Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 811

Chapter 811: Pinnacle Battle
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

At this moment, a middle-aged man appeared at the flower pot where Zheng Chao fell down. No one except for Ye Mo knew how he appeared.

This middle-aged man had sword-like eyebrows and long black hair. He was much taller than Ye Mo, almost 1.9 m. His face was also very handsome.

"Sect Leader Wang!"

"Principal Wang!"

"Martial Brother!"

Greetings sounded from all around, and Wang Yijian had very good manners, so he saluted with his fists to everyone as he kept on wishing them welcome to Jiu Ming Academy.

Everyone compared the two and immediately felt that Ye Mo was too rude.

Wang Yijian then greeted Ye Mo, "I've long since heard of City Lord Ye's dapper and now that I see you today, you indeed live up to the name. I just hope you will treat Martial Sister Cai Ji right."

Cai Ji heard this and blushed, "Martial Brother Wang, it's not what you think."

"Haha!" Wang Yijian laughed, "Cai Ji, it's your fortune that you could reach great heaven. I will talk to you later, but there's a few questions I would like to ask City Lord Ye first."

Ye Mo could feel that Wang Yijian was actually being genuine. This wasn't an act.

Ye Mo saluted back and smiled, "You can ask ahead Sect Leader Wang. I will tell you what you want."

Wang Yijian replied, "I heard that when Gourd Cave was still around, City Lord Ye went there. Have you seen Brother Ren Pingchuan?"

Ye Mo thought, 'Does this Wang Yijian want to get revenge for Ren Pingchuan?' and replied, "Yes, I saw him, and I killed him."

Everyone took in a cold breath. Ren Pingchuan and Wang Yijian were renowned as the two geniuses of their generation. They were equal in power, so if Ye Mo could kill Ren Pingchuan, then didn't that mean he could kill Wang Yijian too?

Wang Yijian heard this, and his face turned serious, "If I may I ask, when you killed Brother Ren, had he reached great heaven?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, he had but just broken through at the time. He'd lost his legs and had internal injuries, though, so that battle was unfair for him, but I had no choice. If I hadn't killed him, he would have killed me."

Wang Yijian breathed easy after hearing this and asked again, "Then if you met Ren Pingchuan now and he were in top condition, would he be a match for you?"

"No," Ye Mo answered without thinking.

Wang Yijian looked serious and stared at Ye Mo for a long while before saying, "Do you think I'm no match for you either?"

Ye Mo smiled, "You are not."

As soon as Ye Mo said this, the Jiu Ming Academy members were unhappy. This City Lord Ye was too cocky.

Wang Yijian didn't seem angry at all. He frowned and thought for a while before saluting to Ye Mo, "I know City Lord Ye wouldn't tell lies, but Wang Yijian lives for the martial dao. Even though I know I'm no match for City Lord Ye, I still want to spar with you."

As soon as Wang Yijian said this, everyone became excited. This would be a battle at the pinnacle!

The clash between these two masters would create huge sparks. No one believed that Wang Yijian was really not a match for Ye Mo. They thought Wang Yijian was just being humble.

"City Lord Ye, if you will, let's go to the martial grounds." Wang Yijian was a true gentleman. Even after what Ye Mo said, he was still very polite to Ye Mo.

Almost everyone went to the martial grounds, and it was soon full of people. No one wanted to miss this battle.

Wang Yijian carried a sword and flew for 10 meters all the way onto the stage.

As Ye Mo brought Cai Ji along, he also saw Pang Wei who had come immediately as well.

Ye Mo saw that Cai Ji just glanced at Pang Wei once and looked away. She seemed expressionless, but the fire in her eyes was burning with hatred.

Ye Mo told Cai Ji to wait on the side and came to the stage himself, saying to Wang Yijian, "Sect Leader Wang, you may attack first."

Wang Yijian said calmly to Ye Mo, "I've devoted my entire life to the martial dao, so once I fight, it will be a life and death battle. Before the fight I want to ask City Lord Ye, you probably didn't come here for no reason, right?"

Ye Mo smiled. He knew that Wang Yijian meant to say, 'If you die, I will at least help you fulfill your last wish.'

Ye Mo shook his head, "I indeed have some business. I came to kill someone, precisely someone from the Jiu Ming Academy. Hemce it's a pity that I have to tell you that even if I died, you couldn't fulfill my wish, so I won't say more. Not that you wouldn't want to, but you wouldn't be able to."

A sliver of anger flashed across Wang Yijian's eyes. He thought that Ye Mo didn't believe his honor as a martial artists, but Ye Mo was wrong. He valued his integrity, so how can he not do what he should do? He would do it even if Ye Mo told him to commit suicide, because Ye Mo had the right to ask him a request.

But he didn't keep asking since Ye Mo didn't believe him.

"Where's your sword?" Wang Yijian was an upright martial artist. Even if Ye Mo didn't believe him, he didn't want to take advantage of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo shook his head but didn't speak.

No matter how much character Wang Yijian had, he couldn't hold it in anymore. He spun his sword into forming an array of sword flowers. Each flower had sword rays inside, and these flowers immediately exploded in front of Ye Mo, immersing him within.

He had decided to show his real power immediately to force Ye Mo to pull out his sword. If Ye Mo didn't do that, he would be dead.

This was Wang Yijian's true killing move. Zeng Zhengxia got up immediately. He was at the heaven level now and could feel Wang Yijian's killing intent. This was due to Wang Yijian's will having merged with the sword, and anything in his path would be pulverized.
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