Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 807

Chapter 807: Breakthrough in One Night
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo didn't interrupt Zeng Zhengxia. He knew that Zeng Zhengxia needed time to process this information. After all, anyone would be in disbelief and loss when something they've worked for all their life turned out to be meaningless.

After a long while, Zeng Zhengxia woke up from his shock. He believed that Ye Mo wouldn't lie to him, so he sighed, "Funny how everyone is working hard to reach great heaven, yet it's actually like this."

Then, he seemed to remember something and asked Ye Mo in shock, "Brother Ye, you said you've seen a real great heaven master? But according to what I know, the highest powers of China's hidden sects are Gourd Cave's Ren Pingchuan and Jiu Ming Academy's Wang Yijian. They are at most at the heaven level. Is there someone who surpassed them?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, because I went to the small world and saw the inner hidden sects. I fought with a lot of them too."

Zeng Zhengxia could no longer resist the excitement in his heart and got up suddenly, but then he quickly sat back down and asked shakily, "Brother Ye, you really went to the inner hidden sects?"

The reason why he was so excited was because he knew that over the countless years, inner hidden sect members would come out once in a while, while the people outside could never go in. It was also said that the inner hidden sects were much stronger than the outer hidden sects.

Ye Mo said again, "Yes, and if heaven level cultivators are counted as great heavens, then all big inner hidden sects have seven or eight great heaven masters. But if we're talking about true great heaven masters, then there's only one or two in the inner hidden sects."

Ye Mo thought about the sword technique he got from the man hunting Ji Mei, and he felt that ancient martial arts weren't as simple as he'd thought. Although they weren't as strong as truth cultivation in the early stages, what if they surpassed great heaven and reached higher states? What would it be like then?

Ye Mo thought about this for a long time but couldn't draw a conclusion without seeing it.

"How do you enter the inner hidden sects?" Zeng Zhengxia asked excitedly. If he went to the inner hidden sects, wouldn't he be able to reach greater levels?

Ye Mo's face sunk, "My wife is actually in the small world right now, but I have no way of going at the moment. I will try again once I reach a higher level."

Ye Mo wanted to see if he could repair the formation once he reached the foundation establishment state.

Hearing this, Zeng Zhengxia looked extremely disappointed and sighed, "So I have cultivated for so long, yet I won't even break through to the heaven level. Instead, I have been comforting myself thinking that it's great heaven I have almost reached. I was really viewing the world from inside a well."

"In fact, I have a way for you to reach heaven level right away," Ye Mo said. He didn't tell him these things initially so as not to traumatize Zeng Zhengxia's will to cultivate.

"Huh?" Zeng Zhengxia felt his heart wasn't able to take the shock of Ye Mo's words tonight. He felt like all of these things couldn't be real, but he knew that Ye Mo wouldn't trick him.

Ye Mo took out a great essence increasing pill and said, "I got this from the small world. If you eat it and digest it and charge for the heaven level, you will succeed for sure."

"Yes!" Zeng Zhengxia took the pill excitedly. He trusted Ye Mo completely.

As soon as it melted in his mouth, it turned into spirit liquid nourishing his meridians. Zeng Zhengxia felt like his body was going to explode under the fiery spirit power. Zeng Zhengxia immediately used his cultivation method to digest the power.

His strong foundation allowed him to break through without obstacle. The depth of his dantian formed a Qi Sea. He reached heaven level and became many times stronger than before. Zeng Zhengxia wanted to stand up and roar out of excitement, but he resisted such impulses and stabilized his state.

When Zeng Zhengxia woke up again it was daytime, and he stood up excitedly studying himself. He then said joyfully, "I broke through, I broke through to great heaven! I feel so strong."

Ye Mo smiled, "If you want to comfort yourself by saying it's great heaven, I can't do anything about it, but you haven't reached great heaven - remember you've just reached the heaven level."

Zeng Zhengxia had set Ye Mo's words aside. Heaven level was great heaven on Earth, meaning that he might be the second heaven level master in all of China!

Although Ye Mo didn't want to shock Zeng Zhengxia, he was afraid Zeng Zhengxia would be too satisfied and no longer progress, so Ye Mo said, "Brother Zeng, there are many people at this level in the small world. Anyway, it's daylight now, so let's go down."

Zeng Zhengxia saluted to Ye Mo with his fists, "Thank you, Brother Ye. And I naturally know what you mean, but I won't give up on cultivation like this. Instead, I will work even harder!"

Zeng Zhengxia then hesitated before saying, "Brother Ye, what is the difference in power between us now?" He knew that he was still no match for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled, "In the small world, I was once surrounded by tens of heaven levels, and there were even heaven level tertiary stage peak masters." Ye Mo didn't even mention those earth levels and half step great heaven cultivators.

"What happened then?" Zeng Zhengxia asked desperately.

"What happened?" Ye Mo said plainly, "I killed them all. Oh, one ran away."

"" Zeng Zhengxia patted his head speechlessly. This Brother Ye was a real freak. He was definitely a true great heaven master already.

He killed tens of great heaven masters? If word got out, no one would believe it, but Zeng Zhengxia knew Ye Mo wouldn't lie to him. He no longer had the mood to compare himself with Ye Mo or to try to spar with him.

When Ye Mo and Zeng Zhengxia came to the ground floor of the hotel, they happened to meet Feng Wu and co. Feng Wu came up to them and said, "City Lord Ye, Sect Leader Zeng, we were looking for you guys last night but didn't find you. Euhm?"

Feng Wu suddenly stopped. He felt Zeng Zhengxia was different than before. His power was many times stronger, and his inner qi was seeping out uncontrollably. This was because Zeng Zhengxia had just reached heaven level and couldn't fully control his power.

"Sect Leader Zeng, you reached great heaven?!" Feng Wu's voice was shaky. Zeng Zhengxia reached great heaven in one night? This was too shocking!

No matter when, he was always a little stronger than Zeng Zhengxia in the past but now, Zeng Zhengxia had completely surpassed him.

Zeng Zhengxia smiled and nodded, "Yes, with the help of Brother Ye, I broke through luckily."

No one suspected Zeng Zhengxia's words as Ye Mo had come last night and Zeng Zhengxia broke through right after.

"Sect Leader Zeng, you've reached great heaven, this is substantial good news! How come you don't look very happy then?" An earth level realized that Zeng Zhengxia could only at most be called in a satisfied mood.

Zeng Zhengxia smiled bitterly, thinking, 'If you guys knew how terrifyingly strong Ye Mo is and that great heaven isn't great heaven, you wouldn't be like this either.'

He smiled and saluted with his fist, "There's no way I'm not happy, but I just keep it in my heart. But I will borrow Jing Ming Academy's land to invite everyone for drinks today."

Feng Wu laughed after recovering from the shock, "Great, great, of course, let's go to Jiu Ming Academy now. Finally someone after Martial Brother Wang broke through to great heaven! This is a thing worthy of celebration for the entire hidden sects."

Meanwhile Martial Sister Cai had shimmering looks in her eyes as she stared at Ye Mo as if realizing something very important.
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