Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 812

Chapter 812: I Will Be Killing Someone
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The sword flowers exploded in front of Ye Mo, and Wang Yijian found that firstly, Ye Mo still did not pull out his sword, and secondly, he did not dodge either. Wang Yijian was astonished - was Ye Mo asking to die?

Even Cai Ji and Zeng Zhengxia were sweating cold despite knowing that Ye Mo would win.

Ye Mo wasn't asking to die of course. Wang Yijian wasn't bad, but he was far from as strong as Len Quan and co. Even Len Quan was made to die in front of Ye Mo, much less Wang Yijian now that Ye Mo was two levels stronger than before.

Ye Mo didn't dodge because he didn't need to. His two hands spun a semi arc, and those frosty sword rays and killing intent soon seemed easily controlled by Ye Mo's hands.

It was like a waterball was gathered between Ye Mo's hands. When he closed his hands, it all disappeared along with the ball.

Those with bright eyes could see that the exploding sword rays and chi were held in Ye Mo's hand, unable to escape.

Wang Yijian looked at his sword in a daze, and his shock was indescribable. His sword was clasped between Ye Mo's hand, and no matter how he used his inner qi, the sword wouldn't move.

Wang Yijian's face was pale. He had lost - with just one move! More than that, he might have gotten to use one move, but he was sure that Ye Mo could kill him all too easily.

He had considered the possibility of losing, but only after a serious battle if at all. He didn't expect to lose so easily. Yet he had treated someone as powerful as this as a wanbei.

Wang Yijian felt his face burn with shame. He had devoted half a century to the martial dao, yet he was beaten so easily.

He lost so hard that he somehow even lost faith in himself.

Ye Mo let go of Wang Yijian's longsword. He didn't want Wang Yijian to be too embarrassed. After all, Wang Yijian was a devoted martial artist. Ye Mo didn't have anything against people like him.

"I lost." Wang Yijian even forgot to take back his sword and only spat these words out after a long while.

He realized that he had been viewing the world from the bottom of a well. Ye Mo said he was no match for him, yet he thought Ye Mo was being cocky. Now, it seemed that Ye Mo wasn't being cocky but was actually giving him plenty of respect.

The truth was that he wasn't even worthy of Ye Mo attacking.

Ye Mo saw the deep loss and defeat in Wang Yijian's eyes and sighed, "Sect Leader Wang, you lost to me not because you're not as talented or as strong willed as me. You just never comprehended true ancient martial arts. If you still have faith in the martial dao, you can talk to Sect Leader Zeng and Cai Ji. Most importantly, casting everything aside to focus on ancient martial arts might not be the best way for you to reach the peak. You might miss out on something like that, just like-"

"Just like how you don't know that the real number one master in Jiu Ming Academy isn't you but someone else."

Wang Yijian heard this and remembered that Martial Sister Cai Ji and Zeng Zhengxia had only had to spend one night with Ye Mo to reach great heaven. His heart lit up again. Perhaps he didn't understand the martial dao correctly. Perhaps he could learn what he truly needed from them. As for Wang Yijian not being the number one master, Wang Yijian thought Ye Mo meant that he was the number one master.

"Thank you, City Lord Ye." Wang Yijian bowed deeply to Ye Mo. He didn't know if Cai Ji would be able to tell him why, but he already knew the difference between him and Ye Mo was too great.

The scene burst out. Most people didn't expect Wang Yijian to lose, while some had thought he would lose but not so utterly.

Was this the supposed pinnacle battle? If it was, then it was too much of a joke.

Wang Yijian left the martial stage but didn't leave the scene. He really wanted to know who Ye Mo was going to kill, and why Ye Mo said Wang Yijian wouldn't be able to kill him.

Suddenly, Wang Yijian was shook. Ye Mo said that the number one master in Jiu Ming Academy wasn't him, so was there someone in the sect stronger than him?

When Pang Wei saw Ye Mo catch Wang Yijian's sword with two hands, his pupils dilated quickly. He knew Ye Mo was very powerful but didn't expect him to be this powerful. This was far exceeding Wang Yijian's level.

Pang Wei thought that if he fought Wang Yijian, he could also instantly catch Wang Yijian's sword, but he knew the Jiu Ming Academy sword style while Ye Mo didn't. From this, he could tell that Ye Mo was no weaker than him at all.

Pang Wei's eyes sunk. Ye Mo was this young, yet he was this strong already. He must have some secret. He wasn't going to let Ye Mo go, and he still believed he could kill Ye Mo head on.

Even if Ye Mo had no secret, he had to die. He wouldn't allow anyone who could threaten him to exist.

Pang Wei turned around. He wouldn't attack Ye Mo now. He wanted to make sure he had a 100% guarantee.

Just when he was about to leave, he heard Ye Mo's voice, "As I said, I have something important to do here other than sparring with Sect Leader Wang."

Everybody stopped talking.

Ye Mo said plainly, "I will be killing someone today. This person is Jiu Ming Academy's Pang Wei."

Ye Mo didn't explain his reason, but no one would think he didn't have a reason. Did the strongest person in the hidden sects need a reason to kill Pang Wei?

Everyone from Jiu Ming Academy was dazed, though. They didn't think Ye Mo would be killing Pang Wei. He was the second master of the sect, but he kept a low profile. Why would Ye Mo attack him?

People would feel it was much more reasonable for Ye Mo to kill Feng Wu who kept a high profile and had a much greater chance of offending Ye Mo.

Feng Wu was actually also dazed.

"City Lord Ye?"

Ye Mo waved his hand and stopped Feng Wu from talking. He stared coldly at Pang Wei, "You can come up now. If you can kill me here, that will be the effect of your own power, and no one will seek revenge from you."

Pang Wei turned around again, and his eyes narrowed. He stared at Ye Mo for a long while before saying, "I never manage anything for Jiu Ming Academy, why is it that you want me dead?"

A sword suddenly appeared in Ye Mo's hand, and he flicked it while replying, "Because I don't like you, I want to kill you. Is that not enough?"

"Hahaha!" Pang Wei laughed and said scornfully, "City Lord Ye, you're overstepping boundaries. Jiu Ming Academy is still one of the big sects, yet you're going to kill its people without reason. Are all high powered people this prone to carnage? You can annihilate Gourd Cave as you please, and now the next one is our Jiu Ming Academy?"

Many people stared at Ye Mo with tension. If Ye Mo admitted to it, they would all attack.

Ye Mo sneered, "You sure know how to scheme around. Twenty years ago, you stole something from a family, killed the entire family and raped three women. Did you forget that?"

"You're asking to die!" Pang Wei didn't expect Ye Mo to know this. Where did Ye Mo hear this from? And he even said it in public. It seemed he would need to slaughter today. There was no way he would allow anyone to know that he had the Wu God Chant.
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