Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 808

Chapter 808: Number One Master
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

With Ye Mo's investigation, things had cleared out. However, people still needed to discuss what to do so those people who had come to Le Qing still could get to Jiu Ming Academy.

They went by helicopter. Ye Mo had been to quite a few hidden sects and he felt Jiu Ming Academy was far grander than Gourd Cove.

It was situated at the most hidden peak in the Kun Lun Ranges, Kun Zhu Peak. This peak was full of green compared to the other snowy peaks. There were series of constructions everywhere. Ye Mo really wondered how those materials had been shipped there to begin with.

Because Ye Mo was a VIP, they arranged it for him to stay in a luxury room. Ye Mo was almost at stage 8 tertiary stage, but he really didn't cultivate much as he had a lot of other things to do.

Jiu Ming Academy's spirit chi was rather good. Hence, he immediately began to cultivate when he entered the room and asked not to be disturbed.

But just when he had finished a big meridian cycle, someone knocked on his door.

Ye Mo thought it was going to be Zeng Zhengxia, but when he scanned his spirit sense out he found it was Jiu Ming Academy's Cai Ji.

Why did this woman come here?

However, Ye Mo still opened the door. As soon as he did, Cai Ji squeezed in and closed the door.

Ye Mo looked at the woman in confusion. He didn't know what she was going to do, but if she was trying to seduce him, it would be too funny. She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't extremely pretty either. Moreover, although she seemed to be in her 30s, Ye Mo knew she was at least in her 40s.

Suddenly, Cai Ji knelt down and said, "Please make use of Cai Ji, City Lord Ye."

She knelt down and Ye Mo could clearly see the two balls of plump white on her chest and a pink spot at the front. She wore no bra at all. Since she was close to Ye Mo, there was a faint aroma coming from her collar. Ye Mo was sure this was no ordinary perfume smell.

Ye Mo frowned. He could tell the woman had dressed like this intentionally to seduce him.

But such seduction means were nothing to Ye Mo. Perhaps she didn't know how to.

Ye Mo sat down casually and looked at her, "This has no use to me. Sit down and talk. If you have something, say it."

Perhaps she realized that she wasn't good at that and Ye Mo wasn't looking lustfully at her chest, so she could only get up and say, "Although I'm in my 40s, I have a natural aromatic body. I've never touched a man before. I'm willing to give my body to City Lord Ye as long as you accept."

Then, she took off her outer layer and began to strip off her inner layer.

Natural aromatic body? Ye Mo thought of Su Jingwen, as she also seemed to have this faint natural aroma.

Ye Mo quickly waved his hand, "You're exceptional indeed, but I'm not interested in you. If you have something, then say it or else please leave."

Cai Ji heard this and looked disappointed. She looked at Ye Mo, she hadn't expected that he wouldn't take her natural aromatic body. She knew she wasn't extremely pretty, but she wasn't bad either. Countless men drooled after her, but Ye Mo's eyes didn't even falter.

Cai Ji shook her head and bowed to Ye Mo. She tidied her clothes and turned away to leave.

Ye Mo looked strangely at her and asked, "Why don't you tell me your purpose? Perhaps I can truly help you."

Cai Ji stopped and stared at Ye Mo. She said, "I only have my body that City Lord Ye might be interested in. Other than this, I don't know anything that can incentivize City Lord Ye. Since City Lord Ye isn't interested in my body, it would only be insulting myself to keep staying here."

Ye Mo nodded, "In that case, you may leave."

He didn't know her and he had no responsibility to help her.

Cai Ji was dazed at this but she didn't leave. Instead, she asked, "City Lord Ye, do you know who the number one master of Jiu Ming Academy is?"

Ye Mo smiled, "I'm not a City Lord, just say my name."

"Yes, Brother Ye."

Ye Mo said, "It should be Sect Leader Wang Yijian. I heard he's at great heaven level."

However, Cai Ji shook his head, "Brother Ye, if you think that, you're wrong. In the entire hidden sects, including everyone in Jiu Ming Academy, they all think the number one master is Sect Leader Wang. However, only that person and I know that he is not."

Ye Mo raised an eyebrow and scanned his spirit sense out. He scanned the entire sect quickly and found a short man in an underground room. He looked like he was in his 40s, he had a squared face and small eyes.

He looked like he was at half step great heaven. However, Ye Mo looked carefully and noticed that his real power was not far from Li Cheng's of Taiyi Sect's.

There was a great heaven master outside? Ye Mo was dazed. He didn't even know how to break through to this state. That man knew how to hide his power. If he hadn't cultivated the Three Birth Chant, he might have not been able to tell.

Seeing Ye Mo's bewildered look, Cai Ji said, "Brother Ye, you must not believe me. You must be thinking Sect Leader Wang reached great heaven more than ten years ago, so how can there be someone stronger than him."

Ye Mo shook his head, "No, I believe you. But why are you telling me this?"

"Huh! You really believe me?" Cai Ji was dazed and immediately said, "Because I know you're someone with great capability and willpower. Even when they were spreading that you were the one annihilating the hidden sects, I didn't believe it. Not because you couldn't do it, but because you wouldn't lower yourself like that."

Ye Mo looked at this woman in surprise. She looked very ordinary, but she knew him this well.

Ye Mo suddenly looked at her. "Since you know me this well, this means that your seduction plan was also fake. Did you know I would reject you?" Ye Mo felt that woman was no simple character and had a lot of calculative means.

Cai Ji's face blushed and she shook her head. "I was genuine coming here. I thought you might reject me, but I wouldn't have regretted if you didn't. Even if you want to now, I can take off all my clothes. I trust that Brother Ye knows I'm not a casual woman."

"I will still hold my stance, I'm not interested. But whether or not the number one master of Jiu Ming Academy is Wang Yijian, it has nothing to do with me. Moreover, how do you know about it?" Ye Mo said.

Cai Ji fell silent before saying, "Pang Wei killed my entire family and raped my mother and two sisters. I swore I would get revenge. But after I finally joined Jiu Ming Academy, I found out he was far stronger than me. When I was watching him practice ancient martial arts eight years ago, I saw that he could glide in the air and shatter a large piece of cliff with one palm. I realized then that he was stronger than Sect Leader Wang and that perhaps I would never be able to get revenge. The reason I still stay here is to find an opportunity to ambush him."

"Do you want me to help you get revenge?" Ye Mo asked with a frown.

Cai Ji shook her head. "I know it's too far-fetched to get revenge with my earth level power, even with an ambush. So I want to ask Qianbei to help me reach great heaven so I can ambush him."

Before Ye Mo could reject it, she said again, "The reason that he could cultivate so quickly is not because he's very talented, but because he has a real ancient martial arts cultivation method. It belonged to my family. My dad found it but before he could read it, that demon followed him to my home."
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