will need, but I don't have it on me. If you kill me, you won't be able to get the key."

Ye Mo sneered. He didn't believe that place would be hard enough to stop his flying sword.

After finding out all he wanted to know, Ye Mo looked plainly at the shivering Hong Guangping and smiled. Hong Guangping saw this and forced out a smile, wanting to show he could still be useful.

Then Ye Mo said, "I'm really sorry, and I really did want to give you a chance first before killing you, but that's too troublesome. Don't hate me after I kill you, because you won't have a next life. I will burn your soul away."

Then, Ye Mo threw a flame over.

Ye Mo had listed the All Gu Sect as a sect he must annihilate. After this event, Ye Mo didn't stay in Beijing and headed towards Jiu Ming Academy on his flying sword.
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