Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 810

Chapter 810: Jiu Ming Sect Leader
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Cai Ji held the pill in disbelief that one pill could let her reach heaven level immediately.

However, she still took the pill without hesitation. Soon, she felt a strong spirit force charging. In her joy, she quickly started running her cultivation method and turning it into inner qi.

As her inner qi increased, her qi sea gradually formed.

Ye Mo also took a pill himself and started cultivating. After a few meridians cycles, he got up suddenly. He had now reached stage 8 tertiary stage.

Ye Mo got up and felt very satisfied. He had just noticed it was daylight now. He looked at Cai Ji and at this moment, she stopped cultivating and got up. She looked joyfully at her hands, as though they had turned smoother. She felt a strong inner qi sea and felt as though she could easily destroy a house with the wave of her hand.

"I've reached heaven level," Cai Ji said to herself. She thanked Ye Mo once again. She hadn't thought his pills were so powerful.

Ye Mo smiled. "Congrats!"

Zheng Chao happened to be at the door of Ye Mo's room and he heard his martial sister Cai Ji howl in Ye Mo's room. He was shook. Was Ye Mo an animal? He just stayed at their sect for one night, but he had taken his martial sister to rape her?

Zheng Chao had long wanted Cai Ji. Although her looks weren't exceptional, he knew that she had a natural aromatic body. However, his talent was average and he had only been able to reach earth level middle stage due to all sorts of resources. But that had been more than ten years ago, he stayed where he had been since then. Ever since he was rejected by her last time, he had wanted to catch up to her in power. Yet the more desperate he was, the slower he cultivated.

Hearing Cai Ji inside Ye Mo's room, he couldn't resist it anymore and immediately started knocking. If Ye Mo hadn't a VIP and he could beat Ye Mo, he would be kicking his way in.

Ye Mo knew it was Zheng Chao outside. He looked at Cai Ji and said, "Let's go out. Take me to that Pang Wei. After that, I will be leaving Jiu Ming Academy."

"Yes, Brother Ye," Cai Ji said.

When the door opened, Zheng Chao saw Cai Ji. Her clothes weren't very neat, they even looked a little messy. However, she had a smile on her face and didn't look like she had been forced at all. Cai Ji rarely smiled.

Zheng Chao was dazed and asked, "Martial Sister Cai Ji, did you come to City Lord Ye's room this morning?"

Cai Ji stopped smiling and returned to her cold look. She said, "No, I came last night. Do you need anything?"

Hearing this, Zheng Chao immediately realized what was going on. What would a man and woman do together in a room overnight?

He opened his mouth and suddenly pulled out his sword. He yelled, "I'm going to kill you!!"

Before Ye Mo could speak, Cai Ji sneered and kicked Zheng Chao many meters away onto a flower pot.

Zheng Chao's yell startled a lot of people at once. Feng Wu was the first to get there. He looked at Cai Ji, who didn't have tidy clothes, and then at Zheng Chao. He frowned. "Martial Brother Zheng, what are you doing here?"

"I will kill Ye Mo! He seduced Martial Sister Cai Ji into staying in his room for the night!" Zheng Cao snarled.

Cai Ji frowned and sneered, "Zheng Chao, who are you to me? I asked Brother Ye to help me, so I came here. Even if he had called me over, what does that have to do with you?"

Zheng Chao opened his mouth, but he was at a loss of words.

Everyone immediately understood what was going on while Zeng Zhengxia smiled bitterly to himself. That Brother Ye was a clean and honourable person but it seemed like he control himself with women. Moreover, Cai Ji was not an extremely outstanding woman.

Ye Mo couldn't even be bothered explaining.

"Hurry up and leave!" Feng Wu yelled at Zheng Chao, he didn't want to look at him anymore.

Then, he said politely to Ye Mo, "My Martial Brother heard that City Lord Ye had come and he got very happy. He wanted to see City Lord Ye. Please come with me."

"I'll come with you." Zeng Zhengxia knew that Jiu Ming Academy didn't have a good impression of Ye Mo. He was one of the big six sect leaders, so he would go with Ye Mo to show his stance.

Ye Mo smiled and said to Feng Wu, "Sorry, if Sect Leader Wang wants to see me, then tell him to come here. I'm going to do something with Cai Ji, I don't have time to see your Sect Leader Wang."

"Huh!" Feng Wu hadn't thought that Ye Mo would be like this, so he didn't know what to say.

People starting discussing immediately. Although Ye Mo was strong and had managed to make Zeng Zhengxia reach great heaven in one night, he couldn't be so rude to Sect Leader Wang. After all, he was a Qianbei.

And some people felt Ye Mo was no weaker than Wang Yijian. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to annihilate Gourd Cave. Yet he still needed to pay his respects to Wang Yijian.

Only Zeng Zhengxia and Cai Ji knew that Ye Mo wasn't doing this intentionally. It was like a yellow level telling an earth level, "Hey, you're not bad. I'll give you a chance to meet me." Would that earth level go visit the yellow level? It was already lucky for the yellow level that the earth level hadn't killed him.

The atmosphere became eerie but Cai Ji said, "Martial Brother Feng, Brother Ye really does have something to do with me. He doesn't have time."

"Cai Ji, you-" Feng Wu hadn't expected Cai Ji to be helping Ye Mo too. She even called him Brother Ye.

Even if they had slept together, it was just a one night thing. She didn't need to change so much. When he looked at Cai Ji carefully again, he screamed out in shock, "Martial Sister Cai Ji, you- you've reached great heaven?!"

"What?" Everyone observed Cai Ji and noticed that she was like Zeng Zhengxia, obviously a great heaven master.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo with fiery eyes - especially the women. They wanted to drag Ye Mo into a room at let him do anything he wanted so they could reach great heaven too.

Zeng Zhengxia just then realized that there was nothing between Ye Mo and Cai Ji. She couldn't have done anything else that night.

Ye Mo looked around and said, "I found three Great Heaven Fruits on the Duan Heng Ranges. I ate one and I let Cai Ji and Sect Leader Zeng eat the other two."

Ye Mo knew that greed was endless. Hence, he had to eradicate their greed or he would have to slaughter, which was something he didn't want to do.

"That means, City Lord Ye, that you're also at great heaven?" Feng Wu asked in shock.

Before Ye Mo could reply a deep voice sounded, "The Wanbei are indeed impressive. Since I can't get City Lord to come, I came to visit City Lord Ye."
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