Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 805

Chapter 805: Dongfang Wangs Setup
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

As Ye Mo expected, the first to react was that tall, skinny Xiang Heng. He had pulled out his curved sword instantly and was looking at Ye Mo with alert.

The reason why Ye Mo had caused a bloodbath on the ground level right from the start was to shock the people above, but clearly this Xiang Heng didn't care.

The white-faced man had also gotten up, and his face did get pale. His body was trembling as he asked, "You're Ye Mo? How did you get here?"

Ye Mo ignored him and walked up to the man, kicking him away into the pool of blood. He kicked that other Japanese man away too before sitting down and looking at Xiang Heng.

Xiang Heng stared at Ye Mo for a while before saying, "I'm probably no match for you."

Ye Mo smiled calmly, "Of course you're no match for me, I don't need you to remind me."

Xiang Heng's face burst red as he said in anger, "Even if I'm no match for you, I will still fight you!" Then, he was about to attack.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "No need to seek death. I heard your dojo leader was also looking for this?"

Then, Ye Mo took out the five pieces of the yin yang fish.

Xiang Heng saw this and said shakily, "You, you have five pieces? If you were to obtain the two fishtails, you would have collected all of the fish jumping through the dragon gate!"

Ye Mo looked at the excited Xiang Heng and knew there really was some big secret involved, and it seemed like that dojo leader would know for sure.

Seeing Ye Mo put the pieces away, Xiang Heng immediately wanted to make a grab for it. But Ye Mo sneered and threw out tens of wind blades. He didn't want to kill Xiang Heng yet, so they didn't hit any vital spots.

Seeing the frosty chi come at him, Xiang Heng realized his situation and picked up his curved sword without hesitation. It spun a circle and clashed with the wind blades while Xiang Heng imbued his inner qi.

Ye Mo didn't keep throwing wind blades, because Xiang Heng would really end up chopped up on the ground otherwise. This was the difference in strength between truth cultivators and ancient martial artists.

Clank clank clank- Xiang Heng retreated to the back of the meeting room. There were cuts on his arms and stomach.

Ye Mo approved of this Xiang Heng. He was much stronger than other half step great heaven cultivators.

Xiang Heng's face was pale, and he looked at Ye Mo in shock. He had never seen such a master that could easily condense inner qi into blades. What martial art was this? The difference between them was too great!

"You're from the Xiang Ninjutsu Dojo, right? And your dojo leader has the two fishtails, right?" Ye Mo asked.

"Yes," Xiang Heng replied subconsciously.

"What's the main purpose of the fish pieces? What are you doing here? Were the people I killed from your dojo too?" Ye Mo asked.

Xiang Heng shook his head, "I only know that once the pieces are gathered, they can form the fish ascending into dragon gate. There's a huge fortune inside, but I don't know the specifics. I came here to kill you, and those you killed were people Dojo Leader trained for the Dongfang family."

Ye Mo could tell from Xiang Heng's eyes that he didn't lie. Ye Mo nodded, "Seeing that you didn't lie, I will allow you to commit suicide."

"Thank you." Xiang Heng was unsatisfied, but he didn't attack Ye Mo again. He simply slit his throat with his sword.

Blood splurged, and Xiang Heng fell on the ground.

Ye Mo then looked coldly at the white-faced man. This fellow was from the Dongfang family. Ye Mo knew that Dongfang Wang, that venomous snake, wouldn't stop just like that, but he didn't understand why they were killing hidden sect members.

The white-faced man looked scared, but Ye Mo knew he would never tell him the truth.

Hence Ye Mo walked up to the man and patted him on the forehead.

The man's face relaxed, and his eyes looked blank.

"What's your name?" Ye Mo asked.

"I'm Dongfang Xiao." The white-faced man answered calmly, but this shocked the Japanese man heavily.

"Why are you killing the hidden sects' masters? Why are you collecting ancient martial arts cultivation methods?"

Ye Mo soon understood what was going on.

Dongfang Tang had sent the Japanese there, while Dongfang Xiao represented Dongfang Wang, and Xiang Heng represented the Xiang Ninjutsu Dojo.

Xiang Heng's purpose was simple: to get revenge from Ye Mo and collect the yin yang fish pieces.

Dongfang Tang represented Northern Sand and wanted to collect the ancient martial art cultivation methods. Dongfang Wang wanted to annihilate the hidden sects and make a copy of the low level sects' cultivation methods and spread them around Luo Yue.

Dongfang Wang's purpose was to make people think that Luo Yue was the one who had been annihilating the hidden sects.

This was because Ye Mo did similar things in the past; The Gourd Cave, He Liu Sect, Broken Fist Hall, and Dian Cang.

Ye Mo curse. This Dongfang Wang was really freaking bleak! If people really believed Luo Yue did this, all those hidden sect masters would come to Luo Yue for revenge.

Luo Yue wouldn't care about one or two, but if more came and all targeted the Luo Yue higher ups, then there wouldn't be enough officials to kill! Of course, when Luo Yue was completely stabilized, they wouldn't care, but Luo Yue was just having its new rules established.

Luo Yue would also get a bad reputation, while the hidden sects would stand on Dongfang Wang's side.

Intricate calculations indeed - all the bastards of the Dongfang family were sly as heck!

"Does this mean that all the hidden sects were annihilated by you guys?" Ye Mo asked coldly.

Dongfang Xiao replied, "No, some weren't done by us."

"Who did it then?" Ye Mo asked.

"We've investigated it, and it should be related to the All Gu Sect." After saying this much, Dongfang Xiao woke up and realized what had happened to him. He looked at Ye Mo with a face of disbelief.

Ye Mo pulled out his phone and called Yu Miaodan, "Sister Yu, what has the Union said about Northern Sand invading Si Xun?"

Yu Miaodan replied, "It's still under negotiation, and there's no specific plan of action yet."

"Then don't bother anymore. Just find an excuse to announce war on Northern Sand, and annihilate them!" Ye Mo was very angry.

"Huh?" Yu Miaodan was shook. "Euhm, Luo Yue had a reason to fight the first and second times they went to war, but this time we have no excuse. This would leave a bad international reputation and shake the whole of Luo Yue."
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