Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 806

Chapter 806: Removing Suspicion
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Ye Mo suddenly woke up from her words. The current Luo Yue wasn't the Luo Yue from more than ten years ago. Luo Yue had only been built then, so its people didn't have a sense of belonging to Luo Yue and neither did Luo Yue have that for the people.

At that time, they could fight whenever they wanted. But now they couldn't.

Ye Mo fell silent. He felt he had reacted a bit too emotionally. He didn't like to keep playing with tricks, which was why he gave Luo Yue to others for management while he could quickly settle things when there was a coup d'etat and such in Luo Yue.

But he needed to change his character a little. There would be schemes and tricks in any world. There was no shortage of people like Dongfang Wang. If he killed Dongfang Wang, there would still be a Xifang Wang.

After long, Ye Mo said a little despondently, "You're right, let's wait and see what they have to say about Si Xun. As for Northern Sand, Luo Yue doesn't need to take action, I will annihilate them myself."

Ye Mo wasn't going to let Northern Sand go at all. He had decided to go to Northern Sand's base himself and annihilate them all. He had the power, so he didn't need to play politics with them.

Hearing Ye Mo say he would annihilate Northern Sand, that Japanese man shivered again.

Ye Mo didn't get to know from Dongfang Xiao where Dongfang Wang was, but he knew where Xi Tang was now. It was a small tribe in Southern China.

Two hours later, Ye Mo left the village and went back to Le Qing. Although those ancient martial arts were useless to him, he still made a copy. Who knew when he would need them.

Then, he put the cultivation methods all in a big bag which he carried in his hand.

"Brother Ye, you're here too!" Ye Mo didn't think that the first he would see at Jiu Ming Hotel would be Zeng Zhengxia. He was standing at the door and greeted Ye Mo joyfully. Clearly, he had fully recovered.

"Is everything okay now?" Ye Mo scanned Zeng Zhengxia with his spirit sense.

"Brother Ye, thank you for your pill. Otherwise, I would still be in that bed." Zeng Zhengxia hadn't broken through to great heaven, but he was a half step great heaven peak master now.

Ye Mo patted Zeng Zhengxia's shoulder and said, "Brother Zeng, who attacked 36 River?"

Zeng Zhengxia had a hateful look as he said word by word, "His name was Xiang Heng. If not for the fact that he ambushed me first, I wouldn't have been the first to get injured. I'll admit his movement technique might have been strange, but I won't give up just like that. I was waiting for you here to tell you that I must kill that Xiang Heng no matter who he is."

"Brother Zeng, no need to do that. I've just killed him for you," Ye Mo nodded.

"What?! You killed Xiang Heng?" Zeng Zhengxia didn't say this, as it was another ancient martial artist who had just walked out and heard this.

Ye Mo had long since noticed that a few people had arrived. He knew them all. The leading man was Feng Wu, the Vice Sect Leader of Jiu Ming Academy. Behind him were his Martial Brother Zheng Chao and his Martial Sister Cai Ji. It was Feng Wu who asked the question.

Zheng Chao was still at the earth level middle stage, but Cai Ji was at the earth level tertiary stage. Feng Wu was on the same level as Zeng Zhengxia, and perhaps even a little stronger.

No wonder Jiu Ming Academy could become the number one sect of the outer hidden sects. Zeng Zhengxia was the strongest in 36 Rivers, but Feng Wu was supposedly only ranked third in Jiu Ming Academy.

There were more people behind this group too, but they were just all earth levels he had seen at the tournament.

"Brother Ye, you really killed Xiang Heng?" Zeng Zhengxia grabbed Ye Mo's hand in excitement and asked. Although he was confident he could beat Xiang Heng, he had no confidence in killing him. The people Xiang Heng brought with him had almost annihilated 36 Rivers.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, and not only that, I killed another few masters who were assassinating the hidden sect masters and robbing the hidden sects' cultivation methods as well."

Feng Wu and co. heard this and were stunned. Zheng Chao looked surprised and asked, "City Lord Ye, you really found out who was behind it? Shouldn't this have nothing to do with you?"

Ye Mo frowned. Dongfang Wang hadn't even started spreading the cultivation methods in Luo Yue, yet these people were already suspecting him. There was no way he would be able to clear his name once the plan started.

Zeng Zhengxia immediately sneered, "Brother Zheng, I can guarantee with my life that Brother Ye is not such a person. How dare you question him like that."

Ye Mo felt warm. He knew that Zeng Zhengxia must've spoken out for him a lot. Otherwise, perhaps they would've thought he was the culprit already.

But Ye Mo knew that his past battles had been too shocking. He even annihilated the Gourd Cave, so he didn't blame Feng Wu and the rest. He nodded, "Luo Yue was indeed not behind this, but I can't say it's completely unrelated to Luo Yue."

Seeing everyone's confused eyes, Ye Mo sighed and said, "Because Luo Yue has an enemy called Dongfang Wang who wanted to put the blame of the annihilation of the hidden sects on Luo Yue. When I came here today, I saw someone hunt a man up to this hotel. I followed that person and found out what happened."

"City Lord Ye, please come inside." Feng Wu immediately became very polite. He knew Ye Mo's power. More than ten years ago, he could annihilate the Gourd Cave already. After all these years had passed, there was no way he wouldn't have gotten stronger.

He had felt like his state might be higher than Ye Mo, but now he realized Ye Mo was probably still way more powerful than him.

Ye Mo explained things after taking everyone to the meeting room and dumped the bag of cultivation methods in there.

There were quite a few top level cultivation methods, but a lot of the sects they belonged to were annihilated, so Ye Mo left these at Jiu Ming Academy. Although those sects were annihilated, most people weren't killed. Dongfang Wang wouldn't kill them all because who would look for trouble with Luo Yue then?

After some negotiation, Jiu Ming Academy sent out a wanted order for the Dongfang family and listed them as the number one enemy of the hidden sects. Meanwhile, those who had their sects annihilated could come to Jiu Ming Academy to collect their cultivation methods.

Due to Ye Mo's power and status, all the hidden sects' representatives would greet him. Ye Mo didn't reject those who wanted to base their sect at Luo Yue, as long as their cultivation methods weren't evil and they understood that at Luo Yue, they had to obey Luo Yue's laws.

Although many hidden sects had second thoughts due to this, Zeng Zhengxia decided to move to Luo Yue.

After the meeting, Ye Mo brought Zeng Zhengxia to the top level of the hotel.

After the two sat down, Ye Mo asked, "Brother Zeng, I would want to know what your goal is in life."

Zeng Zhengxia was dazed, but he quickly said, "Of course it is to reach great heaven. After you reach great heaven, your power increases manifolds, and you get an extra 60 years of life. Although I look 40, I'm already almost 60. If I don't break through soon, I won't have any chance in the future, so I'm fully pursuing great heaven now."

Ye Mo shook his head and said, "The extreme of ancient martial arts isn't great heaven, much less the great heaven you're talking about."

"What?" Zeng Zhengxia was shook, but he didn't say anything else as he knew Ye Mo would tell him more.

Ye Mo said, "In the past, I knew even less about ancient martial arts than you, but now, I can clearly tell you. First, after the peak of earth level peak comes not the half step great heaven or great heaven, but the heaven level. Only those who surpass the heaven level are great heaven. After great heaven there are higher levels, but I've only met true great heaven masters and haven't witnessed any level higher than that, so I don't know more."

Zeng Zhengxia looked at Ye Mo with his mouth wide open in shock and was unable to say anything.
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