Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Behind the Assassination
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo didn't know where on Kun Lun Jiu Ming Academy was, and the Kun Lun ranges were thousands of kilometers long. He wouldn't be able to find it with this spirit sense over a single night.

So he just went to Le Qing City and planned to go to the place where Jiu Ming Academy accepted guests.

After coming to this city, Ye Mo felt it was very quiet. It was a well-developed place which should be more prosperous at night.

Ye Mo scanned the area with his spirit sense and quickly found Jiu Ming Hotel, so Ye Mo went there without hesitation.

As soon as he arrived, he saw a figure stumble as he charged into the hotel.

It was a man at the earth level primary stage man who was heavily injured. Someone immediately helped him up when he came in, and two more earth levels came to the door and looked around.

Such things were happening on Jiu Ming Academy's land? Ye Mo was about to go in and ask what wa going on when his spirit sense picked up on a wave. This wave was an ethereal person!

Invisibility? Ye Mo was shook - who could turn invisible other than him? He scanned the person with his spirit sense.

After measuring the person's power, he relaxed. This wasn't invisibility, it was an inner qi trick.

The figure stared at the door of the hotel for a long while before leaving in dissatisfaction.

Ye Mo immediately followed up and completely checked this person. The person was at most at the black level, yet he was able to heavily injure an earth level cultivator, almost killing him. However, he seemed to have gotten injured too, and there was blood on his stomach.

Ye Mo realized that this person must be related to the Japanese master and disciple pair who tried to cause trouble at the Hidden Sects Tournament. In the end Ye Mo had killed the master by nailing him to the wall, and his disciple had also been killed by Zeng Zhengxia's disciple with his wind blade rune.

More than ten years later, he saw such people again at the foot of Kun Lun Mountain.

The black figure was very fast, and soon, he left Le Qing and went into a Range Rover, which was waiting for him by the side of the road. The vehicle quickly drove off onto the highway, and when Ye Mo scanned the car with his spirit sense, he found that there were another black level and earth level cultivator in the car. The driver wasn't a cultivator at all.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at a remote village. All three cultivators got off and went into the village without the driver.

The driver then left.

Ye Mo followed the three into a small mansion.

There were many of these small mansions in this village.

In this mansion, there were already five people who seemed to be waiting for the three. Ye Mo followed them into the house without hesitation.

The first to speak was Japanese, and Ye Mo couldn't understand him. Luckily, another white-faced man spoke in Chinese, "Qiyu, you didn't get him and even got injured instead?"

The black level bowed and said, "Yes, that person is definitely no ordinary earth level primary stage cultivator. He can easily kill earth level middle stage masters. After I stole his thing, he ran off."

Then, the man handed a booklet with both of his hands.

The white-faced man nodded, "Stand on the side."

"Yes." This black level man retreated to the side.

The other two also handed a couple of booklets.

Ye Mo sent his spirit sense around and saw that they were all ancient martial arts cultivators. Ye Mo was shook. Were these people killing ancient martial artists to get their cultivation methods?

Or did they know that Jiu Ming Academy had notified all earth levels to come so they were waiting for them?

Ye Mo scanned the mansion with his spirit sense too and saw a large pile of ancient martial arts cultivation methods. It seemed his guess was right. But there were too many here - did they really need this many?

Suddenly, that Japanese man spoke in Chinese, "Let's leave immediately, there's no need to stay here anymore."

The white-faced man nodded, "Yes, although we didn't hit our target, we need to change locations nonetheless."

Then, he looked coldly at Qiyu. Qiyu was shook and knew the white-faced man wasn't happy with him. His failure had exposed them.

The Japanese nodded, "Then let's go to Beijing first. Jitan-kun will continue with the remaining work. You just need to go from Beijing to Luo Yue and do everything according to plan."

The white-faced man looked at the Japanese man and said, "Anko-kun, according to my intel, that Ye-guy appeared in Beijing recently, meaning that he isn't at Luo Yue right now. I think we can't go to Beijing yet. Although it's a really small chance that he finds us, but if he does, I'm sure that all of us combined would be no match for him."

"Hmph!" There were three men who sat at the top. Among them was a tall, skinny, middle-aged man who was unhappy. Ye Mo scanned this man and found that he was the strongest there, having half step great heaven power.

The white-faced man smiled, "I have more enmity with Ye Mo than anyone. He annihilated our Dongfang family in Luo Yue, so I want to kill him more than anyone. But I also know better than anyone else that we aren't capable of killing him yet. Brother Xiang Heng, although I know you're the strongest here, that Ye Mo isn't any weaker than Xiang Jing Qianbei of your Xiang Ninjutsu Dojo."

"Can I think of this as Dongfang Wang deceiving us into helping you achieve your goals?" the tall, skinny man sneered.

The white-faced man seemed a little helpless and could only say, "I can swear that the young master didn't lie to you."

"Not to mention, your sect's Aosi Kelang also died by Ye Mo's hands. Does Dojo Leader Xiang not want revenge? If he didn't want revenge, I don't think you would be here."

That tall, skinny man didn't argue back.

Ye Mo now understood what was going on. Dongfang Wang was teaming up with these Japanese against Luo Yue.

Ye Mo didn't keep listening. He walked in and raised his hand, and tens of wind blades flew out. In an instant, the room was bombarded with sword chi as blood splashed everywhere. Ye Mo killed five out of the eight people in the room without any resistance.

Ye Mo left that Japanese man, white-faced man, and tall, skinny man alive.
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