Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Wu God Chant
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"That Pang Wei reached true great heaven with that cultivation method of yours?" Ye Mo was quite surprised. This Pang Wei being able to reach great heaven in the outside world was something that couldn't be explained by talent alone. The only explanation Ye Mo could think of was that the cultivation method he got had to be pretty profound. Perhaps it was a real high level ancient martial arts cultivation method.

"True great heaven? What is true great heaven?" Cai Ji asked in confusion.

Ye Mo realized he had said too much and replied, "You will perhaps understand in the future."

She said to Ye Mo, "The reason why he's stronger than Sect Leader Wang is not because of his talent, but precisely because he has been cultivating my family's cultivation method."

"Where did your father obtain that cultivation method? What is it called?" Ye Mo was also a little interested in the cultivation method.

He believed that in the later stages, an ancient martial artist's inner qi wouldn't be weaker than cultivation essence, perhaps it might even be stronger. The reason why Li Cheng's qi wasn't as strong as Ye Mo's cultivation essence was due to the Three Birth Chant. Li Cheng was perhaps even just cultivating a very ordinary cultivation method, while his Three Birth Chant was probably at the pinnacle level of cultivation methods in the cultivation realm.

The cultivation system's items were also divided more clearly than in ancient martial arts. There were mortal, spirit, heaven, immortal, god and holy items. Each grade had levels of one to nine. The highest level cultivation method on Luo Yue Continent had only been a heaven grade level 2 cultivation method, an incomplete one at that.

The cultivation method Ye Mo cultivated in then was at the mortal grade level 6, which could already be called rather decent.

As for Meng Zhe's Primordial Chaos Chant, Ye Mo estimated that it had surpassed the immortal grade, while the Three Birth Chant was at least a grade higher than that.

Cai Ji replied, "My dad and his friends went to Bu Zhou Mountain once. The Great Wilderness Sutra they had gotten their hands on said that outside the Northwestern Sea there was a spot in the wilderness with a mountain called Bu Zhou. They believed it should be near the Pamier Plains, Hermon Mountain, or Jia Lan Mountain and went out to look for it.

When my dad came back, he was injured and told me he had lost his friends. He had obtained the Wu God Chant, though. I was the oldest of three sisters, so Mother told me to go to the shop and buy something to eat for dad as well as some medicine. When I came back, I saw Pang Wei, that demon, leave my family behind in blood. As I quickly ran inside, I saw my parents and sisters in a pool of blood, and, and-"

"Father wasn't dead yet, and he managed to tell me that it had been Jiu Ming Academy's Pang Wei. I've been at Jiu Ming Academy for 20 or so years, but I haven't had a chance to kill him."

Ye Mo felt quite sympathetic towards this Cai Ji. This Pang Wei was indeed garbage. Ye Mo didn't think that it had been that wrong to rob the surra. He would rob something if it was like an immortal level cultivation method too, but Ye Mo felt contempt towards this man for killing and raping the victims.

Ye Mo thought for a bit and said, "Daofriend Cai Ji, even if I help you reach great heaven, you'd be no match for him. Do you know what power level he is at right now? Let me tell you about the true great heaven I mentioned before."

Ye Mo explained heaven level to her, and Cai Ji looked at Ye Mo in disbelief and asked, "Brother Ye, you're saying that Sect Leader Wang is only at the heaven level and not a proper great heaven master, while that Pang Wei is at true great heaven?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Indeed, if I'm not wrong that is." Ye Mo knew he was right as he had scanned Wang Yijian too. He was still at the heaven level tertiary stage, but he was weaker than Qi Shen from Taiyi, much less Len Quan and Ling Wushui.

Cai Ji's eyes looked hopeless. Her face went pale. She hadn't even reached heaven level and even if she did, there would be a very small chance for her to succeed in ambushing Pang Wei. If Pang Wei was really great heaven, then even Ye Mo would be no match for him, right? Not to mention that Ye Mo had no reason to want to be involved.

Ye Mo couldn't bear seeing her despair, so he sighed and said, "I can help you reach heaven level at least."

Cai Ji would be overjoyed if Ye Mo said this when she first came in, but now she sighed and shook her head. Her eyes were full of defeat. She bowed to Ye Mo and left. She was really intending to leave this time.

"I can help you kill Pang Wei too," Ye Mo suddenly said.

Cai Ji's body shook as some light appeared in her eyes, but it soon dimmed. Ye Mo might die trying to kill a true great heaven. She felt very conflicted. She wanted Ye Mo to help her try, but she didn't want to harm Ye Mo. She knew that this might be her only chance, however.

Ye Mo could tell what she was thinking. She smiled, "I'm not risking my life. I believe I can kill him, because I've killed people as strong as him before."

"In the small world?" Cai Ji's eyes lit up again.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, but I do have one request."

Cai Ji knelt down again, "Brother Ye, as long as you kill Pang Wei, I will be your maid for the rest of my life. Even if you sell me to a human trafficker, I'd still be grateful to you for life."

Ye Mo waved his hand and Cai Ji stood up automatically. He said, "I'm not interested in some maid. After I kill Pang Wei, you are you, and I am me. There will be nothing tying us together. I just want to see the Wu God Chant."

Ye Mo would go see that Pang Wei for the Wu God Chant no matter what anyway, so he might as well tell Cai Ji.

Cai Ji was overjoyed. With Ye Mo easily being able to lift her up with inner qi and the insurmountable power she felt, he should have a great chance of killing Pang Wei. The only thing she was worried about was Pang Wei's ability to glide through the air.

She immediately said, "Although the Wu God Chant is our family's, my dad obtained it in a stroke of luck. I don't need this chant. Brother Ye can take it, I just want to kill that demon."

Ye Mo shook his head and said plainly, "Although I haven't seen this Wu God Chant, I can guess that it's a top level cultivation method. But no matter how good it is, I have no intention of taking it. I just want to read it once and you can have it back afterwards."

"Now, I will help you reach the heaven level. Eat this pill." Ye Mo gave her a great essence increasing pill.

"Huh?" Cai Ji knew that Ye Mo had decided to help her for free this time. He didn't need to help her reach the heaven level, yet he still did it. She knew that Ye Mo sympathized with her and detested Pang Wei for what he did.

"Thank you!" Cai Ji sniffed. For the first time after the loss of her family, she saw hope.
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